Comments - 5 Peculiar Pontiac Concepts

Published: Aug 21, 2012
Description: There's a decent chance that Pontiac will never again produce another concept car. With that being said, it makes it a whole lot easier to appreciate the concepts Pontiac did release. Pontiac&apo...
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Jose Miguel Fernandez Aug 21, 2012
Too bad, I was never a big fan of Pontic but they were pretty decent cars
Description: The Banshee is one of the rarest concept cars ever made by Pontiac. The Banshee was built in 1964 by GM and was intended to rival the Mustang. The Banshee had a V6 engine good for 165hp and a Mustang-...
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David Liebe Hart Aug 22, 2012
They didn't build this for fear of encroachment in the 'vette's market
Thibault Leroy Aug 21, 2012
Haha in GTA the banshee is the viper xD
Justin Tang Jun 24, 2013
Looks like a old corvette stingray
Michael Nguyen Sep 01, 2012
Grill reminds me of a Maserati bora
Alvaro Perez Aug 22, 2012
It dose look like a vette on the side but I think your right most people will think it is a vette until they see it a deferent car
Colby Church Aug 22, 2012
If I drove this around, I bet 90% of people would think its an old corvette.
Carlton Salmon Aug 21, 2012
Can totally see the inspiration for the lovely little Opel GT in the Banahee.
chikenbag Aug 21, 2012
@Stephen- true, but the engine bay originally only had to fit an i4 (either a 1.1 or 1.9)
Wyatt Gordon Aug 21, 2012
great looking car, but whats it got that weird lump in the middle of the engine cover for?
prodrag Aug 21, 2012
That's cool looking.
Jordan Jackson Aug 21, 2012
Regardless of what it is it's cool looking, lol
Ben August Aug 21, 2012
I'm surprised Carbuzz didn't feature the 1988 Pontiac Banshee concept.
Alex Smith Aug 21, 2012
Could have been pontiacs corvette
chikenbag Aug 21, 2012
@jordan&daniel- actually, you're both right. it was based off of the opel gt and was the spiritual predecessor for the stingray
Michael Nascimento Aug 21, 2012
Yeah. I see more opel gt in it than I do corvette.
Daniel Mcfarlan Riedmuller Aug 21, 2012
It is an opel gt
Jordan Jackson Aug 21, 2012
On second thought, it probably IS a corvette stingray, lol
Jordan Jackson Aug 21, 2012
Kinda looks like a corvette stingray
Description: Kasim Tlibekov is the designer behind this modern Firebird reimagining. Tlibekov's design is modeled on the '69 Firebird and features an aggressive body highlighted by its duck tail spoiler,...
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Nick Pietropaolo Aug 22, 2012
straight beast mode
Zaire Wilkins Aug 22, 2012
they forgot the real concept of the pontiac trans am 2010
Colby Church Aug 22, 2012
Not ugly guys.... If you saw this coming down the road, you would take double and triple takes at it and then tap your friend and yell "dude, look at that"!
Matt Piccolo Aug 21, 2012
It looks like a camaro and a challenger had a baby, they someone added a whole bunch of crap on it... In others words, ugly
Stephen Wood Aug 21, 2012
Looks kinda like the challenger
Brian Johnston Aug 21, 2012
Uche, that's just tape for when you race........
Uche Ukaegbu Aug 21, 2012
This car looks great. Love the head lights
Brian Kelly Aug 21, 2012
If batman drove an american car, wouldn't be to far from this!
Thad Macaranas Aug 21, 2012
Look how tiny those side mirrors are!
Jordan Jackson Aug 21, 2012
I thought this was for actual Pontiac concepts, lol
Newarun Begum Aug 21, 2012
Dodge challenger
Chris Gaines Aug 23, 2012
I'm with bill on this one.. wtf is that stuff on back? it has potential, just needs to be executed cleanly
Colby Church Aug 22, 2012
Bill, you're just weird and hard to please. Id hate to see what type of "perfect" car you drive. This car looks badassss. Period.
Blake Shay Aug 21, 2012
Looks very Knight Rider worthy
Matt Piccolo Aug 21, 2012
I like the exhaust pipes, but the back looks dimented
Wyatt Gordon Aug 21, 2012
the back reminds me of the Lamborghini Estoque concept, sorry for comparing
Harvey Brard Aug 21, 2012
The back kooks like a lambo
Uche Ukaegbu Aug 21, 2012
The back looks sexy! Love the exhaust pipes on the side and the unique diffuser
Isaias Almanza Aug 21, 2012
Siiiiiiick! That's awesome.
Aaron Cartwright Aug 21, 2012
I ment fire bird, oops
Aaron Cartwright Aug 21, 2012
Love the split rear difuser! Not bad looking for a camero..
