Comments - 235-mpg VW XL1 Spied Testing

Published: Aug 30, 2012
Description: Back in 2002, Volkswagen unveiled its concept for a super-efficient one-liter car. The prototype, now dubbed the XL1, has been in development ever since, but now appears to be edging closer to product...
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Zaire Wilkins Aug 30, 2012
i find it weird how they got the hybrid jetta up to 185mph
Daniel Eads Aug 30, 2012
Stick a 15 gal fuel tank on there and you'll never need to refuel again.
Nick Sti Aug 30, 2012
Oil companies won't allow this
Jerrod Swenson Aug 30, 2012
Add another 800 pounds to the weight for safety equipment, a bigger gas burning engine and some pointless tail fin it may be able to sell in the US.
Jayme Gorham Aug 30, 2012
this is hideous!!
Alan So Aug 30, 2012
Almost a squashed up R8, which is a good thing
Walker Carroll Aug 30, 2012
If it had big tires, then it would require more power to move them.
John Philip Sousa Aug 30, 2012
I would buy one of these as a commuter car
Abraham Mendoza Aug 30, 2012
Bennie, your profile pic goes with everything you say, its awesome.
Alex Renaud Aug 30, 2012
I'm a reservoir engineer in the oil industry. It'd be nice to see some of these XL1s (and other cars getting similar mileage), but just not *too* many of them.
Bennie Andthe Jets Aug 30, 2012
My bicycle has wider tires than that.
Description: Built for mileage, not performance, the aerodynamically-optimized XL1 has a top speed limited to 99 mph, a 0-62 mph time of 11.9 seconds and can travel up to 24 miles in all-electric mode.

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Chris Gaines Aug 31, 2012
@Zach I was referring to the 24 mile range in all-electric mode. anyways, screw this car, I'd never drive it haha. to each his own
Nick Ricci Aug 31, 2012
@JB just hope it's not the same price.
Zach Sullivan Aug 30, 2012
its got 80 hp and I'm sure it will be able to do any speed limit so it wouldn't be that bad
Chris Gaines Aug 30, 2012
now that's great and all, but can you imagine traveling 24 miles with 30 horsepower?? I'd probably die of old age by the time I ran out of juice (if boredom didn't get me first), and I'm 19 -__-
JB Kolod Aug 30, 2012
This car is amazing, they're putting the budget, resources, and materials used to make an exotic hypercar into making something fuel efficient. Ladies and gentleman, you're looking at the Bugatti veyron of efficiency.
Zach Sullivan Aug 30, 2012
0-60 in 11 seconds is pretty impressive for a car like this
Ben Norton Aug 30, 2012
That's pretty incredible considering the amount of power it has
Aaron Cartwright Aug 31, 2012
It gets over 200mpg and your complaining about looks?? Really!?
Jordan Jackson Aug 30, 2012
It's looking like this is just an experiment/record attempt to make the most fuel efficient car they could
Zach Sullivan Aug 30, 2012
I'm confused the article does say 235mpg not 80 right?
Ben Mossing Aug 30, 2012
Sorry to burst your bubble zach but I believe that if you have a hybrid the range on the batteries somehow boosts up the mpg, so they say it does around 80 mpg but probably does around 30 mpg.
Zach Sullivan Aug 30, 2012
wow do the math if u drive 20 thousand miles in a year u would go threw 85 gallons of diesel and if its fuel tank is 15 gallons then u only have to fill up (drumroll) 6 times a year!
Daniel Eads Aug 30, 2012
I'd rather stick with a measly 89 mpg in the Trident Iceni and get a few more horses. But I guess there is the cost difference.
canon4487 Aug 30, 2012
subaru svx inspired windows anybody
Michael Lopez Aug 30, 2012
Looks like something out of the old total recall lol
Ty Piper Aug 30, 2012
oh yeah! r8 and xj-220 combo
Ben Mossing Aug 30, 2012
Those are small clips around the rear wheel well... So it's going to have the covers on it. Which will help with the sunken wheel look.
Henz Herrero Aug 30, 2012
Ya but the prius and leaf has 4 doors and a usable trunk.. I dk about this one yet.. Plus the rear wheels will be covered and i dk how those will look..
John Womble Aug 30, 2012
I wouldn't buy it but its a MUCH better alternate to the Prius if you want a hyper-mile car.
