Comments - Bentley Considers Offering Armored Cars

Published: Aug 29, 2012
Description: Armored cars are big business, particularly in lucrative markets like Russia, the Middle East and Latin America, where the wealthy face the scourge of armed robbery. Several aftermarket firms can conv...
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Nick Ricci Aug 30, 2012
Exactly, the TT V8s an W12s shouldn't have much difficulty provided they give them a small power boost to keep up with the Bentley name.
Henry Wertz Aug 29, 2012
seems sensible, they already have plenty of muscle to haul some armor around.
Jonathan Tjandra Aug 29, 2012
Bentley flying ugly
Nick Ricci Aug 30, 2012
It truly is a modern classic.
Stephen Cobbs Aug 29, 2012
Haha Taylor. Thats the exact front end.
Manish Jaiswal Aug 29, 2012
Or the Only alternative to phantom.
John Serely Aug 29, 2012
I absolutely love these. The driver's alternative to the phantom sedan
Description: Reinforcing a car for ballistic protection requires essentially taking the car apart and installing steel paneling, sheets of Kevlar, ceramic plates, shatter-proof glass and other materials. That Bent...
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Description: With Maybach and its 62 Guard model out of production, Bentley could have the top of the market all to itself. The Queen of England already has an armored Bentley, after all. Listen really carefully a...
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Gustavo Kelso Jul 15, 2013
Classic luxury
Colby Church Aug 29, 2012
What an ugly ass car.....
John Serely Aug 29, 2012
Crest of the British royal family? I feel left out! I think I need to go get a family crest
Neil Vickers Aug 29, 2012
Yes, just the crest of the British Royal family that's all!
Corey Mullis Aug 29, 2012
i think its a family crest of sorts
Jordan Jackson Aug 29, 2012
So... Is that shield thing on the roof someone's family crest, or is it to show that this thing is an armored model?