Description: The Russian highways are known for some wild moments and this video, recently uploaded by the DragTimes crew, shows one of the most ludicrous races we've seen in a while. We are talking a brand-n...
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Theviper007 Aug 25, 2012
i saw a spec v today :D
John Serely Aug 25, 2012
I'm really starting to like this car, but in terms of stock cars, I'd rather have a SRT viper or a 991
John Jenkins Aug 25, 2012
favorite car ever
Jayme Gorham Aug 25, 2012
Godzilla on steroids!!!
Description: On race fuel, the mighty and highly-modified twin-turbo V6 of the GT-R cranks out a mind-blowing 1,200whp. Running on high-performance Toyo Tires, it looks at ease hitting blistering speeds on the pub...
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Description: For those who aren't living in the rest of the world and, 1kg equals 2.2lbs. Or just watch the incredible action in the video below.
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Jason Smith Jun 05, 2013
These Russians are crazy.
William Downs Aug 26, 2012
@ken that monent where u saying he was to scared to keep it open, his front tire kept coming up off the ground, that said he should know his bike better so thats not a suprise when it does that, but still took the gtr awd and 1000hp to beat the zx14
Brad Henson Aug 26, 2012
Of course the gtr is gonna win at a roll, let the turbos spool up. Now from a stand still I don't have a clue who would win
Ken Russell Aug 25, 2012
That dude can't ride that bike. The ZX14 & Busa accelerate hard until top end. He was to scared to keep that throttle twisted.
Andre Vettorato Aug 25, 2012
It's a 10 sec bike.. It's impressive the gtr can do that no matter what... Mod the stupid bike and then mod the gtr for 1500 hp.. Gtr always wins.. But I'd still take a slow Ferrari or ducati over both ;)
Ben August Aug 25, 2012
If this was a top speed shootout, that would be relevant. Since they're doing rolling starts on freeways, no one wants to hit even 200mph. The gearing to hit 270mph would kill the acceleration, and he'd lose worse than the stock bike.
Mario Callirgos Aug 25, 2012
Idk about that turbo bikes have hit 270 in standing mile races. And I know ninjas and hyuabusas are not the same
Ben August Aug 25, 2012
I wondered about that too, but I think the turbo would just cause him to wheelie. I'm not sure if it would be that much faster, as it is like 450hp, but no efficient way to use the power. Maybe elongated ninja wheelbase+turbo...
Aaron Crisp Aug 25, 2012
They should have compared it to Ghost Riders turbo'd Hayabusa!
Jose Miguel Fernandez Aug 25, 2012
Well it depends of the distance
William Downs Aug 25, 2012
Stock the gtr would win easily
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Aug 25, 2012
@Carton, so you call that bike modified with just a aftermaket exhaust pipe that gains a 5-10 hp gain? RACE THEM STOCK THEN TALK TO ME!
Ben August Aug 25, 2012
It's more than just power to weight. If you had equal power to weight in two cars, and one's transmission broke, while the other was functional, who wins? Never say "only about power to weight" that's idiotic. There's much more to it.
Carlton Salmon Aug 25, 2012
As Brian pointed out it's all to do with power to weight. The bike had the better power to weight advantage over the GT-R and was also modified, not stock, so I think it was a fair comparison.
Justin Routh Aug 25, 2012
Its crazy to think the extremes of what we can do with cars are only just reaching what bikes can do stock
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Aug 25, 2012
@Brian, they damn near doubled the hp on the GT-R & gave the NINJA a 10-15 hp increase do you think that 's fair? A stock the GT-R weights close to 4000lbs. & the NINJA around 500(give or take)
Brian Micinski Aug 25, 2012
It's not the hp that's important Bruce. It's the power to weight ratio. That 195 hp bike did alright against 1000hp IMO. Lower hp cars can beat higher hp cars if the power to weight ratio is right. Decent race
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Aug 25, 2012
@Harrison, yea that's what I think
Harrison Armstrong Aug 25, 2012
@Bruce This race was probably just for fun.
Jackson Rojas Aug 25, 2012
in a quarter mile the bike would win
Pablo Herasme Aug 25, 2012
The sound the GTR makes when it gets to 6th gear is harmonizing.
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Aug 25, 2012
A car ain't suppose to beat a bike
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Aug 25, 2012
If your gonna compare them either they both be stock or both fully modified, not half ass
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Aug 25, 2012
This is a joke, 1000hp vs 195; really? They have engine work done to the GT-R & just a slip on pipe on the NINJA
Elijah Chet Roseberry Aug 25, 2012
Can you imagine the difference if this was the omega on race gas?? 😁
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Aug 25, 2012
Good race. Its amazing that it takes over 1,000hp to beat the big ninja
Matt Piccolo Aug 25, 2012
There's my gtr :)
Aaron Barker Aug 25, 2012
That ninja puts up a good fight but he never comes close to beating that GT-R
Jim Ricard Sep 16, 2012
You boys just stay in your cars and leave the bikes to the real men
Nick Ricci Aug 26, 2012
Drop everything over 1000ccs. The only reason to buy one is to say that you ride around on 1400ccs and somehow the cc makes you a better rider.
Domi Bsaibes Aug 25, 2012
Why does it give me this creepy feeling when i look at it?
Luke Bailey Aug 25, 2012
the days of the busa and zx-14 are adays theres 1000s making more power and are faster....goodbye
Henz Herrero Aug 25, 2012
It might be ugly but it will eat a lot of things up..
Justin Routh Aug 25, 2012
Anything over 1000cc just looks too big and ugly to me
Buddy Robinson Aug 25, 2012
God that's ugly. Their prev. gen bikes were better.
Zach Pate Aug 25, 2012
Cool power-wheelie. Awesome shot.