Description: The G8 ST is a quirky little Ute that GM announced was going into production before all of the evil happened. The ST features the same 6.0-liter 361hp V8 as its coupe cousin and, it was named by Ponti...
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Kyle McCullough Aug 21, 2012
"All the evil happened" Could that be a reference to the girl with the dragon tattoo?
Bennie Andthe Jets Aug 21, 2012
Does it look as boring as it sounds?....
Ben Lambert Aug 22, 2012
@Dale @Erich I totally agree with you!! Even though I'm only 15, I loved the G8 & the whole line of it that Pontiac would introduce. I honestly cried when I found out there would be no more G8s :/
Colby Church Aug 22, 2012
Glad they didn't make this atrocity...
Boyd Boudreaux Aug 21, 2012
I've been wanting chevy to rebadge this for years as the elcamino ss it would look awesome with my other eldogs
Wyatt Gordon Aug 21, 2012
is this a rebadged Maloo or is it something else?
Jerrod Swenson Aug 21, 2012
You may still have a chance at getting a hold of a Commodore in the United States. GM has brought a handful of Commodores over, rebadged as Chevys, to sell as police vehicles.
Cody Fullerton Aug 21, 2012
The problem with that though is that, aside from Commodores and the like, most other Holden's are just rebadged Chevys
Brian Johnston Aug 21, 2012
You to can have this car..... If you live in Australia. It's called a holden
Aaron Crisp Aug 21, 2012
Dammit I would love some rebadged Holden's... G8 and modern GTO were both awesome cars!
Malachi Monteiro Aug 21, 2012
This truck would've been so badass
Kevin Rehbock Aug 21, 2012
I would want this
Dale Schroeder Aug 21, 2012
Normally I dislike badge engineering, but honestly I would have really liked it of GM had actually decided to just use the Pontiac name as a way to import Holdens to the US. Take it back to being a performance name, y'know?
Jackson Bond Aug 21, 2012
The ssr was not a ute, it had no real bed, only room for top and tiny storage
Tyson Fischer Aug 21, 2012
would have loved to finally see this car come to the states. sad days
Andrew McNeal Aug 21, 2012
It's the El Camino if it were remade. Not bad though
Corey Mullis Aug 21, 2012
soo this article is about Pontiac never making an original concept cars. . .
Nick Makaia Aug 21, 2012
Australia made.. Holden have different models, the HSV R8 Maloo, Commodore SSV Ute, VE SS Ute, or the SV6 SIDI Ute. Most powerful and best looking Utes in the world!!!
Matt Piccolo Aug 21, 2012
This is actually a cool truck
Wyatt Gordon Aug 21, 2012
screw the Commodore, its a Maloo, which is much better
Shae Cowell Aug 21, 2012
this just would have been the us version of that. Holdens are basically pontiacs anyway. chrysler dose it to the re branded the dodge magnum as the chrysler 300 touring.
Nathan Simpson Aug 21, 2012
Holden Commodore from Australia, been in production for years
Description: ASC Creative Services decided to revive the Firebird Trans Am, albeit in concept form only. Its design, like the original Firebird, shares the same platform with Chevy's Camaro. This conceptual T...
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Stephen Tyler Learn Aug 21, 2012
Do you even know what a trans am is?
Joe Fats Harper Aug 21, 2012
It looks too much like the Camaro..
Jesse Tice Aug 22, 2012
Best looking Camaro ever lol.
darrellbell24 Aug 21, 2012
thisis the same as the camaro except the front and back
Matt Piccolo Aug 21, 2012
Looks ugly (except the rims)
Wyatt Gordon Aug 21, 2012
I think the Camaro is starting to look a little dated, IMO
Andy Kleschick Aug 21, 2012
except for the grille, this thing looks like a good reason to have kept pontiac around. add that to the fact that they were on the verge of recreating the el camino, and it would have been a decent lineup.
Brian Johnston Aug 21, 2012
Well seeing as Chevy and Pontiac were owned by gm. Camaros and firebirds have always been similar. So yes it does look like a camaro.
Andrew Hossann Aug 21, 2012
There are videos on YouTube, people took a camaro and made fiberglass fascias and what not to put on the camaro to make it look like a trams am/firebird
Brandon Whybrew Aug 21, 2012
It says its a Camaro in the article....
Uche Ukaegbu Aug 21, 2012
Preety much like a camaro but with its own style..
Thomas Mackey Aug 21, 2012
Pontiac's last years were SOOOO much better than the Chevys. Looks and performance. Y they got rid of Pontiac I will never know.
Michael Horne Aug 21, 2012
Actually, Andrew, by the tail end of the line, the WS6 TransAm could outperform the Z28. Had a better design for the ram air intake. They weren't exact carbon copies, just mostly. (always favored the birds style, personally)
Johnny Hoover Aug 21, 2012
What is wrong with kid these days?
