Comments - Hydrogen-Powered GreenGT H2 to Run at Le Mans

Published: Aug 28, 2012
Description: Like just about any other form of motorsport, Le Mans has its regulations, with cars divided into classes that conform to specific formulae to keep the racing competitive. Which is why most Le Mans Pr...
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Jorge Gonzalez Aug 29, 2012
You guys do know that oil doesnt run out right? Animals die and through organic processes over millions of years turns into oil.
Justin Brest Aug 29, 2012
!... a big book damnit
Zachary Crowley Aug 28, 2012
@Kyle You do realize the biggest partner in Hydrogen-cell based research is Shell right? open a big before you open that ignorant mouth of yours.
Mitchell Cherry Aug 28, 2012
Bet it's way more expensive to run this shit. Everyone talks like big oil company's are bad.
Kyle Matta Aug 28, 2012
The combustion engine is a dinosaur. It's nice to see us finally breaking away from big oil companies.
Shane Mathew Korah Aug 30, 2012
if they can solve the refueling issue than i really believe that hydrogen fuel cells are the future of the racing world and it will keep those hippies off our backs. one thing is for sure this is way better looking than the deltawing
Zach Sullivan Aug 29, 2012
I'm sure it has I'm just wondering how they took care of it
Jackson Michael Aug 29, 2012
I'd say it was a pretty ignorant question because if they've already been entered in the race, I'd assume that the problem of safety has already been addressed.
Tyler Ray DeFord Aug 28, 2012
If it crashes: "Oh the humanity!"
Jose De La Cuz Aug 28, 2012
It looks like a camaro!
Jason Brower Aug 28, 2012
Guys, the hydrogen-collision issue has been dealt with and off the table for a number of years. While the specifics escape my memory at the moment, a bit of research will show that's an outdated concern.
Zach Sullivan Aug 28, 2012
the only thing I can think of is they would need a valve to purge the the tank to release the pressure
Zach Sullivan Aug 28, 2012
thank you Brian that's exactly wat I meant
Brian Micinski Aug 28, 2012
He's not being ignorant its is a legitimate question. These cars will have to be engineered differently for crashes because compressed hydrogen like this can be very dangerous
Jackson Michael Aug 28, 2012
Zach, y u so ignorant bro?
Ben Mossing Aug 28, 2012
We need this more than the stupid delta wing thing
Zach Sullivan Aug 28, 2012
my question is how are they gonna keep it from exploding in a crash
Sam Oglesby Aug 28, 2012
More like a hot wheels toy
Tevin Xko Davis Aug 28, 2012
It's a looker I tell you hwhat
David Pires-Ihsaan Aug 28, 2012
This picture just made me bleed internally...
Description: Following extensive development, the GreenGT has just been approved by the ACO to fill the spot taken at this year's race by the DeltaWing prototype. Its advanced design, now finalized after bein...
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Cory Deines Aug 28, 2012
I'm surprised the tires don't rip off.
Abraham Mendoza Aug 28, 2012
I'm sorry, 3000 pound feet of torque? What a ride!
Redge Diakité Aug 28, 2012
DAMN with this sort of torque it must like a spaceship accelerating
Ben Norton Aug 28, 2012
Wow! That is a lot of torque
Description: Dunlop has developed special tires for the vehicle that promise to help deliver the torque to the tarmac, but its tire wear aren't what will likely be sending it to the pits. The tank can only ho...
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Jorge Gonzalez Aug 29, 2012
Wheels look like BBS are they? Well regardless there nice.
Alex Preston Aug 28, 2012
Wow that spoiler! Definitely a unique look, actually pretty cool
Jordan Jackson Aug 28, 2012
Exactly, and the best part is for the people who still want the roar of an ICE, those can run off of it too
Matthew McPherson Aug 28, 2012
Awesome, This rule is in place for this exact reason, to showcase and test future technologies and hydrogen is definitely the way we need to be looking in terms of a realistic replacement for petrol and am looking forward to seeing this race