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Published: Aug 23, 2012
Description: Nissan recently announced that it would be putting a greater focus on its Nismo division. The company's in-house performance arm is going to be adding some extra power and style to models such as...
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Carlton Sofocusedon Green Aug 24, 2012
Why not the altima and maxima?? They both have that great 3.5 VQ engine
Mladen Sakotic Aug 24, 2012
The leaf? You kidding right?
Description: The GT-R RS is still a ways away, but you can get your hands on the GT-3-spec GT-R Nismo right now. The tuned GT-R's engine produces 523hp, which is less than a production GT-R. To offset the los...
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Brandon Lidy Aug 23, 2012
Well I think the horsepower is reduced because of the gt3 specifications
Joshua Minh Tran Aug 23, 2012
And with more horsepower
Brandon Lidy Aug 23, 2012
One could probably create their own gt3 car from a stock GTR for cheaper
Oscar Arias Aug 23, 2012
U better give me sum sucky sucky for 390k.
Josh Phillis Jun 27, 2015
This car is badass
John Jenkins Aug 24, 2012
looks way overdone but I suppose that's all function. just doesn't mesh all that great.
Das Stig Aug 23, 2012
this looks bad ass.
Zack Hartman Aug 23, 2012
Haha @edmond awesome
Extremis Colson Aug 23, 2012
oh and I wanted to ask does it come in black?
Martin Mitchell Aug 23, 2012
That's an amazing looking car
John Serely Aug 23, 2012
I guess in the only one who thinks this looks like shit, I do like the stock GTR, though
Omair Lukmani Aug 23, 2012
Yes Edmond, your work is done here. You succeed in making yourself look like a fool. Great car though.
Andy Kleschick Aug 23, 2012
this thing is awesome hands down. then comes the 370z nismo, and then the juke nismo. now if only they made a juke-r nismo......
Zach Sullivan Aug 23, 2012
wtv hater this thing is awesome
Edmond Gebara Aug 23, 2012
Looks like Megatron ass-raped a vacuum cleaner and gave birth to this. My work is done here.
Ralph Clark Aug 30, 2012
I love it ,smooth looking car
Sovann Leakh Mey Aug 28, 2012
I still prefer the r34
Tyrone Smith Aug 25, 2012
Now this angle.., this is a sick car.
Description: When Nissan announced the expansion of its Nismo line they also mentioned the possibility of creating RS GT-Rs and 370Zs. The 370Z seen here is a Nismo RC (Racing Competition) model, so it's not ...
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Scott Harrington Sep 06, 2012
I thinks it's cool to have her here. Ive been on car buzz for about 2 years now, and I've never seen a girl post such educated comments. It's usually, wow thats pretty or something like that. Welcome aboard Tara nice to have you here
Kevin Carlin Aug 24, 2012
@Connor Giving a compliment shouldn't be creepy. And besides, I'm too young for her. Can't I just dream of a beautiful girl who shares my passion for cars?
Matthew Curtis Parrett Aug 24, 2012
I could not see myself spending $165k for a Z!
Abraham Mendoza Aug 23, 2012
Being forward can scare people away. Wise man once told me that.
Joshua Minh Tran Aug 23, 2012
@Zack, yeah this is race ready but for $160k for 355 HP and 276 torque you can do much better with a GTR or Porsche and just make it race ready...and this is coming from a guy who is seriously considering buying a 370z
Joshua Minh Tran Aug 23, 2012
Timothy Tara might even know more about cars than you and I, lol have you seen her posts, she knows her shit.
Timothy Hooker Aug 23, 2012
ha i would rather use this app to find a least you would know she is into cars!
Zack Hartman Aug 23, 2012
True @joshua but this is race ready
Joshua Minh Tran Aug 23, 2012
He thinks she's beautiful and had the balls to say it. At least he's not like the other douche bags on here who are always negative with only stupid shit to say, so how about we leave him alone. For that much cash I'd rather get a Porsche or GTR though.
Chris Gaines Aug 23, 2012
looool car app, not dating app
Kevin Carlin Aug 23, 2012
You are beautiful, Tara
Tara Fitria Aug 23, 2012
I'm wondering what they did to remedy the coolant and oil temps.
