Comments - Jaguar and Playboy Pair Up to Debut the XJL Ultimate

Published: Aug 20, 2012
Description: Pebble Beach has been playing host to plenty of supercars lately, however it isn't just the amazing cars that draw attention during the annual week-long festival. Playboy Magazine brought out the...
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Adam Thomson Jan 28, 2013
Wow how good jaguar can make cars!
Johannes Wesselhoeft Aug 23, 2012
The car looks blocky and cheap-like something GM would produce. Is Jaguar influenced by Cadillac styling now? The girls are cute though.
Tyler Torres Aug 21, 2012
Don't they look photoshopped in?
Carlton Salmon Aug 21, 2012
I think the girl on the left looks cute.
Nick Pietropaolo Aug 20, 2012
is it just me or r these the least attractive girls that have ever been bunnies
Justin Brest Aug 20, 2012
my buddy had his ass kicked by that guy on the right
Ray Liu Aug 20, 2012
No the Asian girl is not good looking at all
Andrew Hossann Aug 20, 2012
Now that's a hot asian
Wyatt Gordon Aug 20, 2012
I'll have the one n the right and the middle
Zach Sullivan Aug 20, 2012
I hate when people argue about looks wat appeals to someone is different then wat appeals to someone else that's y cars all look different
Eric Anthony Aug 20, 2012
You need to check in with an optometrist.
Logan LeMonnier Aug 20, 2012
Jags looks way better then any lexus
John P Jerse Aug 20, 2012
A car for those that like the look of a Lexus but want it to break down every so often. .
Bull Dogone Aug 20, 2012
In this case, step aside so we can see the car.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Aug 20, 2012
Gimme the one in the middle
Description: A lightweight aluminum build not only keeps weight down but provides impressive performance and respectable fuel efficiency. Limited to only 30 models in the U.S. in bespoke Black Amethyst, the XJL Ul...
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Description: "Jaguar and Playboy set out to create something new, a private fun evening to get the Pebble Beach Automotive Weekend going and to showcase the new Jaguar XJL Ultimate," said Jaguar Brand No...
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Johannes Wesselhoeft Aug 23, 2012
That is a real Jaguar.
Dillon Dixon Aug 20, 2012
That car is far prettier than any of those girls.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Aug 20, 2012
Yea all i see is some e e e extremely l l l large a a a airbags
Isaias Almanza Aug 20, 2012
There is a car in this picture? Where?
John P Jerse Aug 20, 2012
That is a true Jag. The new cars are uninspired cars designed by committee to earn maximum profit with the least amount of investment.
Description: Held at a private estate near Pebble Beach, the event drew celebrities such as singer Wyclef Jean, Emmy- nominated "Mad Men" actress Christina Hendricks, Cult guitarist Billy Duffy and Oscar...
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Michael Henderson Aug 22, 2012
And i get to work on these :D
Alec Lindgren Aug 20, 2012
me2 lol I love these
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Aug 20, 2012
Saw one of these the other day. It sounded amazing
Brandon Metzger Aug 20, 2012
Those rims are perfect for this
Rocky Rocker Aug 20, 2012
He is all Smiles... Hmmmm, guess I woody too...