Comments - Lada Xray Concept Debuts in Moscow

Published: Aug 29, 2012
Description: At this week's Moscow Motor Show, Russian auto giant AvtoVAZ took the opportunity to reveal their Xray concept crossover, whose design language spells a new era for Lada. Penned in Turin, Italy, ...
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Alexander Sidorin Sep 02, 2012
Maybe it does, but they could have presented something they could afford to produce!!
Shane Mathew Korah Aug 30, 2012
with that brown paint job it literally looks like a beautified piece of shit!! they could have done a better job especially the rear end.
Alexander Sidorin Sep 02, 2012
I would say they would never build this car, cause Lada sucks, although I used to be a fan of Lada they showed me they can produce nothing but crap!!
Trent Griffin Aug 30, 2012
It's got similar proportions to the other WRC might just put Russia/Lada in contention for a WRC legacy ....lot of potential
mike1992 Aug 30, 2012
Ya I meant the xc60
Nick Ricci Aug 29, 2012
The only two door SUV I can't stand is the evoque, I'll never understand why that thing was made.
Wmg Chinchilla Aug 29, 2012
Plus, that hatch space is really tapered off making cargo room very limited. You get the poor handling and fuel economy of a suv crossed with the impracticality of a coupe... I guess it looks good
Trent Griffin Aug 29, 2012
Don't see the point of 2 door SUV's? Jeep Wrangler much?
Trent Griffin Aug 29, 2012
Don't sleep...Lada Niva google the videos it's legendary...
Trent Griffin Aug 29, 2012
Lada actually produced one of the most capable off road vehicles in the world....and it was two door....if they can fuse that capability with these looks....they have a world class rally and off road vehicle.....bring it to the states!
John P Jerse Aug 29, 2012
Wow, I am impressed, it will looks great. Now Russians can drive past broken down Ladas that truly look like cool cars.
Henz Herrero Aug 29, 2012
U mean xc60 cuz the xc90 doesnt look like this.. I like this kind of crossover tho..
mike1992 Aug 29, 2012
but only from this view
mike1992 Aug 29, 2012
looks like a Volvo xc90 very volvo looking.
Hemmo Karja Aug 29, 2012
I actually like everything about this car. I would have never thought that lada could come up with something like this!
Treston Ott Aug 29, 2012
I really really like this but seeing the environment that their taking this picture in I'm really hoping their not considering this to be one of those offload luxury suv vehicles (ex. BMW x1,x3,x5,x6 and the Audi Q7)
Description: At the front of the compact three-door crossover, a false radiator grille made of glossy black plastic with lights mounted at an angle form the shape of an 'X', which the company says will b...
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Alex Renaud Aug 30, 2012
This reminds me of the film Predator. You know - at the end after Arnold takes off the dude's mask.
SuperTrofeo Aug 30, 2012
remind me ov a lexus ct200h
Ivan Ryzhov Aug 31, 2012
If this thing makes production almost a guarantee that it will say NIVA on the back
Timothy Hooker Aug 29, 2012
that's a sexy hiney
Michael Riley Aug 29, 2012
reminds me of a Kia Sorenta lol
Jordan Jackson Aug 29, 2012
It's pretty much just a big hatchback isn't it?
Kleymenov Pavel Aug 29, 2012
Thats true. Although Lada does need to step up to the game. There's cars are ugly.
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Aug 29, 2012
This car doesnt fit that badge. At all. It looks like something infiniti would make.
Steve Waskiewicz Aug 29, 2012
Agreed! Very clean lines without being too "future-esque."
Buddy Robinson Aug 29, 2012
That's almost evoque awesome
statusone Aug 31, 2012
needs more brown
Ivan Ryzhov Aug 31, 2012
This compared to older Lada interiors is freaking amazing
Steve Waskiewicz Aug 29, 2012
Love the color combination! Chocolate bear!!!
Treston Ott Aug 29, 2012
Interior is sweet
Douglas Bailey Aug 30, 2012
No push button start?