Comments - Chris Harris Buys a Ferrari 599

Published: Aug 24, 2012
Description: British auto journalist Chris Harris is a known lover and owner of supercars. He's also gone on public record stating that he doesn't like Ferrari (the company) for many reasons, but still l...
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Tyler Tarbox Aug 25, 2012
Wonder how much it decreased by in value.
Stephen Cobbs Aug 24, 2012
Not like the new F12 is coming out or anything.
Devin Babyn Aug 24, 2012
I agree Chris. I don't care about the GTB but if it's a GTO I would of been super jealous
Chris Penza Aug 24, 2012
I'll probably get some hate for this. But I'd rather have the gt3 rs 4.0. It's rarer and the 599 gtb just doesn't cut it for me
Logan LeMonnier Aug 24, 2012
I really liked the video on his old m3 but I don't care as much that he bought a Ferrari
Matthew Mckernan Aug 24, 2012
Good choice chris, I love the 599. It's just such a great all around car.
Nick Schnee Aug 24, 2012
So am I. I'm actually a fan of the guy and I really like his choice of cars, too.
Dillon Dixon Aug 24, 2012
Carbuzz has videos from Chris Harris all the time and almost everyone here loves him and his videos. So I for one am very interested in this article.
Sebastian Grey Aug 24, 2012
I don't think anyone cares what some bloke named Chris Harris does so this article is just rubbish filler.
Dan Marino Aug 24, 2012
Last time I checked it's called a comment so why can't I express my opinion? And sorry I was in a bad mood
Ian Ragsdale Aug 24, 2012
Why read the article or even comment if you don't care about the subject matter?
Dan Marino Aug 24, 2012
Who gives a ****?!?
Description: Reason being? The new F12belinetta is just hitting dealerships and demand for it is high. If anyone is surprised by Harris's decision, then be sure to watch this video where he gives a good expla...
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Bill Estep Jr Aug 25, 2012
Like the paddle shifters
Thibault Leroy Aug 24, 2012
It looks like he barely likes the car
Christian De Prisco Aug 24, 2012
Nice business move
Tomas Arango Ferreira Aug 28, 2012
Haha now that you say it does look a bit like a frog smiling
omarSV Aug 25, 2012
i think the 599 is probably the worst looking ferrari ever. supercars should look scary/cool...the front looks like a frog smiling! not cool.
Bill Estep Jr Aug 25, 2012
I can't complain I would love to have something this nice if I was wealthy but in many peoples reality this is just a car in fake reality. it be never hurts to dream but it only hurts when all else fails
Craig Lafey Aug 24, 2012
Agreed. Very nice
Buddy Robinson Aug 24, 2012
On that I disagree. The back is the only part I like, style wise. I'm sure it's a hoot to drive.
Logan LeMonnier Aug 24, 2012
The back isn't very good looking