Comments - Drag Race Tuesdays - Russian Babes Edition

Published: Aug 21, 2012
Description: Evotech Motorsport's aftermarket prowess takes center stage, with three models all going head-to-head on the drag strip along with a PP-Performance SUV. Complemented by the beautiful women of the...
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Description: Can the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Sedan fend off all of its powerful competitors? Make your picks and enjoy this week's special Russian babe-filled edition of Drag Race Tuesdays.
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Tin Nguyen Aug 22, 2012
E63 is so slow in the 1/4 vs the others
Tin Nguyen Aug 22, 2012
A heavy x6m beats the e63 with the same hp in the 1/4 mile. BMW ftw!
Ryan Spencer Aug 21, 2012
Those bimmers are incredible.
Christopher Melendez Aug 21, 2012
wow they got that wrong that porsche was a mk. II turbo S
Craig Lafey Aug 21, 2012
The race with the Porsche and Mercedes was a great race. Now that's real racing
Anthony Villa-Garcia Aug 21, 2012
major respect for the e63 for catching up to all three cars, it would have beaten the Porsche had it had a little more runway or better start.
Tre Jordan Aug 21, 2012
The merc was movin in the end of the race with the Porsche. Almost caught it
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Aug 21, 2012
That reaction time in the x5 was ridiculously fast
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Aug 21, 2012
The porsche always wins when its within 100hp of its competitor