Comments - BMW i8 Spyder to Bow in Los Angeles

Published: Aug 28, 2012
Description: What good is a hybrid if you can't enjoy the air you're keeping clean? That's the question that has prompted Tesla to build the Roadster, Fisker to toy with the Karma Sunset concept and...
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Best Tran Jul 14, 2014
Nice car!!!
Jackson Michael Aug 28, 2012
One again, the title doesn't make sense
Edward Galligan Sep 11, 2013
Roadster is better looking for some reason
Salih Tekin Feb 26, 2013
Its beuatyfull and its still can be 2 seat sport car but its looks like its compitition with audi tt or mercedes slk bcuz its small it doesnt feel super support its not going to be successfull agains to R8, SLS OR 458
Siya Fadane Sep 21, 2012
Love BMW dont think any manufacture can make cars as good "just a fanboy" But im not too keen on the space age styling of the i8. Aggressive simplicity is what makes german cars last. i8 is just too flashy, it smells like aftermarket rice
Sovann Leakh Mey Aug 29, 2012
It remind me of a legendary Pokemon lol
SuperTrofeo Aug 29, 2012
did they change something about the front lights or is it just my memory failing?
Paul Dickey Aug 29, 2012
No thanks. Just another overpriced BMW
Nick Ricci Aug 28, 2012
@gunter Show Audi who's boss? I don't mean to be rude, but the Volkswagen group isn't one to take challenge lightly. They proved that by building the Bugatti Veyron SS, so don't jump to conclusions.
Will Revene Aug 28, 2012
How does one come to meet their gf's plastic surgeons brother in law? Lol sorry that made me laugh.
Corey Alan Kelley Aug 28, 2012
My gf's plastic surgeon brother in law is on a list for one So there's obviously buyers... Just saying
Sankar Shanmugam Aug 28, 2012
Mercedes b class? I didn't even know that existed
David Mzolo Aug 28, 2012
Eita i8 spyder BMW iyashisa .
Omar Nasr Deen Aug 28, 2012
U know, this is the best car in the world
Corey Alan Kelley Aug 28, 2012
This car definitely isn't crap and if you haven't heard BMW is working on a supercar... So suck it troll
Description: The i8 Spyder will join BMW's i sub-brand as the third vehicle, alongside the i3 hatchback and i8 coupe with which it will likely share its salient details. That means a 223-horsepower 1.5-liter ...
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Andrew Palmer Aug 28, 2012
If I ever had the disposable income to drop on something as frivolous as this...for now I'm stuck with a subie turbo outback.
Andrew Palmer Aug 28, 2012
Consider the second or third gen of something like this...
Andrew Palmer Aug 28, 2012
There is smug factor. the prius is not cost effective to buy, but people want to feel green. I think it will sell, if only for the green/smug factor. looks cool,and it's a step towards a functional hybrid/electric sports car..wouldn't buy one-but I m
Ben August Aug 28, 2012
I agree, the styling on this makes it look fast, so you have a certain expectation with that look. If I were seriously in the market for a luxury hybrid, sports car, i think I would have to look at the 918 pretty hard over this. Price tho...?
Matt Piccolo Aug 28, 2012
It's cool, but I wouldn't buy one!
Chris Johnson Aug 28, 2012
There are many people in the world driving high end BMWs, Porches, and Lamborginis who wouldn't describe themselves as "car enthusiasts." It's luxurious, beautiful looking, and has a very cool engine. It'll sell.
Michael Page Aug 28, 2012
It will sell. Buying "green" is hip, and BMW can put their logo on a turd and it will sell. I think that's called an X3.
Ben August Aug 28, 2012
Agreed- Purist BMW niche will buy it, but that's about it. I really do love it's design. I'm wondering if there will be an M version of it. Then, it may become desirable and may sell well.
Paul Lissona Aug 28, 2012
Three cylinder is the problem to me, fast though yah.
Siya Fadane Sep 21, 2012
... Look at that, if it wasn't for the trademark grill i would have never thought it was a BMW. One compay i know that pulled of a good futuristic looking car is Audi with the RSQ.
Andrew Hossann Aug 28, 2012
And it's flaring it's nostrils
Jordan Jackson Aug 28, 2012
It's four eyes are staring into my soul...
Ruel Lewis Aug 28, 2012
It's probably the charging outlet.
Andrew Palmer Aug 28, 2012
Blue thing? Dunno...air intake?
Paul Lissona Aug 29, 2012
Look deeper there's pedals, and I'm on phone too.
Andrew Palmer Aug 28, 2012
I only see shadows, maybe...but I'm on my phone.
Matt Piccolo Aug 28, 2012
What photo u lookin at loo, I see petals
Andrew Hossann Aug 28, 2012
Are u blind? Lmao