Comments - Schwarzenegger is Back - and Driving a Camaro ZL1

Published: Aug 21, 2012
Description: Last week we brought you the first bit of details regarding Arnold Schwarzenegger's return to big-budget action films. Set to be released next January, "The Last Stand" is about an agin...
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Michael Kozlowski Aug 21, 2012
This movie sounds a lot like the movie "Walking Tall"(I think that's the name) with The Rock in it. It even had Johnny Knoxville in it also.
Description: Besides from the inevitable one-liners, Schwarzenegger's character will be behind the wheel of a Camaro ZL1 while his drug cartel nemesis drives a Corvette ZR1. So without further ado, here'...
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Andrew McNeal Aug 21, 2012
Yep I'll be seeing this. Looks like Ahh-nold is still badass even after his break from films.
Jack Howard Aug 21, 2012
Its Johnny Knoxville!
Thad Macaranas Aug 21, 2012
He mostly drives the corvette ZR1
Thad Macaranas Aug 21, 2012
He mostly drives the corvette ZL1
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Aug 21, 2012
Cant Wait!!! #BartScottVoice
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Aug 21, 2012
Im will go see it when it comes out, Arnold usually make good action movies
Tyrone Smith Aug 25, 2012
Corvettes are just so badass IMO. I think the Vette is the king of supercars. It's just such a gorgeous car!
Nick El-Khoury Aug 23, 2012
Just one I tell myself I'd be content with a GT-R at the age of 35...this bad boy pops up.
Alvaro Perez Aug 22, 2012
There's no way in hell that a Camaro would ever catch up to this corvette
Colby Church Aug 22, 2012
In my opinion, this is the best looking car in the world. It's so unique from other cars and has it own attitude. And for those complaining about the next gen C7, relax. It is going to look freaking amazing when you finally see it. It's beautiful...
Vince Cassi Aug 21, 2012
@Matt, I agree with you
Patrick Schalk Aug 21, 2012
Damn this is so sexy. Me wants.
Matt Piccolo Aug 21, 2012
@ Miguel, I didn't say I hated this car, I said I hated the rendering a few days ago... Not to say I love this car but I don't hate this car, that rendering was hideous though
Zeus Mocha Aug 21, 2012
Oh gawd I can't explain how good and solid this looks
Miguel Flores Aug 21, 2012
Matt I know you hate American cars just because you love Japanese cars but how can you say this car is hideous?
Cory Allen Aug 21, 2012
I'm not usually big on black cars ,but this is sick as f**k!!!
Tanner Middleton Aug 21, 2012
i think that the new corvette should either look like this or like sideswipe from transformers cause that was origionaly suppose to be the concept corvette stingray.
John Serely Aug 21, 2012
In this picture, and color combo, it looks really great, I saw a blue one with chrome wheels a few weeks ago, and it looked good, but I'd rather have a couple other cars over this for the money
Dillon Dixon Aug 21, 2012
My god, these are such monsters! One of my favorite modern cars right now.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Aug 21, 2012
All supercars bow down to the big bowtie
Matt Sutton Aug 21, 2012
Coffee and a zr1. Now thats a good morning.
Matt Piccolo Aug 21, 2012
I hope the new one isn't like the rendering that was on here a few days ago! It was hideous!! And !actually! Looked worse than this one IMO
Craig Lafey Aug 21, 2012
I love this car!!! Damn that's gorgeous!!! I must have it!!!
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Aug 21, 2012
I like the new Corvettes, especially the ZR1
Abraham Mendoza Aug 21, 2012
That....that is a mean car.
Mouhammad Hawdiany May 15, 2013
zor jwana
Jesse Andersen Aug 26, 2012
Corvette is way sexier. ZL1 also has less power than the ZR1. They tune it down, haha, Corvette is a serious sports car, Camaro is simply a pony.
Colby Church Aug 22, 2012
@Connor Yeah the ZL1 is sexy, but not even half as sexy as a Corvette. Get your head straight man. The Vette is so low, wide, sleek and gorgeous. There's a reason the Vette is the too dog in the Chevy stable. To me, the Corvettes looks are immaculate
Josh Negron Aug 21, 2012
@Cory Definitely excited about Chevy's response to the GT500...
Cory Allen Aug 21, 2012
It looks cool, but I believe Chevy is a little dumb, not letting the Camaro have more power than the vette. The Camaro could be a great competitor for the gt500. I say up the power on both :).
Tanner Middleton Aug 21, 2012
DAMN! thats furious