Comments - Jay Leno Gets Behind the Wheel of a Bronco

Published: Aug 23, 2012
Description: We're normally used to seeing Jay Leno drive more performance-oriented cars. Among the cars in his collection are many Lamborghinis, Jaguars, and even a McLaren F1. Yes, we should all be jealous....
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Description: The Icon Bronco is still a 4x4 off-roader, but company founder and CEO and lead designer Jonathon Ward took a creative, yet still somewhat conservative approach when updating one of the best off-roade...
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Ron Neus Aug 24, 2012
Why jay lo like ford vehicle some much
Tim Puckett Aug 23, 2012
He didn't actuall sell them those are all the same cars he had before
darrellbell24 Aug 23, 2012
@ryan correct me if I'm wrong....but this is the same Jay Leno that just sold his collection of cars for about 1 billion dollars..yes billion (with a b)...and he now mysteriously owns about 100 more cars in a matter of months??? I don't know bout you, but my math says that's buying a car (or 2) just about every week since then.....
Ryan Patrick Clauson Aug 23, 2012
He doesn't buy a car every week, he tests cars out and reviews then. I've gotten to work on a bronco like this, and they're bad ass but just to expensive to fix up and not worth it
darrellbell24 Aug 23, 2012
@ JAY LENO. do you feel the need to buy a new car every week..just asking
Jared Michael Scalla Aug 23, 2012
Not worth 200,000. But good choice for engine. Sexy ass car !!
Miguel Jimenez Aug 23, 2012
Azusa canyon is only 30-45 minutes away from L.A, it's perfect they have a rock climbing section, mud pit, and hard sand.
Jason Johnson Aug 23, 2012
200,000. Wow. Well worth the price but damn!
David Branham Aug 23, 2012
Thanks Jay for lots of fun. I eagerly await your Garage.
Connor Scanlon Oct 26, 2012
Broncos are the best
Doug Stewart Aug 25, 2012
I remember Ford Bronco 1970 so good .
stacey sl Aug 24, 2012
absolutely love it!
Description: Power comes from a 5.0-liter Coyote V8 taken from the Mustang GT. Along with a lot of other "geek out" details such as a 50/50 weight balance, the Icon Bronco is quite something. Complet...
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Andrew Hubbard Aug 23, 2012
I like broncos and Jay Leno!
Christian De Prisco Aug 24, 2012
I would be pleased with the ford gt and ac cobra on the left
Jordan Jackson Aug 23, 2012
Ford needs to make these again! Just base it off of a shorter versioning the F150's chassis and stick a 5.0 in it!