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Published: Aug 03, 2012
Description: For some strange and wonderful reason there has been a surge in the number of viral videos starring busty ladies in fast cars. These videos are a dream come true for male gearheads as they star insane...
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Mark Donnelly Aug 04, 2012
nice pick on the need for speed prostreet poster
Description: What happens when you put a busty lady in the passenger seat of a 1250whp Lamborghini Superleggera? Let's just say there will be jiggling. You can see more from Gisele later in the list.
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Sammy Dhaliwal Aug 20, 2012
Dude she looks better in blonde and with no bra she does the best porn
Wolfgang Ezeh Aug 05, 2012
Pretty girl, black tongue and fake boobs!
Garrett Farmer Aug 04, 2012 You guys are welcome.
Pratik Parija Aug 03, 2012
Gisele, always amazing
Emmanuel Mateo Aug 03, 2012
I can agree with that, one button lower and I'll give it a 5 ha
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Aug 03, 2012
These types of vids need a proper rating system fellas. Cant be too pervish but its gotta be witty and appropiate. How about: JiggleFactor level 1-5 This would be a level4
Description: This video challenges a model to hold onto a goldfish while a professional race car driver takes the Renault Twingo around the legendary Nordschleife track. The Twingo featured is the Red Bull Racing ...
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A.J. Brady Aug 06, 2012
They are both super sexy. I am just more turned on by the driver and get driving skills.
Wyatt Gordon Aug 04, 2012
I felt so scared for the goldfish, the whole time i was like "Don't hurt the little guy! and dont let him fall out of his bowl!
José Williams Aug 04, 2012
I was so scared for that fish. Little guy don't deserve that lol
Matt Piccolo Aug 03, 2012
I think I'd take da blond... I'll need to see the driver with her hair down though for the final decision
Pratik Parija Aug 03, 2012
Fish is not real right?
Miguel Jimenez Aug 03, 2012
I'll take the blonde.
Garrett Chatterton Aug 03, 2012
Poor fish that girl won't stop being a pussy and moving around like she's flying out of the seat eery second of this video
Jesse Weis Aug 03, 2012
Both chicks are very very nice, i might also prefer the driver, but.....
Chris O'Brien Aug 03, 2012
oh shut up the lot of you.
Carlton Salmon Aug 03, 2012
The driver Margot is far better looking than the blonde in the passenger seat.
Charalampos Mantelis Aug 03, 2012
The driver is MUCH better looking!!!
John Wyatt Rosenberg I Aug 03, 2012
The driver is better looking.
Description: You may find yourself compulsively trying to drift every time your girlfriend is in the car after you watch this video. Toyota, here is yet another reason to bring the Supra back.
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Graham Browne Aug 05, 2012
Video of car crashing with her half strapped in would be classic.
Aaron Crisp Aug 04, 2012
Full video is better! :)
Aryo Bimo Novandri Aug 04, 2012
Noooooo.... They cut the video shortttt.... I want moooreee....
José Williams Aug 04, 2012
I prayed they'd fall out but I didnt think it was gonna actually happen! Lol
Harry Chagger Aug 04, 2012
if this is what happends in a Supra...... iv gota have 1 lol
Matt Piccolo Aug 03, 2012
Beauty!!!! Oh and she's pretty hot too!
Miguel Jimenez Aug 03, 2012
Haha good shi* CarBuzz!
Joshua Alexander Burnickas Aug 03, 2012
i saw nipple! lol
Serge Pankratov Aug 03, 2012
This was supposed to happen, its pretty obvious.. Otherwise she would have buckled up =] in the uncensored vid her tatas are absolutely gorgeous! =]
Garrett Chatterton Aug 03, 2012
I'm gonna have to say this but there's a longer one with full boobage, but next time wear your racing harness stupid girl lol
Dillon Dixon Aug 03, 2012
Those buttons just couldn't hold up. That was quite the video!
Jackson Rojas Aug 03, 2012
that was a good one, that was a good video
Adithya Chandrasekhar Aug 03, 2012
For all of you guys who wanna know, her name's Manizha Faraday You're welcome :3
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Aug 03, 2012
JiggleFactor: Level 5
Avery Williams Aug 03, 2012
I love how her top just opens up! Lol!
Alex Renaud Aug 03, 2012
Excellent work, CarBuzz.
Garrett Farmer Aug 03, 2012
Wow the one where it actually shows the nip slip. Good get car buzz.
Description: In this video, Gisele ditches the Lamborghini for a Cadillac CTS-V coupe. There's decidedly less jiggle in this video, but it's still worth a watch.
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Carlton Salmon Aug 05, 2012
Original and best.
Garrett Chatterton Aug 03, 2012
I've seen her porn XD
Kyle Smith Aug 03, 2012
The things I'd do to her...
Description: The Nissan GT-R is a beautiful car, but it looks a whole heck of a lot better when Melyssa Grace is riding shotgun in it. There's just too much to love in this video.
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Matt Piccolo Aug 03, 2012
She hot! And this may seem kinda random... Does she very slightly resemble Miley Cyrus?
Danyaal Farooq Aug 03, 2012
The gtr looks pretty sick too
Jackson Rojas Aug 03, 2012
they need to make all these girls wear loose langeri
Malachi Monteiro Aug 04, 2012
Now that's someone I would do with the lights ON.
Quinn Conner Aug 03, 2012
She is showing you guys how big I am.