Comments - Hyundai Armors new Equus Limousine Security

Published: Aug 28, 2012
Description: A luxurious cabin is all fine and well, but for wealthy individuals in some of the world's more violent areas, the ultimate luxury is safety. In those markets armored cars are big business, and n...
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darrellbell24 Sep 01, 2012
if I'm getting an armored car, this would 100% be at the bottom of the list... why would pay that much for a freakin hyundai. I don't care if it is Their most expensive model, its still a hyundai. I would take a stretched Benz, or Bentley, or Rolls, or even BMW....but certainly not this as my first choice
Zaire Wilkins Aug 30, 2012
that was very far fetch
Shaun Conroy Aug 28, 2012
Passat's are beautiful mid-size sedans, built to a standard, having always been a more exciting alternative to the bread and butter competition. This looks like a chintzy Korean upstart. Oh wait, it is!
bmw Aug 28, 2012
????? ????? ?????? ???? ??? ?????? ??? ??? ???????? ???? ?????? ??? ????? ??? ???????
Ashen Fonseka Aug 28, 2012
Looks like a maybach
Andy Nongbu Demar Cho Aug 28, 2012
I know!! It looks nothing like Passat...
John Serely Aug 28, 2012
Im sorry, but if I'm getting a stretched and armored luxury limo, this would probably be last on my list
Zaire Wilkins Aug 28, 2012
wow i usually hear ppl say it looks like a mercedes or lexus but passat???
Ryan Veitch Aug 28, 2012
Front looks like VW passat
Alex Renaud Aug 28, 2012
It has also been given off road clearance.
Description: Already a fairly large vehicle, this Equus has been lengthened to 5.46 meters - a good foot longer than stock. It has also been fitted with a bullet-proof body shell, windows and a "labyrinth&quo...
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Arin Henning Aug 29, 2012
Not all Korean cars are all steel f'n idiot
Scott Gracey Aug 29, 2012
I don't see how 30 more horses is gonna help move that much more weight...
Zaire Wilkins Aug 28, 2012
500hp would do it better
Ryan Kimmel Aug 28, 2012
At roughly 18 feet, this is one VERY big Hyundai.
William Downs Aug 28, 2012
Dude wtf u smoking bullet proof cars arent made of all steel anymore
Ahmed Barrasali Aug 28, 2012
this car will be heavier than any of its competitors,more steel will make hard for the engine and for the suspension which is all Korean cars fail.
Edmond Gebara Aug 29, 2012
@timothy. Finally, someone who understands. Yes they are hideous. Hell, they're ugly in the dark
Shaun Conroy Aug 28, 2012
Mercedes Benz S-Class is the standard. Always has been.
Timothy Hooker Aug 28, 2012
please don't set maybach as ur standard of luxury...those cars are hideous
John Serely Aug 28, 2012
@zaire Haha! Who cares what they compare it to? If I compare a first gen Prius to a ZR1, does that make the Prius better than any other cars? No!
Zaire Wilkins Aug 28, 2012
but yet its better than the LS cause they compare this car to the bently
Edmond Gebara Aug 28, 2012
....but ends up being a 2004 Lexus ls430 with a touch of Avalon in the rear ;)
Tyler Jacobson Aug 28, 2012
Poor guy wants to be a mayback
Erika McNeal Johnson Sep 18, 2012
I don't care what anyone says....... I own and have owned several different types of cars from Corvettes ( with an s yes) to a Lincoln Nav, I just purchased the Equus and it's by far the best quality car I've owned!!!!! I looked at the BMW, the Lexus, and an Audi... No comparison, for the price!!!! No maintenance what so ever but tires and gas!!! And if I should need maintenance, they will come a...
Jason Brown Sep 01, 2012
A key thing to look for on the car invoice is "leather trim," that would imply not leather. Having leatherette doesn't mean it is cheaper... Actually Leatherette is much more costly than real leather several times more depending on quality.
Jason Brown Sep 01, 2012
It's all to do with tax regulations. Cars rolling out of German factories all abide by the new environmental laws. Benz and BMW uses 100% leatherette. You might not know the difference.
