Comments - BMW Replacing 'is' Models with M Performance Line

Published: Aug 27, 2012
Description: According to a new report from Car and Driver, BMW will soon be replacing its "is" models with a different name that should sound more familiar to many. As a quick refresh, "is" br...
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Bryan Wesly Pascual Aug 28, 2012
I thought they claimed M is the most powerful letter... So it would make sense that the M badge is only to the most powerful n-series
Jeffrey Frank Aug 27, 2012
Good ol' BMW sure getting their moneys worth out of that letter M.
Charlie Austin Aug 27, 2012
How is this any different than adding then M Sport Package? I much prefer that system..
Mark Moreno Aug 27, 2012
Thank god! it was getting confusing having 2 M performance trims
John Serely Aug 27, 2012
*more.....not lore
John Serely Aug 27, 2012
I like this car, I just wish it was lore enthusiast-orientated
Description: Those models have received performance upgrades courtesy of the M division as well as some styling improvements inside and out. The M135i, for example, has an optional torque-converter automatic inste...
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Hesham Hanna Aug 27, 2012
What so their will be a 2 series
Description: This rollout will continue with the next generation BMWs when models like the 335is will be rebranded the M335i and M435i for the coupe and convertible. Expect to see this designation added to the Z4 ...
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Oscar Arias Aug 28, 2012
@ Justin I believe not cuz I understood it. I guess retards stick together huh.
Justin Routh Aug 28, 2012
No youre retarted he was being sarcastic
Oscar Arias Aug 27, 2012
@mark are u retarded? Read the last sentence.
Mark Moreno Aug 27, 2012
Wait? didn't you say that BMW is getting rid of the M performance line?
Al Tungupon Aug 28, 2012
Forget it if this will just be built on the Touareg platform. The Range Rover is as luxurious as an SUV can get, and that is a real off-roader unlike this Bentley is proposed to be. It might just go the way of the Maybach.
Al Tungupon Aug 28, 2012
I am a bit unsure of this new M Performance line in conjunction with the real M division. It might leave enthusiasts wanting. Why not make the real thing in the first place? The Z4 and 7 Series ought to have it given that the X5 and X6 already do.
Michael Riley Aug 27, 2012
the fakeness of this picture hurts my eyes
Connor Short Aug 28, 2012
It looks like a Tyrannosaurus Rex lol its mirrors look like teeny arms
Redge Diakité Aug 27, 2012
But it won't come too bad
John Serely Aug 27, 2012
I really wish this was coming to the states soon
Yasser Zahabi Aug 30, 2012
BTW.. This is the last 1 series thatll be RWD.. All future models will be based on the mini .. It's a sad day :(
Matthew Crighton Aug 28, 2012
@Redge, u can't drive? You are missing out man.
Redge Diakité Aug 27, 2012
@Tyler No I'm French and American so ;). @Das You're Right because I can't drive ;)
Das Stig Aug 27, 2012
hey redge, I bet you don't own one so your in the same boat we are..
Tyler Torres Aug 27, 2012
Do you have something against the states mister?
Redge Diakité Aug 27, 2012
Yes it won't come to the States so you're unlucky
Brandon Lidy Aug 27, 2012
I'm Guessing this is a europe only model ? Never seen one stateside
Tyler Jacobson Aug 27, 2012
Best hot hatch Round