Comments - Carlsson Tricks Out Slick Two-Tone GL

Published: Aug 03, 2012
Description: German tuning firm Carlsson has been playing around with the GL-Class SUV, and here are the results. The Mercedes-Benz specialists have dubbed their new project the CGL 45 Royal Last Edition and packe...
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Description: The leather and Alcantara upholstery demands over 300 hours of labor to fit into the seven-seat interior, and can be specified in three different colors. Engine modifications paired with the new exhau...
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Nathan Geiter Aug 04, 2012
Yeah the camero v6 makes 320 stock.
Tyler Ocho-Cinco Aug 03, 2012
IK not too impressive for a V8
Lee Gardner Aug 03, 2012
340 hp out of a v8 wow
Tracy Keiser Dron Aug 04, 2012
Looks like the Chinese tried to mimic a Mercedes GL.. Ugly and disgusting!!
Zachary Maurer Aug 04, 2012
@jim Ahahahah soo true
Jim Nguyen Aug 04, 2012
"on this episode of pimp my ride.."
1988BMW325iS Aug 03, 2012
ya looks horrible
Arnaud Gaffard Aug 03, 2012
Another useless kit...
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Aug 03, 2012
its not bad. its DISGUSTING!!
Zachary Maurer Aug 03, 2012
Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! My eyes!!!!! That poor Mercedes...:'(
Alexander Gomez Aug 03, 2012
Might as well stick on flames to the side of this thing!
Javier Alonso Rivas Aug 03, 2012
the only thing i like is the green grass on the back
Jackson Rojas Aug 03, 2012
the rims are OK, but that paint job is terrible
Timothy Hooker Aug 03, 2012
def no Bueno. .back to black
John Serely Aug 03, 2012
Um...stock please
Jordan Jackson Aug 03, 2012
Or to a philadelphia flyers game, lol (that's hockey for those who don't care about it, lol)
Ben Bourdon Aug 03, 2012
Haha right about that one
Douglas Goncalves Aug 03, 2012
The only appropriate time to drive this thing would be on Halloween!
Taylor Garry Aug 03, 2012
The autozone led's are a nice touch
John Serely Aug 03, 2012
That's a little better...
Jim Nguyen Aug 04, 2012
Majestic unicorn.
Tyler Ocho-Cinco Aug 03, 2012
It has a lion head on a horse body. Ok then...
Jordan Jackson Aug 03, 2012
It's like they fused the Ferrari and ford mustang emblems together, lol
Ben Bourdon Aug 03, 2012
Ferrari's "special" horse cousin