Comments - Jay Leno Meets SP Engineering GT-R

Published: Aug 02, 2012
Description: With talk of the all-new R36 GT-R model potentially being shelved, it may be left to tuning firms such as SP Engineering (SPE) to tweak the current R35 generation and keep it competitive with the late...
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Andre Vettorato Aug 03, 2012
Damn the auto correct! Bike*****
Terrance Parker Aug 03, 2012
I love the GTR I get to see em often on my commute.
Andre Vettorato Aug 03, 2012
Carlton... You not beating a gtr w you big.. Unless your big is modded big time man..
Carlton Salmon Aug 02, 2012
One of the nicest looking GT-R's I've seen. Tastefully done and well put together, as well as sounding awesome.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Aug 02, 2012
I think he meant carbon ceramic rotors.
Matty Michaels Aug 02, 2012
*carbon fiber rotors?
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Aug 02, 2012
Ridin my gixxer couple days ago and I tried to bait one of these. Was so ready to torch him. Prolly couldve gotten a good race if we were on a highway.
Pablo Herasme Aug 02, 2012
Best sound 13:47-13:50ish
Dillon Magee Aug 02, 2012
Saw a black one as I was walking. Looked cool.
Tara Fitria Aug 02, 2012
That exhaust sounds amazing
Description: Godzilla's base price is around the $100,000 mark, but for an additional investment of $29k, SPE will gladly rework the engine to give it an additional 300 hp at the wheels and add some carbon-fi...
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Richard Perham Aug 02, 2012
STROKED not bored.. They have plasma burned bores not possible to machine without wrecking the block, mainly because there is no extra metal to bore through
Brady Fereday Aug 02, 2012
Wow 29k isn't bad at all for the upgrade
Corey Mullis Aug 02, 2012
yeah thats not much.
Justin Tucker Aug 02, 2012
Well it is more than I'm used to seeing haha
Sam Oglesby Aug 02, 2012
Not that much 0.08 litres a cylinder
Justin Tucker Aug 02, 2012
Wow that a a lot bored out
Tara Fitria Aug 02, 2012
Perfect setup for something I would love to drive. Wheels go perfectly with the car.
Carlton Salmon Aug 02, 2012
My God that looks good!
Miguel Jimenez Aug 02, 2012
Wow this is stunning!
Jordan Jackson Aug 02, 2012
They look soo much better when they're black, lol
Joshua Minh Tran Aug 02, 2012
No the best view is from the cock pit