Jason Brown Sep 01, 2012
Darrell please look up the New EU regulations for leather usage. I do know that certain EU car manufacture use after markets to replace leatherettes for real leather. Korea doesn't allow after marketing replacements at dealerships.
darrellbell24 Aug 30, 2012
@Jason.... I know for a fact Mercedes doesn't use 100% may not all be real, but it sure isn't even close to 100% fake.
Jason Brown Aug 29, 2012
Benz, BMW and Audi all don't even use all 100% real leather! I chose an Audi A6 because it offered 40% real and 60% leatherette. BMW uses 100% fake and so does Benz.
Jason Brown Aug 29, 2012
Did you drive a S-Class from 10 years ago? We are talking about the limo Equus which is not really available outside of Korea without special order. And as far S-Class goes, not what as comfortable as even the Lexus LS.
Shaun Conroy Aug 28, 2012
I've driven an Equus, and I've driven an S-Class. They are not in the same category, sorry!
Jason Brown Aug 28, 2012
You are right John. Certainly not enthusiast. Wealthy business men who want to be driven... Man, I hate auto corrects on this phone....
John Serely Aug 28, 2012
@andy well, to answer your question of "who buys the Equus" The answer is...people who are NOT car enthusiast
Jason Brown Aug 28, 2012
Boy, I can't seen to type especially at 5 am. Any way, these cars are quite nice, only if have ridden them you would know. Hyundai was going to introduce them overseas under a completely different badge. But they faced many problem if they did.
Andy Nongbu Demar Cho Aug 28, 2012
Many of you might be thinking who would buy an Equus... I've rarely spotted one when I was living in Washington. But surprisingly I see MANY Equus' over here in Jersey - second richest state
John Serely Aug 28, 2012
Jason oh sorry, I didn't realize it's been around for so long outside of te states. Your probably right, it's like the town car in the US. I'm pretty sure England used XJs, so it's a similar concept
Jason Brown Aug 28, 2012
...last year for there executives among other companies. So the concept of luxury is some what different I feel. I guess it is like the caddy or Lincoln stretch limos in the States?
Jason Brown Aug 28, 2012
John, the Equis has been around since early 1990s so if they wanted to be seen as good supporter they would have owned these since then. JD Powers had these ranked second for comfort and luxury a few years back. IBM Korea switched from Benz to these
John Serely Aug 28, 2012
@jason ...or they wanted to be seen as a "supporter" of their country (good publicity)
Jason Brown Aug 28, 2012
Here is Korea these are one of the most expensive luxurious cars money can buy only for the domestic market. CEO of Samsung used to drive around in Maybachs until these came around. So that tells you the comfort compared to the best Germany luxury.
Jason Brown Aug 28, 2012
The limo model of the Equis has been around for years. They look just like this and a few are armored like this. Carbuzz, this is really old old news. CEOs of several Korean conglomerates have these. Non armored cost around 140k. Yes around $140,000.
Alex Stanzel Aug 28, 2012
There's no seams in the top at least.
Zaire Wilkins Aug 30, 2012
lol if this car is compared to a bently mulsanne it has to be at least 20% past the 7 series massage seats two ipads leg rest a beefy V8 refrigerator
darrellbell24 Aug 30, 2012
still not up to par with ans s-class or 7 series
Scott Gracey Aug 29, 2012
I'd still never buy a hyundai or Kia...
William Downs Aug 29, 2012
In the luxury department and Kia is doing extremely well in motor sports especially since they really have no racing heritage untill a few years ago, place u hate where it belongs against the prius
William Downs Aug 29, 2012
Lol @chris, obviously u have never been in or seen the interior, looks nothing like any of the company's you stated get your shit straight dumb ass, and hate where hate is due, Hyundai/Kia have stepped up there game a lot, Hyundai is doing amazing
Michael Davidson Aug 28, 2012
I've been in a new Genesis, and that was really nice. So I'm sure this is even more high quality.
Anthony Surdo Aug 28, 2012
I agree very much Talbot! It is extremely impressive. I couldn't believe how nice and luxurious the one I sat in was.
Talbot Dorr Aug 28, 2012
I have been in one. It was actually really impressive
Zaire Wilkins Aug 28, 2012
but have you been in one?
Chris Vette Aug 28, 2012
The equuis is complete garbage, everything about it was taken off the BMW 7series and the Mercedes. I have looked at them. It's quality is complete garbage.