Tyrone Smith Aug 25, 2012
Don't like it.. The front looks too plain.
Jonny Seegmiller Aug 23, 2012
I saw this the other day
Cham Khiev Aug 25, 2012
I see a valve in the exhaust lol
Tyrone Smith Aug 25, 2012
I prefer the stock dual exhaust. But I guess if those coolers need to go there than you don't have much of a choice.
supra_mkiv Aug 24, 2012
I want this in gran turismo since I can't afford it in life LOL xD
Matt Piccolo Aug 23, 2012
This looks amazing
Joshua Minh Tran Aug 23, 2012
Love the rear but prefer the stock front...not a fan of droopy noses
William Downs Aug 23, 2012
Yea a trans and oil cooler, reason for them out back and not up front, they will still do there job out back and helps spread the weight around the car for better balance
Serg Karchevsky Aug 23, 2012
Are those coolers?
Description: The existence of the Nismo Micra shows that Nissan's tuning division will take its talents to any and all models. The modifications include a new body kit and a sporty interior highlighted by a s...
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Josh Phillis Jun 27, 2015
I would take this
Dale Schroeder Aug 24, 2012
Looks okay. But this car definitely needs a lot more than a dress-up kit to make it interesting.
Jesse Weis Aug 24, 2012
I actually think this looks alright
Brendan Bell Aug 23, 2012
That looks really akward
Michele Moro Aug 23, 2012
500 abarth looks better IMO
Tony Flaherty Aug 25, 2012
Now that's what u call, trying to make a race horse out of a donkey.
Adithya Chandrasekhar Aug 24, 2012
Not sure a micra is useful
Joe Lamouk Aug 24, 2012
Not sure if a diffuser is really useful on a Micra ...
Description: Chances are that the Nismo Leaf won't look anything like the Nismo Leaf RC pictured here, but the two may end up having similar power numbers. The Leaf Nismo RC can do 0 to 60 in 6.85 seconds and...
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Matty Michaels Aug 23, 2012
The Leaf doesn't have an engine, it has an electric motor.
Josh Phillis Jun 27, 2015
Best leaf
Tj Marten Sep 07, 2012
Well it looks nice but the top speed is anything but impressive
Scott Harrington Sep 06, 2012
That's a leaf. Wow nice
Tony Flaherty Aug 25, 2012
I was wondering what size ur wife was mladen ha ha
Dale Schroeder Aug 24, 2012
Step one to improving a Leaf: Make it a million miles wide!
Mladen Sakotic Aug 24, 2012
Lol. wide body* not wife body. Lol
Mladen Sakotic Aug 24, 2012
The wife body males it oil way better. I really hate the stock look of this car
Rockesh Boulder Aug 23, 2012
Your not alone Josh
Joshua Minh Tran Aug 23, 2012
Am I the only one that thinks the wide body stance on this car makes it look so Badass?
Mark Moreno Aug 24, 2012
looks really good at the back
Description: The GT-R Nismo may get all the press when it's launched, but it's the Juke Nismo that will likely sell the best. The Juke Nismo sits on 18-inch alloy wheels and has an aerodynamic exterior f...
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Mladen Sakotic Aug 24, 2012
Lol maybe they will give it 2 grills
Jakub Eryk Wojtan Aug 23, 2012
a new grille and a new grille
Josh Phillis Jun 27, 2015
How much faster is it to the original?
John Jenkins Aug 24, 2012
the ugly duckling of Nissan
Rockesh Boulder Aug 23, 2012
I would roll in one of those
Joshua Minh Tran Aug 23, 2012
Btw the many lights make it look like a spider
Joshua Minh Tran Aug 23, 2012
Lmao PT cruiser looks like a hearse
William Downs Aug 23, 2012
Probally cause its different looking and people like ugly thing, pt cruiser was uglier then a pile of shit but people still bought them like crazy
Chris Gaines Aug 23, 2012
why do ppl like this thing again?
Nick Ricci Aug 24, 2012
It's a ricer joke..
Stephen Cobbs Aug 23, 2012
Hahaha. Yeah and I feel there should be more than one.
Nick Sti Aug 23, 2012
Red inside the exhaust +25hp