Comments - 5 Fast and Furious Tanks

Published: Aug 22, 2012
Description: It's only a matter of time before the "Fast and the Furious" film series makes its way to Afghanistan. When that day comes, you best believe that Paul Walker and Vin Diesel will be watc...
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Description: Ever wonder what American tankers do in their downtime? This video gives a partial answer to that question. Hopefully these tankers weren't racing for pink slips.
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Alex Vasquez Aug 22, 2012
Hahahahaha nothing better to do!
Description: You would expect a drag race pitting a tank against a tractor to come from the South, but this video was actually filmed in the UK. A race pitting a tank against a tractor seems a lot less hickish whe...
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Aislin Cooper Aug 22, 2012
I think that tractor actually ran a sub 11
Denys Lukiyanchuk Aug 22, 2012
Like they don't have anything other to do with all that firepower
Austin Taylor Aug 22, 2012
Did that tractor just run a 13?
Kevin Haeberle Aug 22, 2012
Not a tank... It's artillery. Sorry to be technical but there's a big difference between a tank and a vehicle not meant for direct fire.
Description: The jet-powered "tank" in this video is as quick off the line as the tank in the last video. We now know not to race tanks against tractors and jet-powered dragsters.
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Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Aug 26, 2012
Horrible cameraman.
Bill Estep Jr Aug 23, 2012
The tank couldn't get close enough then when he did he couldn't get the blast off we all wanted to see but still awesome
Alex Vasquez Aug 22, 2012
Tank still did 9sec
Lyomp Aug 22, 2012
Skip to 2:00 if you actually wanna watch them move...
Description: Apparently an M1A1 tank is just as fast going is reverse as it is going forward. Either that or the guy going backwards was firing his main gun to get a boost a la "Grand Theft Auto III."
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Corey Mullis Aug 23, 2012
yeah its not in reverse, the turrets rotated lol. fun fact, if the turbine engines in these werent governed they would literally break the treads it runs on
Bill Estep Jr Aug 23, 2012
Awesome daily commuters prolly r thinking wtf
Cole West Aug 22, 2012
It's not in reverse. The turret is just turned 180 degrees.
Joe Lamouk Aug 22, 2012
I remember in GTA 3 you could even fly thanks to this method.
Description: This race pits two classic tanks, a T-72 and a Leopard 1, against one another in a winner conquers all outdoor drag race. You'll have to watch the video to find out whether team Russia (the T-72)...
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Corey Mullis Aug 23, 2012
hahah whatever Bayler