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Published: Aug 29, 2012
Description: It's safe to say that Subaru's BRZ is under more pressure to perform than Scion's FR-S. Subaru is known for making sporty cars that can zip around tight corners. Scion is known for its ...
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Kyle Schott Sep 29, 2012
Someone do a wrx vs. brz. I want to see how bad the brz gets blown away.
Aaron Crisp Aug 31, 2012
Heard that man, started out in Hendo... lived in North Town for a while but I've finally settled over by South Point haha. Always respected you and everything you have to say on CarBuzz! Awesome to know another CarBuzz guy from Vegas lol
No Pistons Aug 30, 2012
Living right next to SamBoyd now, but I've been in every corner lol
Aaron Crisp Aug 29, 2012
What part of town you in No Pistons? Haven't seen anyone else here from Vegas. Just curious haha
William Downs Aug 29, 2012
Damn that sounds like a good idea actually
No Pistons Aug 29, 2012
Ill wait till price goes down and motor blown, then I'll get it and throw a rotary in it and badge it as a rx9 lol
William Downs Aug 29, 2012
Holy crap that's crazy, the scion dealer down the street has awhite one sitting on the lot at 26k, but anything past maybe 27 there whole reason of getting that car is lost
Matt Sutton Aug 29, 2012
Agreed. I can get the gen coupe 3.8 track w 1k miles for 3 grand (or more) less. Plus 148 more hp, navigation, brembo brakes, heated seats and push button start. Just to name a few options. Or, like patrick said, some american muscle.
Matt Piccolo Aug 29, 2012
Ok if the mark up was all the way up to 34k, that's too much, I'd take a 370 then... But I've seen some around me for 25-27k which is a great pricd
Patrick Schalk Aug 29, 2012
Exactly. They are in such high demand right now that anyone who tries to buy one is gonna get raped. Might as well get a 5.0, SS, R/T or other choices for that money.
Matt Sutton Aug 29, 2012
Ive been looking online and seeing prices up to 34k. Used. Gently used. 1k miles. Thats crazy. I like the car. But not for that money. Wheres the value at that point??
No Pistons Aug 29, 2012
Im not even talking about taxes I'm talking about initial cost, mark up is crazy on west coast. A base frs here in Vegas is 27k before all the dealer bull.
William Downs Aug 29, 2012
Well no shit, u never pay what sticker says, that's the Msrp, what dealers charge for taxes and stuff doesn't count toward the 25k price tag
No Pistons Aug 29, 2012
The 25k is bs though because that not what your going to pay lol
Patrick Schalk Aug 29, 2012
Because of all the GTR articles Matt.....
Matt Sutton Aug 29, 2012
He must patrick. Besides the look of the car, im having a hard time finding any awesomeness.
Matt Piccolo Aug 29, 2012
@ Patrick, what? Lol
Patrick Schalk Aug 29, 2012
I think you have the BRZ confused with the GTR.
Domi Bsaibes Aug 29, 2012
It's bcz it's so awesome
Moe Sargi Aug 29, 2012
Its not just you lol i think carbuzz is running out of articles and stories to talk about so now they r just making shit up haha
Nick Schnee Aug 29, 2012
Is it just me or is there at least one GT-86/FR-S/BRZ article a day on CarBuzz?
Description: A stock Subaru BRZ and a Gymkhana-spec 370Z do battle in this video. You'll need to watch this clip twice to see how well both of these cars handle the Gymkhana-style course.
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Zaire Wilkins Aug 30, 2012
of course its tight in the turns its lighter and has 200hp the nissan is for more hp hungry ppl like me
Kevin Blockley Aug 30, 2012
That was impressive , just goes to show don't need all those Horsepowers to have Fun. That Subura really tight in the turns , Da Nissan just gobbles the lost time on the straight aways .
Timothy Hooker Aug 29, 2012
dang that brz is tight in the turns. looks like fun
Domi Bsaibes Aug 29, 2012
That brz needs just a bit more torque, u could see how the 370z gets out quicker from corners and 360s
Matt Piccolo Aug 29, 2012
Wow, that was close, I think if they weren't almost doing 360's in some parts, the 370 woulda pulled out a larger win
William Downs Aug 29, 2012
Well damn go scooby
Description: Road & Track put the BRZ up against the Miata and the Genesis Coupe in a track test to see which of the three was the best of the best. Spoiler alert: The winner of this competition may not surpri...
