Comments - Saab Returns: Spyker and Youngman Announce Mega Deal

Published: Aug 27, 2012
Description: Yes this is actually happening, at least on paper. As we all know, boutique sports car company Spyker bought Saab from General Motors in the hopes of reviving the struggling Swedish brand. Long story ...
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Paul Lissona Sep 14, 2012
I'm tired of Chinese taking over so much business control.
Jhin Hur Sep 13, 2012
I hope this all does work out. Even though youngman's true intentions are to take the tech from Saab and put it into their own cars, it will still be Saab engineers developing the tech and now hopefully, new engines and turbos and revamped interiors
Tin Nguyen Aug 28, 2012
Gm always f things up.
Robert Murray Byl Aug 28, 2012
They deserve to come back for what gm did to them
Jason Brower Aug 27, 2012
As unfortunate as the Youngman affair was, GM was right to shut the deal down. It's appalling how badly Chinese producers have copied any design they can. There are complete copies of so many foreign cars sold by Chinese manufacturers it's disgusting
John P Jerse Aug 27, 2012
You know trouble is in the works when a supercar manufactor buys a daily driver car manufactor.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Aug 27, 2012
Great now I can buy parts for that cheap Saab I bought
John Serely Aug 27, 2012
I just hope youngmann doesn't ruin spyker, but make them better. (I would love to see a spyker model for about 100k
John Serely Aug 27, 2012
I'm happy for spyker. I really love them, and I havent heard how they've been doing
Matt Piccolo Aug 27, 2012
Eh wouldn't have missed them but its nice to see they might b back I geuss
Chris Fraser Jul 06, 2014
This is beautiful!
Timothy Hooker Aug 27, 2012
they changed the picture ..the first one was a black catfish
Michael Riley Aug 27, 2012
looks amazing to me
John Jenkins Aug 27, 2012
Innovative side spoiler technology I see
Timothy Hooker Aug 27, 2012
looks like a catfish
Description: Although it seemed that Spyker's efforts to revive Saab were as good as dead, today it's been announced by the automaker that they've just formed a new, yet unusual alliance with Youngm...
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Jairo Garcia Aug 28, 2012
Spyker is selling its soul to the devil. Now everyone in China will have a 'Spyker', intellectually property law does not exist in their world :-/
Dale Schroeder Aug 27, 2012
So basically Spyker sold itself to the other company. Well, I guess with the choices being that or go out of business, it's the only logical thing to do.
Description: Following all of this so far? This joint venture hopes to have the D8 SUV on sale by the end of 2014. If all goes well, then more models will come of the deal - and this is where Saab fans should find...
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Logan LeMonnier Aug 28, 2012
The last generation 9-3 looked awesome. Easily comparable to the 3series and A4
Alex Stanzel Aug 27, 2012
I also liked their new 9-5 design. I'd liked to see that applied to some new models.
Abraham Mendoza Aug 27, 2012
Yeah me too. I wasn't really into them, but then this whole story made me root for them. They're underdogs and less competition means less effort.
Cory Wilhelm Aug 27, 2012
Saab will rise from its own ashes. I not a big Saab fan but I don't like seeing car companies going out of business.
Alanna Galligan Apr 25, 2013
Mirrors in very weird place but I'd still buy it without a doubt
Stephen Wood Sep 18, 2012
Reminds me of a civic
Bruce Scott Aug 28, 2012
Phat SAAB. Lovin it.
Russell Aug 27, 2012
that's a car id buy
Matt Piccolo Aug 27, 2012
The headlights/grill remind me of the 2010 mugen civic
Alanna Galligan Apr 25, 2013
Kinda like the d8 Peking to Paris at the back
Adam Thomson Jan 24, 2013
I like how they added lamborghini Doors to a saab!
Description: In return, Youngman will also handle production start-up costs for vehicles to be built on this platform, of which a range of models will be based on. These models are what could become new Saabs. Yes...
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Description: Youngman CEO Pang Qingnian stated that "With this agreement, many of our original intentions with the Saab brand will still take shape and we are excited to help Spyker further develop its vehicl...
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Jhin Hur Oct 30, 2012
I hope that Saab does return. Some people don't notice but most of the features of Saab weren't from GM, most of them were developed by Saab themselves it was just GM taking the glory just like how they take credit of Holden and its developments.
Jon Ashley Dec 23, 2012
those are some good lines
Ty Piper Aug 28, 2012
the mirrors are probly cameras, they do that a lot now, so it shows you what the camera sees on a screen inside
Ray Liu Aug 27, 2012
Saab is back strong and good
Ben August Aug 27, 2012
They're probably video cameras so no need of a mirror
Alex Smith Aug 27, 2012
Apparently the Chinese don't want you to see what's to the side of you while of drive due to the lack of mirrora
Mark Donnelly Aug 28, 2012
i like the rear windshield the most
statusone Aug 27, 2012
saab is back! and it still makes no sense!
Kyle McCullough Aug 27, 2012
Last gen trans am had honeycomb taillights like this
Zach Sullivan Aug 27, 2012
it looks like a bee hive
Ron Vinson Aug 27, 2012
The back reminds me of the Oldsmobile Aurora from the 90's
Alex O'Brian Aug 27, 2012
This picture is the future my friends
Abraham Mendoza Aug 27, 2012
I bet it would be awesome to see this fly by you on the highway at night.
Edmond Gebara Aug 27, 2012
*Are you Afraid of The Dark... Guess it really has been 15 yrs, lol
Edmond Gebara Aug 27, 2012
@Cory haha you just took me back like 15 years. Now all I need is some Alone in The Dark
Matt Piccolo Aug 27, 2012
Don't like the back, fronts nice though
Cory Allen Aug 27, 2012
It's a Lite Brite!!!
Alex Smith Aug 27, 2012
Get rid of those side spoiler things and then give it more shape
Javier Alonso Rivas Aug 27, 2012
its different but i like it