Comments - M3 Lime Rock Park Edition Hits the Track

Published: Aug 24, 2012
Description: Skip Barber and Bill Auberlen are finally getting the chance to drive the new 2013 BMW M3 Lime Rock Park Edition. The track-minded performance coupe looks terrific in limited action and we can't ...
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Description: An Alcantara flat-bottom steering wheel, Nappa leather interior, unique number plaque and badging further emphasizes that this M3 is different from the rest. Priced at $70,995, the finished in Fire Or...
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Paul Dickey Aug 24, 2012
Better question...what happen to all of the torque
Justin Routh Aug 24, 2012
Smh its not out yet
Das Stig Aug 24, 2012
what happened to the turboed i6?
Tyrone Smith Aug 25, 2012
Boooo E92 ugly!! Bring on the E36 & E46. Those were the best looking M3's.
Thibault Leroy Aug 24, 2012
It needs a wing imo
Justin Routh Aug 24, 2012
People pay for it and every company does it. Its a smart business move so quit bitchin nobodys making you buy it
Dan Marino Aug 24, 2012
And I agree Erich. Thy put a few fancy parts on it and add a monstrous amount to the price when u could just buy a regular m3 and buy the stupid parts on yourself. I want a hp boost!
Dan Marino Aug 24, 2012
@Nick yea the color is but the gts has that floppy wing and not many carbon accessories I believe, plus black wheels.
Nick Schnee Aug 24, 2012
Ain't that the GTS styling?
Description: The engine is mated to the German brand's standard six-speed manual gearbox. Deliveries of the BMW M3 Lime Rock Park limited edition are due to start in a little under two months' time, in S...
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Redge Diakité Aug 24, 2012
I'd take that beauty and put an Akrapovic aftermarket exhaust :D