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Aaron Crisp Aug 30, 2012
If and when the Supra is revived I wouldn't be surprised to see it compete against the GTR. Japanese muscle car wars need to come back soon.
Patrick Schalk Aug 29, 2012
Colby, BUT pricing it at that would interfere with FRS/BRZ sales. I think a TT V6 with around 400hp with some nice options for around 45k fully loaded would be a great contender.
Grant Paquin Aug 29, 2012
I'd say I'm happy in my 400ishhp daily.
Melissa Gould Aug 29, 2012
I drive a 500+ hp as a daily driver and sometimes I wish a had a less hp car to push to the limits around town. But 200hp is just not enough.
Colby Church Aug 29, 2012
The supra, when they remake it, should be priced $28-$40k, no more. Because getting up to 50k is Corvette territory. And as nice as the new Supra may be, it will be hard to convince me that it is worth more than 40k for what it is.
Patrick Schalk Aug 29, 2012
They need to make another Supra in the 35-50k market to compete with the muscle cars, Z cars, etc.
Zaire Wilkins Aug 29, 2012
how bout a full coupe with a better body all together with 350hp? for toyota
Patrick Schalk Aug 29, 2012
I guess I should've clarified the "what car it's in" part. I meant sports car. Obviously I don't expect everyone to have 400 hp daily drivers (even though I will).
Patrick Schalk Aug 29, 2012
Yeah my Jeeps engine is a huge turd. I'll fix that though. But I also have a 370hp Camaro to get my power fix from.
Andrew Morales Aug 29, 2012
Comin from a jeep guy? Lol..
Matt Sutton Aug 29, 2012
Same here patrick. If the toyobaru had more power, id be all about it. I think it looks better than the gen coupe, but doesnt have all the power n goodies. Maybe i'll wait and see what the trd version has to offer. Though its a long wait.
Patrick Schalk Aug 29, 2012
Yeah 200hp just isn't doin it for me. I don't care what car it's in or what it was made for. I like power.
Matt Sutton Aug 29, 2012
I'll admit, i love the looks of he brz. But im still getting my '13 gen coupe 3.8 track. If i could blend the two, id be in heaven.
Patrick Schalk Aug 29, 2012
I'd like to know what other factors they took into consideration when comparing these. This is one of the better reviews I have seen of these cars. I dunno if I could choose between them
William Downs Aug 29, 2012
Amen to that... Love that front end especially the badge
Matt Piccolo Aug 29, 2012
I'd take the brz no matter what anyone says
Description: Evo put the BRZ up against the Renault Megane 265 Trophy to see whether Japan's RWD coupe could beat Frane's FWD hatchback. Evo's winner, and the reasoning behind its choice, is sure to...
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Ethan Amo Oct 14, 2012
Result is not possible. The BRZ was probably alot slower because of its automatic gearbox, and it is definately better to drive.
Peter Loncsar Aug 30, 2012
Well that's not a fair test, the Megane has 65 more HP and race tires and what does he mean when he says there is no balance!? It has a perfect front rear balance.
Graham Browne Aug 30, 2012
Not a fair comparison really, WRX vs Megane would be interesting. Driving the GT86 tomorrow and I own the latest Megane RS so should be interesting.
Zaire Wilkins Aug 29, 2012
ohhhh you gonna take that erich ? he said your mother dont have no nipples
Stephen Basset Aug 29, 2012
Comparing a 25k car to a 60k m3 with twice the power is just bashing. Saying the brz is not balanced with 53/47 weight distribution is also ludicrous, but what do you expect from a guy that opts for an automatic sports car.
Domi Bsaibes Aug 29, 2012
Erich, aside from ur name and piercing, a punch in ur face is as good as an orgasm. You really need to be taught some mannors boy, the hard way!