Abraham Mendoza Aug 30, 2012
Ty, you're thinking of the Xj-220.
Corey Alan Kelley Aug 30, 2012
And some rims Bitches love rims
Corey Alan Kelley Aug 30, 2012
It's ugly Put a big ass wing on the back
Ty Piper Aug 30, 2012
I hate comparing new cars looks to other cars... but this looks like they hooked an r8 front to one of those old jaguar rears, I forgot what the name of the jag was....... but it was a fast one lol
David Pires-Ihsaan Aug 30, 2012
Looks alot like a car that people think of when they hear the word "future"....
Bennie Andthe Jets Aug 30, 2012
They had to make it aerodynamic. And besides the rear wheels I also think this is one of the better looking high mpg cars out there. Dare I say it reminds me of an Audi R8?
Abraham Mendoza Aug 30, 2012
I think it looks good, except for those skinny tires.
Kyle Rawn Aug 30, 2012
I like the front.
Corey Mullis Aug 30, 2012
i think it looks pretty good, and super aerodynamic. best looking hybrid i've seen in fact
Lead Peddalin Aug 30, 2012
They didn't have to make it ugly as sin. I'm sure they'll change it a bit though.
Terrance Parker Aug 31, 2012
What's up with the windows?
Alex Vasquez Aug 30, 2012
I agree, I think it's a bad ass car but they always stick pretty cool models to hybrid :/ stick an extremely altered W12 in it!!
Joe Lamouk Aug 30, 2012
Seen from that angle the back reminds me of a Murcielago... :>
Bennie Andthe Jets Aug 30, 2012
Starting to look like all the cars in those 80's movies about the future.
Donald Chip Schofield Sep 30, 2012
Looks like it should be a supercar
Gregory Allen Diemert Aug 30, 2012
looks like a lambo back end
Matthew van der Linde Aug 31, 2012
Im pretty sure they're going to put covers over the rear tires when this comes to market, dont know if that will help the looks but at least the width of the tires would be hidden
Tanner Middleton Aug 30, 2012
well it looks like its running on bicycle tires! if your getting that kind o economy then it shouldint matter much.
Chris Gaines Aug 30, 2012
I thought it was ok until I got to this pic. now my screens covered in vomit.
Bennie Andthe Jets Aug 30, 2012
Big tires would screw up the gas mileage. And I thought the front was the best looking part of this car, and the back.... well it's aerodynamic I guess
Tanner Middleton Aug 30, 2012
if they had huge rear tires this would look awesome! id say the front needs some work though
Siya Fadane Sep 19, 2012
Nice shape ( even if it smells like R8) and put the rear wheel "covers" back on and get rid of that rear end, it makes the car look disgusting. And please add more power
Randy Geniec Aug 31, 2012
Love the rear view camera to keep wind drag down.
Ben Mossing Aug 30, 2012
I want to cry now
Keanu Casado Aug 30, 2012
David they all ready have a 3 wheeler
David Pires-Ihsaan Aug 30, 2012
They should make it a 3-wheeler..
Abraham Mendoza Aug 30, 2012
It looks like the chassis gets more narrow as you go along, they should've at least made the chassis width equal front and back. Who knows, it could be because its a mule.
Ty Piper Aug 30, 2012
you still need a rear view mirror, not just side
Bennie Andthe Jets Aug 30, 2012
Are those rear facing cameras on the doors? Maybe thats how, although I'd rather just be able to turn my head and see.
Paul Dickey Aug 30, 2012
Good thing these aren't gullwing doors
Chris Gaines Aug 30, 2012
there should be a Hp limit for cars with gullwing doors... 500+ or you get an rpg to the grill
Ben Norton Aug 30, 2012
Haha svx/ delorean style windows
Ty Piper Aug 30, 2012
its got windows like that subbie off of the last American top gear lol
Abraham Mendoza Aug 30, 2012
Butterfly doors. McLaren had em.
Eric Dare Aug 30, 2012
Those aren't gullwing doors? Should be hinged at the top
Joe Fats Harper Aug 30, 2012
Less weight gives you better efficiency.. Its a lot better than making it out of aluminum or plastic
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Aug 30, 2012
Carbonfiber in a hybrid. Wasnt expecting that...