Comments - Nissan Introduces All-New Almera in Moscow

Published: Aug 29, 2012
Description: Back in 1996, Nissan introduced a model called the Almera to European markets. Based on the Sentra and related to the Pulsar and Versa models, the Almera was updated in 2000 and discontinued in 2006 (...
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Al Tungupon Sep 16, 2012
I can't believe this car is built by the company who brought the Z and Godzilla.
Brendan Bell Aug 29, 2012
John Serely Aug 29, 2012
Ugh...another boring car by Nissan (not all, just most)
Dylan Bruder Aug 29, 2012
Looks like it should be an 06 or somethin looks outdated
Description: Engineered from the get-go to cope with the extreme road conditions and temperatures that characterize driving in the world's largest country, the new Almera is a five-seat, four-door sedan, powe...
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Ray Liu Aug 29, 2012
Nissan is sure Russians will buy this?
Lucas Hill Aug 29, 2012
That's pretty plain
Zaire Wilkins Aug 29, 2012
its truly standard
Chad Hunter Aug 29, 2012
At least the wheel is leather lol
Chad Hunter Aug 29, 2012
I dont see a single button on that steering wheel!! No good!!