Comments - 5 Hilarious Canine Car Commercials

Published: Aug 28, 2012
Description: It's a well-known fact that car commercials starring dogs are usually hilarious in nature, which is more than can be said about automotive ads starring cats. All feline swipes aside, cars and can...
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Jose Shols Aug 28, 2012
Description: This Volkswagen commercial has the two elements every commercial needs to be successful: a fat dog and Star Wars. This commercial debuted during the 2012 Super Bowl and narrowly edged out "The Ba...
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Description: Subaru's "Dog Tested" series of ads are some of the funniest car commercials in recent years. This spot from the series focuses on two dogs that get their parking spot stolen by an age-...
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Malachi Monteiro Aug 28, 2012
I love the Subaru Dogs, they are really funny. Glad I have a Subaru!
Description: Pamela Anderson probably shed a tear when she saw this Opel commercial for the Astra GTC. All C.J. Parker tears aside, this commercial shows what most men would probably like to do with their girlfrie...
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Kleymenov Pavel Aug 29, 2012
Haha that croaked me open.
Alex Medvedev Aug 29, 2012
Hahahaha I loved it lmao
Dylan Bruder Aug 28, 2012
Haha liked that one
Description: You may have no soul if you can't laugh at two dogs trying in vain to parallel park. It's sad to say that the dogs in this Subaru commercial may be as good of parallel parkers as some humans...
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Alec Lindgren Sep 01, 2012
So this dog parks better then a blonde lol
Paul Lissona Aug 29, 2012
So the dog's a b****.
Chester L Tuazon Aug 28, 2012
Judging by the way that dog parks, it's a female
Thibault Leroy Aug 28, 2012
These commercials make no sense but thats why theyre funny xD
Description: This hilarious commercial is actually an ad for Bridgestone, but it does feature a not so subtle nod to Mercedes-Benz. Who knew that canine infidelity and suicide could be so funny?
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Debdoub Tin Dec 05, 2012
Disgusting & stupid idea.
Alex Medvedev Aug 29, 2012
That's so horrible and sad
Lawrence Spicer Aug 28, 2012
Awww poor guy :( glad he got a second chance :)
Wmg Chinchilla Aug 28, 2012
Agreed, disturbing .
Charlie Stratton Aug 29, 2012
Enzo in black looks sexy