Comments - Underground Racing's Massive Twin-Turbo R8 GT V10

Published: Aug 23, 2012
Description: Underground Racing is known primarily for their unrivalled twin-turbo kits for Lamborghini Gallardos, however the Charlotte, North Carolina-based tuning company does much more than just give biturbo s...
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Jared Palmer Aug 24, 2012
Brandon, they are off of Tyvola behind the Hilton Hotel, past Foreign Cars Italia.
Westly Burgos Aug 23, 2012
They are owned by the same company.
Matt Piccolo Aug 23, 2012
Yea I love Audi... I dont think they currently make a car I don't like lol!
Brian Micinski Aug 23, 2012
Uh. Audi has a great reputation. A friend of mine has one and it runs great. I've never heard anyone say Audi is bad other than u.
Dylan Bruder Aug 23, 2012
Well this is still similar to a gallardo not reaching out far lol
Chris Penza Aug 23, 2012
Who crapped in your corn flakes gunter?
Cory Allen Aug 24, 2012
I'll take one in silver or white!
Description: Thanks to UR's full engine build and Stage 3 tuning, that number is more than doubled with 1,100 horsepower - at the wheels. The Audi R8 GT Coupe has been equipped with a Motec boost by gear, qui...
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Guillermo Daniel Rodriguez Aug 23, 2012
That's just at the wheels. Total hp is prob around 1300 if not more. Everything takes part in power in a car. like aerodynamics, air induction, radiator/cooling etc.
Jake Marra Aug 23, 2012
Its not its 1100 Wheel HP but to the crank its probably double
Tobias Mersinger Aug 23, 2012
How is 1100 hp more than doubled from 560?
Julian Rasolko Aug 29, 2012
Why did they remove the rear section to put the engine in?
Julian Rasolko Aug 29, 2012
Why do they remove the rear section just to put the eng
John Jenkins Aug 23, 2012
in what world is this not cool?
Ethan Spain Sep 29, 2012
hot damn, look at those rotors.
Scott Gracey Aug 23, 2012
Gentlemen the real question is; how does it sound? Lol
Ray Moreno Aug 23, 2012
It's like a maze of pipes.
Christopher Melendez Aug 23, 2012
@ scott both some people convert to rwd others just leave it awd
Scott Gracey Aug 23, 2012
Is the UGR gallardo AWD or RWD, if it's RWD it might be a decent 1/4 mile matchup, gallardo has more hp but less traction
Nick Schnee Aug 23, 2012
... wouldn't make much sense, Carlton. The Gallardo has more than 1,5K HP as far as I recall.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Aug 23, 2012
I wanna see this up against their TT Gallardo 1mile
Brian Micinski Aug 23, 2012
Yea I don't think you did it to save time. I see people transpose words all the time and they don't know any better and their excuse is always saves time or you know what I meant haha
Brandon Lidy Aug 23, 2012
Back on topic, this car looks pretty good. UGR has to be one of the few worthwhile tuning companies out there
Brandon Lidy Aug 23, 2012
That isn't ignorance, Erich
Leigh Martin Aug 23, 2012
It's "know" your cars, Dumb ass!
John Jenkins Aug 23, 2012
isn't it the same engine and platform
Adithya Chandrasekhar Aug 23, 2012
Its pipezilla!!!!!
David Pires-Ihsaan Aug 23, 2012
Literally took the words out of my mouth...
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Aug 23, 2012
Hear that Black Snake Moan
Bill Estep Jr Aug 23, 2012
Ridiculous I want to see this thing in a video to get a feel on how it sounds