Comments - Bobbies Impound Lambo in London

Published: Aug 29, 2012
Description: London typically sees an influx of high-end luxury and performance cars around this time of year, something we affectionately refer to as "supercar summer". Not everyone is a big fan of thes...
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Description: A Porsche 911 GT3 RS and an orange Lamborghini Aventador with Qatari plates were pulled over and let go before a driver in a matte black Aventador had some rather unfortunate luck. Though he insisted ...
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Wayne Redmond Oct 24, 2012
These drivers must only be trying to get girls with these cars because any true driver would avoid city traffic with fast cars.
Serge Pankratov Sep 01, 2012
Seriously?? Didnt the guy need proper documents to get that car into the country?? Seems like cops are stupid in more countries than just the US
Tara Fitria Aug 30, 2012
I'm sure it would be harder to arrange shipping and navigating customs than getting the necessary documentation, that is unless the dmv's in the uk are anything like they are in the US. I waited 8 hours for an out of state registration and new ID.
Gazel Hebbert Aug 30, 2012
Yeah it's unfortunate but can we talk about that orange red aventador? I think it's the best color I've seen on a car; I think I might like it better than Ferrari red
Jake Smerky Myatt Aug 30, 2012
I'm glad there doing this, if your going to drive in this country and show off get the right documents to drive like everyone else
Jack Howard Aug 30, 2012
All they are accomplishing here is wasting taxpayer money by doing this. They might break even with the tickets they give but still, its just stupid. Its not like those police are saving lives by doing this.
Hesham Hanna Aug 29, 2012
Racist basta**ds
Goobee Aug 29, 2012
give Bruce Wayne his car back
John P Jerse Aug 29, 2012
Is crime that low there that they have to snipe rich guys in cars to keep busy? Low hanging fruit indeed:/
Thibault Leroy Aug 29, 2012
Its funny how low the stupid cop had to get to talk to the driver but yeah that is kinda racist and the guy wasnt doing anything wrong
Ben August Aug 29, 2012
Look kids...Racism!
Description: What makes this situation even sketchier is that most of the "routine" stops were filmed by TV crews. The police apparently apprehend foreign cars for lack of registration and insurance to j...
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Scott Gracey Aug 29, 2012
That's bullshit, pickin on people cause they have more money
Colin Dzendolet Aug 29, 2012
it had British plates
Travis Adams Aug 29, 2012
Anybody else notice the Gallardo sneak past in the background?
John P Jerse Aug 29, 2012
So profiling is ok there? Good for them.
MissLaura Anne Aug 29, 2012
I think it's good they still check people with nice cars. Just cause you've got lots of money & a nice car doesn't mean you're any different. Plus, what cop doesn't want to stand next to a smokin hot Lamborghini for a few minutes?
Luigi Segadelli Aug 29, 2012
Totally agree if they got the money they should pay just like the rest of us if we go abroad and don't hav correct documents well get fined
Zaire Wilkins Aug 29, 2012
well then again if you get an all black one problem solved
Zaire Wilkins Aug 29, 2012
i dont like the fact they didnt blend the back up camera in somewhere else
John Serely Aug 29, 2012
I love how low the car is
Lucas Hill Aug 29, 2012
Ew. That looks horrible.
Thibault Leroy Aug 29, 2012
That wing doesnt look right on there
Dan Ruth Aug 29, 2012
Aventador sv lol
Zaire Wilkins Aug 29, 2012
wow he put a spolier on it?
John Jenkins Aug 29, 2012
that's the lambo for me. unless ugr or Heffner can hook me up with a TT:D
Redge Diakité Aug 29, 2012
I would kill people if they took m'y Lambo :D
Kleymenov Pavel Aug 29, 2012
This car deserves to be carried home.