Description: "Total Recall" was one of our favorite films of 1990. Featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sharon Stone and a three-breasted woman in a futuristic Martian setting the Paul Verhoeven film won sev...
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chikenbag Aug 03, 2012
new movie is supposed to be based more off of the book "we can remember it for you wholesale" not so much a remake of the Ahhnohld movie
Description: They have already "Imported from Gotham" their 300 for the "Dark Knight Rises", and has now released a new trailer for the new "Total Recall" remake starring the new Chry...
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Max Rose Aug 06, 2012
Rental companies are gonna love these!
Yianni Apostolopoulos Aug 04, 2012
I don't usually like Chryslers but this looks fantastic!
Craig Genser Aug 04, 2012
Unfortunately dale, your wrong
Dale Schroeder Aug 03, 2012
This is a boring car for boring people who hate driving but want to look "upscale".
Stephen Cobbs Aug 03, 2012
Dont be fooled. Its a Sebring with LED's and more chrome. Terrible car.
Henz Herrero Aug 03, 2012
Im in the minority on this but i rly like the sebring convertible.. I dnt like this one..
Timothy Hooker Aug 03, 2012
no grown man would ever drive this. I hope they don't waste money marketing to us
Jordan Jackson Aug 03, 2012
They're a lot better, interior and looks wise, than the Sebring was, even tho it's pretty much the same car with a new name and look, lol
Yasser Zahabi Aug 03, 2012
I saw one of these In Korea .. They look disgusting