Mitchell Cherry Aug 21, 2012
Love it. Wish it would have been built.
Andrew Hossann Aug 21, 2012
That's what firebirds and trams ams were compared to camaros
David Pires-Ihsaan Aug 21, 2012
Looks like a camero with a crappy kit...
Corey Mullis Aug 21, 2012
this is clearly just a Camaro with different styling
Colby Church Aug 22, 2012
And btw, this looks better than the camaro. Camaro is getting old. Needs a refresh badly.
Colby Church Aug 22, 2012
@Andrew hey smart one, that's all trans and and Firebirds have always been! Same cara, different fenders. Dur-hurrrr!
Andrew Semak Aug 21, 2012
It's just a camero
Wyatt Gordon Aug 21, 2012
headlamps are very 300 looking
Tanner Middleton Aug 21, 2012
the front looks like a shitty 300 from this angle
Description: Pontiac's SD-290 concept turned more than a few heads when it was shown at SEMA 2007. The single-seat concept car was made to race and featured a 290hp 2.0-liter Ecotec engine. Not surprisingly, ...
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Corey Alan Kelley Aug 21, 2012
If GM could have found a way to cram some pontiacs into the transformer movies along with a new trans am i think they could have kept the name from going under
Ben August Aug 22, 2012
Looks like a solstice....which means yes, essentially they did produce it.
Colby Church Aug 22, 2012
@Erich Youre stupid dude. American cars are beasts. By far the best choice.
Colby Church Aug 22, 2012
Those pussies never produce the cool stuff that people would actually buy....
Zaire Wilkins Aug 22, 2012
reminds me of the mercedes SLR stirling moss
Abraham Mendoza Aug 21, 2012
Just like the Veritas RS3.
Thomas Mackey Aug 21, 2012
@john it's under the hatch. It can be a 2 seater.
Thomas Mackey Aug 21, 2012
@Erich they have they're own racing series. And u wouldnt know because the 944 is by far one of the worst Porsches ever built. U have to replace everything for it to be good. Then it's not a Porsche. This thing was a great competitor for the miata.
John Jenkins Aug 21, 2012
i fail to see the other seat. no matter how closely i look
Abraham Mendoza Aug 21, 2012
You do know it has another seat right?
Blake Shay Aug 21, 2012
Why have this car? So you can drive it around and let people know you like to be alone.
Abraham Mendoza Aug 21, 2012
I'd rather have this than a Miata.
Wyatt Gordon Aug 21, 2012
or a used BMW Z4, possibly Z3
Wyatt Gordon Aug 21, 2012
@Erich, yes but thats the boring, obvious choice. the car I would get with that $ is a Fiat Barchetta, hopefully the Riviera special edition
Wyatt Gordon Aug 21, 2012
@Matt, oh yeah definately, I'd also have the S2000 over this, but I'm just saying, these are actually very good cars, and I dont understand why people hated them so much
Matt Piccolo Aug 21, 2012
I see what ur saying Wyatt, but the s2k and mx5 were clearly the better cars at the time, (especially s2k) they looked better IMO, handled better, were of better quality and the s2k IMO has one of if not the coolest gauge clusters ever! But thats IMO
Wyatt Gordon Aug 21, 2012
the Solstice I'm talking about, not this one seat thing
Wyatt Gordon Aug 21, 2012
I might get alot of crap for this, but I dont see why no one bought these, they were great handling little Miata/S2000 competitors, that could easily keep up with those two. and for a cheap car, good looking as well. I'd obviously still have a Ferrari Italia Coupe, but this was a great little car for the money
Thomas Mackey Aug 21, 2012
How would a 2 seater/4cyl b hard to sell exactly???? Some of the best cars are just that! 2 seats. 4 cylinders. Ever heard of a miata???
Thomas Mackey Aug 21, 2012
You are joking right ? Ugly and slow??? These are some quik cars and is one of thee best handling cars u can buy.
Brian Johnston Aug 21, 2012
Solstice's are already ugly and slow. So why would you make a one seater version?
Stephen Tyler Learn Aug 21, 2012
Looks like a hot wheels car I had when I was a kid
Daniel Mcfarlan Riedmuller Aug 21, 2012
Yes a solstice mono posto
Oren Blumenstein Aug 21, 2012
looks just like the soltice
Christopher Alex Mohamed Aug 21, 2012
I like this little thing. Could have been a match for the miata.
Abraham Mendoza Aug 21, 2012
There is a passenger seat under there, just folded over and covered.
Alex Renaud Aug 21, 2012
Perhaps the door on the non-driver's side provides access to a storage area.
Bruno Rocha Aug 21, 2012
If I have that money, I would say IT WORTH EVERY CENT.
Bruno Rocha Aug 21, 2012