Zaire Wilkins Aug 29, 2012
its the age of paddle shifters,LED DTRL,LED head lights/ tailights And hybrids
Patrick Schalk Aug 29, 2012
That Megane sounds pretty good for a 4 banger. Can't say the same for the BRZ. But I'd rather have RWD and a real manual. Don't know why they opted for paddles
Description: Ever wonder if a BRZ could beat an S2000 in a drag race? If you said "yes," then you will want to check this video out. Avoid this video at all costs if you can't bear the thought of a ...
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Das Stig Aug 30, 2012
go look up the spoon s2000. best s2k ever.
Joel Hope Aug 30, 2012
There is no dash in vtec. It's vtec.
Mike Ulickey Aug 29, 2012
The s2k CR was the only one that came factory with a hard top I believe. Or at least I never saw one without it.
Terrance Parker Aug 29, 2012
Haha I love watching BRZ drag races and then reading the comments that follow.
Maria Garcia Aug 29, 2012
@Brady, Honda did offer a hardtop but as an add-on accessory only.
Brady Fereday Aug 29, 2012
Hardtops on s2ks are all aftermarket I believe I think Honda only made the sk2 soft top
Zaire Wilkins Aug 29, 2012
ohhh ok kool 240hp with like 140 torque
Julian Yo Aug 29, 2012
@Zaire: Are 240 stock.
Andrae Jackson Aug 29, 2012
With the hardtops u talking stock or aftermarket cause I see hardtop carbon fiber all the time in ga.
Zaire Wilkins Aug 29, 2012
but all V-tec engines are so low on torque even the V6's
Zaire Wilkins Aug 29, 2012
lol the s2k has 254hp stock correct?
Jahaziel Ortiz Aug 29, 2012
Turbo charge please
Patrick Schalk Aug 29, 2012
No surprise here.
Matt Piccolo Aug 29, 2012
Yea the hardtops do look good on the s2k! I've only seen 2 ever though. 1 white and 1 yellow
Brady Fereday Aug 29, 2012
Nothing beats a sexy hardtop s2k :D
Matt Piccolo Aug 29, 2012
S2k for me, cheaper (used obviously) looks better, sounds way better, is faster around a track...
Description: Consumer Reports put the BRZ up against its evil twin, the FR-S, to see which is the better buy. The winner of this competition isn't very shocking, especially when you take into account the pric...
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William Downs Aug 30, 2012
Holy shit have u 2 never read an article, it's the exact same car, Toyota and Subaru built it together, only difference is the front and slightly different suspension set up
Zaire Wilkins Aug 30, 2012
thats what i said im thinking they should be like what dodge and mitsubishi did with the 3000gt or the eclipse and the eagle talon
Felix Rhett Aug 30, 2012
I'm confused. If Toyota & Subaru are independent companies, how can these cars be so alike? Did someone steal the technology?
Pratik Parija Aug 29, 2012
Great coverup for the mess up at the end. Lol
Harry Chagger Aug 30, 2012
wow it looks really nice in silver
No Pistons Aug 29, 2012
Autocross times as well but I was being lazy and not posting all of them, hassle to go through lol
John Serely Aug 29, 2012
I like the BRZ much more than the frs
William Downs Aug 29, 2012
Laguna seca is a horrible track to do any kind of comparison with this car, that's a power circuit, witch means a car with more power can destroy a car with way better handling it's all sweeping turns crept the cork screw and the final turn
Zaire Wilkins Aug 29, 2012
only if the BRZ looked better maybe id like it more
No Pistons Aug 29, 2012
Slower then those already doing what's its claimed to be based on. Rx8 and s2k are a second faster then it around laguna. It isn't doing anything new but it is waking up all the manufactures to build more light fun cars which is good
Matt Sutton Aug 29, 2012
Ahhh...thank you brian. I get it, its fun to drive. But theirs more than just that im looking for.
Matt Piccolo Aug 29, 2012
Brian its gettin all this attention bec it's an amazing car... And it's not slow, when ur using it for what it was made for, flying around corners, it pretty damn quick
Brian Johnston Aug 29, 2012
Sick of this slow car getting all this hype. P