Comments - Next-Gen M3 to Have 450 Horsepower

Published: Aug 24, 2012
Description: BMW's M Performance division has been under a lot of pressure to deliver the goods on the next-generation M3. Known internally as the F80, we've known for a while that it won't have a V...
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Jared Oteri Sep 08, 2012
And it will def be In coupe too, called the m4
Jared Oteri Sep 08, 2012
The new m3 will offer a manual transmission idk where your getting that from
Paul Lissona Aug 27, 2012
I'd be way more ok with a non turbo straight six.
Emil Kleijsen Aug 26, 2012
Haha jk, but still, GO SWEDEN
Emil Kleijsen Aug 26, 2012
It's funny how you guys complain about the M3 losing it's V8 to a crappy I6 and how the M3 is losing the one thing that stayed true, unless you remember, the E92 is the only M3 that used a V8.. Also, suck it BMW, Volvos M3 killer produces more hp! ;)
Nick El-Khoury Aug 25, 2012
According to what has been stated: the new M3 will not feature a manual transmission, will not have a N/A engine, and will not be offered in a coupe. If all that is true then this is a sad day for an M lover who remains commited to the basics.
Phillip Fitchew Aug 25, 2012
People are so quick to forget history... I seem to remember a straight six ruling the world with an iron fist not too long ago.
Jared Oteri Aug 25, 2012
No one cares about the c63 Benz will not be able to touch the M division.... EVER. On the race track or the street BMW has been and always will be king. With that being said this car is sure to be a neck snapper
Chris Gaines Aug 25, 2012
if the m3 doesn't have a stick, BMW will fall off my list of great enthusiast car makers. it's bad enough that they're losing N/A. I remember reading an article that said the m3 will always have a stick though :)
Chris Friend Aug 24, 2012
Yawn, the C63 already had 451
Jason Brown Aug 24, 2012
You guys have to remember the up coming emissions laws. The EU is more strict on this. Then, there is the up coming fuel consumption ratings. As far as manual, i do believe they are not going to have that option for this one....
Devin Babyn Aug 24, 2012
Alex if you wouldn't take BMW's turbo'd online 6 over a small displacement v8 then you know nothing of the amazingness that is there inline
chikenbag Aug 24, 2012
not true... you can always get more power
Alex Vasquez Aug 24, 2012
They should've just turboed the V8 or super charged it! Or re-tuned it, I mean any small motors now a days are wringed pretty well from all the power.
Abraham Mendoza Aug 24, 2012
I guess that's why I liked the e92 more, it had a V8. I'm not a loyalist, so it didn't matter to me.
Chris Penza Aug 24, 2012
For the gen after this
Chris Penza Aug 24, 2012
At this rate BMW will be using quad turbo fours
chikenbag Aug 24, 2012
i would rather have it be bi-turbo. eliminate the lag
Wyatt Gordon Aug 24, 2012
YES! Turbocharged straight-six FTW! it would be the best engine in the world were it Twin-Turbocharged
Isaac Reichner Aug 24, 2012
No the owner of BMW recently said there will always be a manual option for the M3 so it's probably an option don't worry.
Isaac Suarez Aug 24, 2012
No stick!!!! BMW u should be ashamed of yourselves! I don't mind a turbo I-6 but I dont care if the new automatics are stick = ALOT less driver/car connection and fun. I want to drive it not just steer it :0(
Adam Wieland Aug 24, 2012
No stick in an M3? Say it ain't so!
chikenbag Aug 24, 2012
ummm, the e36 and e46 had slant sixes as well. i have no problem with this.
Jason Brown Aug 24, 2012
There might be nice sounding 6 cylinder engines, but just can't quite match the feel and sounds that goes with a V8.
Dan Marino Aug 24, 2012
Oh okay u guys made me feel better about it now haha
Lee Goodman Aug 24, 2012
bmw may aswell not make the m3 no more with this engine whats the point of it now the last v8 powered car is the M5
Arlen Safaryan Aug 24, 2012
First of all it's not a v6 it's a straight six and trust an inline six sound great
Matt Piccolo Aug 24, 2012
@ Dan... Their are some pretty sweet sounding v6's put their! ( nsx for example)
Dan Marino Aug 24, 2012
Ewwww now it's gonna have that crappy six popper sound. I want a muscular sound. Now it's gonna sound like a damn civic
Nicholas Morissette May 05, 2013
Tanner Foust owns an E46 M3 and says that he prefers it in comparison to the E92.
Chris Gaines Aug 25, 2012
the e46 was the most advanced "pure" m3, without too many software nannies, turbos, or 20 spd transmissions. just a smooth n/a inline 6. I'm going to pick one up and keep it forever haha
Tyrone Smith Aug 25, 2012
...owned a E36 M3 as my first car. But idk. Both are so nice, but I just like the E36 better.
Tyrone Smith Aug 25, 2012
I disagree, I feel that the E36 was the best looking. If it only had the signature 4 exhaust like all current M cars have, it would've been awesome. But don't get me wrong, the E46 is definitely my second favorite. Maybe I like it better because I...
Edward Jang Aug 24, 2012
I love my E46 M3!
chikenbag Aug 24, 2012
i miss the 2002tii
Description: But the question on everyone's mind is whether this engine would surpass the current E92 M3's 4.0-liter V8 with 414 horsepower. According to a new report from Autocar, the F80 M3 will likely...
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Zaire Wilkins Aug 26, 2012
this car will hopefully sound better than the M5
Michael Davidson Aug 24, 2012
Yeah, wayyyyyy more torque. This thing is gonna be a beast.
Michael Page Aug 24, 2012
I agree, 480ft lbs should have been in the headline.
Spencer Warkentin Aug 24, 2012
Yeah Scott is right, 450 horsepower is more than enough when you have 480 lb/ft to get it off the line.
Scott Gracey Aug 24, 2012
Did everyone overlook the fact that it's gets nearly 200more pounds of torque? Things beastly
John Jenkins Aug 24, 2012
I feel like I'm gonna like this m3 the most.
Frederick Perez Aug 24, 2012
Way better torque than current.
Jason Johnson Aug 24, 2012
Just like the gt2 Rs has 620 whp but in the heat it's much less because the air is thinner and it doesn't spool up as well as when it's colder. My guess is this new M3 will be slower in the southern parts of the US
John Jenkins Aug 24, 2012
she looks good so far. love the m3 sedan
Miko Reginella Mar 04, 2013
Glad it has 4 exhausts
Nick Ricci Aug 25, 2012
I don't know about you but I dig the camouflage wraps they use. I'd do that to a normal M3 :p
Mike Ralsh Aug 24, 2012
This color for me.
Adam Thomson Feb 02, 2013
BMW makes cars better and better every year!
Ray Liu Aug 26, 2012
Current m3 looks better
Terrance Parker Aug 24, 2012
These don't quite show the finder flares as they are in the car that is driving the track. It has huge finders, which means bigs wheels. Big wheels usually mean big power and handling.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Aug 24, 2012
I agree with the blue. I hope its as epic as the M5
Edward Jang Aug 24, 2012
Plz back E46 design..
Edward Jang Aug 24, 2012
I agree Stephan!!
John Serely Aug 24, 2012
I agree, stephen
Stephen Tyler Learn Aug 24, 2012
I hate the way the headlights connect to the grill
Andrew Hossann Aug 24, 2012
That's what I thought. The M3s are getting way too complicated design wise
Paul Dickey Aug 24, 2012
They're getting uglier.
Pablo Herasme Aug 24, 2012
Agressive and classy at the same time.