Comments - A Transformer Down Under? The Ford 'Falcatron' Emerges

Published: Aug 27, 2012
Description: We've covered Ford Performance Vehicles' work in Australia for some time now, as the Aussies tend to put together plenty of cool cars and concepts that we can only dream of getting over here...
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Al Tungupon Aug 28, 2012
This Falcon is a very worthy car. In Australia, it's outsold by the inferior Commodore by more than double, because people think Holden is genuinely Australian (to hell it is) and Ford is American. It also failed to see the light of day in countries which could have appreciated it. In the US, it could well replace the Crown Vic. This is RWD and handles way better. It could have also formed basis o...
Alex Stanzel Aug 27, 2012
Well the games are definitely good.
Steven Velez Aug 27, 2012
i dont think of it as being whored out. its more like revived. transformers was popular during the 80s and somewhat during the 90s. so as to keep the tranaformer legacy living they just reintroduced it to todays generation of children.
Malachi Monteiro Aug 27, 2012
I was talking about the ENTIRE Transformers thing being whored out
Abraham Mendoza Aug 27, 2012
Autobot? Why the orange lighting?
Alex Stanzel Aug 27, 2012
What? It's only the second game...
Malachi Monteiro Aug 27, 2012
LoL No Seriously they have whored out that series.
Description: FPV posted the first shot of the new hero on their Facebook page, commenting that "The developers at High Moon Studios have been working hard creating a bespoke piece of concept art showing their...
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chikenbag Aug 27, 2012
i had read before the movie that the mustang was supposed to win that fight. gm disagreed and (since they apparently financed the entire film) they changed it to where the camaro wins. lame
Aaron Crisp Aug 27, 2012
Yeah exactly, it was a bad guy. Kinda funny GM did that but whatever "F you" they can give right?
Paul Dickey Aug 27, 2012
Yeah saleen wasnt it?
Manny Irizarry Aug 27, 2012
Ford already had an answer. There was a mustang in the first movie
Zachary Fix Sep 03, 2012
Ford has to make a real life version
Alex O'Brian Aug 27, 2012
It has a mouth .. And its angry
Abraham Mendoza Aug 27, 2012
I loved how it sounded.
Jordan Jackson Aug 27, 2012
@Dan: so did I, lol, I also loved the altered police motto on the side, "to enslave and punish" instead of "to protect and serve" I laugh a little every time I see it
Paul Dickey Aug 27, 2012
I'll take the mustang in the first movie. Wasn't it a saleen?
Abraham Mendoza Aug 27, 2012
@Aaron, not in the last movie. In the second one he was obviously a ZL1 prototype, in the first one he was a Camaro Concept. Then in the last one he was a V6 Camaro with a dealer installed bodykit. @Manny, yeah but you couldn't fight. Besides, transformers "transform" because they hid from us, robots in disguise.
Aaron Barker Aug 27, 2012
I'll take Bee he's cooler and a lot better looking with each installment of the movies
Manny Irizarry Aug 27, 2012
@Abraham wheels are faster than legs. Not all of them can fly
Alex Smith Aug 27, 2012
This thing is ugly as hell so I'd definitely take Bumblebee.
Abraham Mendoza Aug 27, 2012
I don't understand. In their world, why would they need to transform, its not like hide or anything.
Leevi Halén Aug 27, 2012
Too bad you can't see anything from that windscreen
Danny Reed Aug 29, 2012
I want this in the US!!!!! Ford could do that easily.
Jordan Jackson Aug 28, 2012
That and they look awesome
Jordan Jackson Aug 28, 2012
I wish we had these here in the US, that way people with families can still have a muscle/pony car and still shuttle their families around
William Forgham Aug 28, 2012
Ford, actually. Close enough.
Manny Irizarry Aug 27, 2012
Reminds me of a Subaru
Matt Piccolo Aug 27, 2012
These are really nice sedans!!
Graham Browne Aug 29, 2012
This car has been out longer than both.
Tyler Jacobson Aug 28, 2012
Legacy tail lights
Matt Piccolo Aug 27, 2012
I see a bit of accord in the side, no legacy though
Jackson Bond Aug 27, 2012
Looks like a legacy on the back and an accord on the side