Comments - Bodacious Blonde Lusts Over Lamborghini

Published: Aug 28, 2012
Description: Wildcat Irina Olhovskaya returns to our screens looking every inch the Playboy bunny that she is, this time round lusting over the equally sexy Lamborghini Gallardo.
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Scott Harrington Aug 31, 2012
Well I will agree with that is a lot of makeup but actually she is wicked hot without it. I've seen some of her old playboy pics and goddaaaaaam.
Pratik Parija Aug 29, 2012
She changed her outfit! Looks even hotter now. Lol
Thibault Leroy Aug 28, 2012
O in all of her videos i never even realized she had a face
Moe Sargi Aug 28, 2012
Wow finnaly this slut put clothes on. And i agree shes got a dump truck full of foundation on her face if she were to remove that shed be nasty
Quang Ha Aug 28, 2012
CarBuzz editors must love this girl lol
Kevin Carlin Aug 28, 2012
Dude... you were looking at her face?
Vincent R Butler Aug 28, 2012
Relax. This girls WACK. Take all that make up off and lets see how she really Looks
Description: Sporting a new leather-centric look, the blonde bombshell is so hot for the Raging Bull that she just can't help herself from stroking the supercar (and a little bit of herself) before enjoying a...
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Kyle Smith Aug 28, 2012
Natural skin color is always better than a fake tan.
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Aug 28, 2012
Hell she needs a tan & some ass!
John M Weishahn Aug 28, 2012
She looks like a drag queen with all that makeup.
Matthew Midgley Sep 03, 2012
Great view do those come with the car
Michael Davidson Aug 28, 2012
Those must some optional air bags.