Comments - DDMWorks Tunes 700hp Ariel Atom

Published: Aug 02, 2012
Description: There's something deliciously bonkers about the Ariel Atom. Even the latest Atom 3 only produces 245 horsepower from its 2.4-liter Honda inline-four, but it still manages a 0-60 run in less than ...
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Richard Nichols Dec 29, 2012
Begs the question, can a car have too much power? Hell no!
Turbo_geoduck Aug 04, 2012
@Esam, mebbe you should stick to Hyundais or a Prius then. while I agree that 700 hp is excessive in a car this light, it would be unbeatable in the hands of a skilled driver. Personally, I would go to several high performance driving schools so I could handle this car!
Kyle Kloewer Aug 02, 2012
No it's two motorcycle engines together!!!!!!!
Esam Mohammad Aug 02, 2012
This thing is not a car .. I just hate it
Cody Andree Aug 02, 2012
Never hook with those numbers. Cant see it happening
Buddy Robinson Aug 02, 2012
Just a little excessive?
Jerry Malsam Aug 02, 2012
Nope, it's a twin-charged, built Ecotec. The twin-charge kit is (I think?) less than $10k, and will do about 500hp on stock internals. Crazy! Check for more info - not my company, zero financial interest, but I am friends with the owner.
Garrett Frye Aug 02, 2012
@dylan: they swapped the engine
Dylan Bruder Aug 02, 2012
Honda civic is motor
Charlie D'Amato Aug 02, 2012
The Ecotec is a Chevy motor, not to be confused with a Duratec or EcoBoost (Ford Motors) I'm curious to which this actually has.
Pablo Herasme Aug 02, 2012
We basicly got an F1 car.
Petrol Headsg Aug 02, 2012
Now I know what a widow maker looks like:-)
Todd Randall Aug 02, 2012
Sub 2 second 0-60!
David Liebe Hart Aug 02, 2012
Hasn't it been widely tested at 2.5s as it's fastest?
Jose Miguel Fernandez Aug 02, 2012
For 2 reasons the Bugatti Veyeon super sport does 0-60 in 2.1 its more of a track car than a street car.
Elwood Friedchicken Stcharles Aug 02, 2012
Why isn't Ariel recognized as some of the fastest accelerating cars ever
Yousef Khorsheed Aug 05, 2012
Looks like a catheram
Brian Johnston Aug 03, 2012
Are you serious! How do you keep the tires on?
Carlton Salmon Aug 03, 2012
The best looking Atom I've seen.
Zach Sullivan Aug 02, 2012
like when a f1 car losses its front wing they r almost undriveable because the understeer is so intense same idea with this it has a rear spoiler for downforce plus the engine is in the back so ther plenty of weight pushing the back wheels down but nothing to help push the front down
Brandon Lidy Aug 02, 2012
I would expect a bit of oversteer. But understeer?
Patrick Schalk Aug 02, 2012
I wanna drive, and drive it hard.
Shane Conner Aug 02, 2012
@Isaac, I'll have to shop more. $20,000 is definitely affordable.
Isaac Rezkalla Aug 02, 2012
@shane I've seen the base model for sale for like 20,000 with only like 30k miles.
Alex Vasquez Aug 02, 2012
Zach very good point, unless it were awd
DeUahn Wells Aug 02, 2012
@Robin the last time was f'n hilarious, maybe they should face warp Captain Slow with this one hahaha
Zach Sullivan Aug 02, 2012
shouldnt this have a big front wing tho? I would think that it would understeer like crazy without one
Nick Sti Aug 02, 2012
So badass. Want it now
Devin Stair Aug 02, 2012
@Lee that's because it's much more of an accelerating/cornering track car. Imagine going over 160 in a glorified go kart!!
Shane Conner Aug 02, 2012
I'd almost get rid of my s2000 for this. I'd be happy with just the base 2.4L Honda engine too. Base model costs twice the price of s2000. Aprox. $60,000. It's like an expensive 4 wheel motorcycle.
John Serely Aug 02, 2012
I really need one of these. Now.
Robin Douglas Dawson Aug 02, 2012
I can't wait to see the look on Jeremy Clarkson's face at full acceleration.
Josh Banning Aug 02, 2012
Don't like the wheels they don't suit the atom
Zach Sullivan Aug 02, 2012
definition of insanity but I still want to drive it
Lee Gardner Aug 02, 2012
But on the speedometer it tops at 160?????
Mladen Sakotic Aug 02, 2012
Sign me up for one of treads. 700 hp would be insane.
Description: Those guys, it turns out, live in South Carolina. Their company is called DDMWorks and their product is the Atom 700. Yes, that's right: they've squeezed 700 horsepower into a vehicle that&a...
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Jordan Jackson Aug 03, 2012
Either way, it's still awesome, lol
Jordan Jackson Aug 03, 2012
... The writer prolly wouldn't have said Ford if it was the GM engine, also
Jordan Jackson Aug 03, 2012
@demelle: ur prolly not gonna read this now but I'll say it any way, lol, ford also has a 2.0L ECOboost engine, they are gonna use it in the new fusions, and it's already out in the new escapes
Ryan Delano Thomas Aug 02, 2012
Dear Jesus... I want this in my life.
Demelle N Maria Dominguez Aug 02, 2012
It's gm ecotech. That's the 2.0 liter ecotech engine they use for sky redline, solstice gxp and cobalt ss.
Jordan Jackson Aug 02, 2012
@paul, yes, I think they just got them mixed up
Paul Dickey Aug 02, 2012
Isn't it ford ecoboost and Chevy ecotech?
Ross Taylor Aug 02, 2012
Me too! Where in sc?! I must see this in person
Walker Carroll Aug 02, 2012
I live in south Carolina. What city?!
Chris Gaines Aug 02, 2012
dang, imagine if they twin charged a brz :0
Description: The result is (quick calculation, carry the two, divide by Pi) 350 horsepower per liter, which would give even the Jaguar and Williams engineers working on the C-X75 what to think about. Its 2.07 lb&...
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Kasey Cook Aug 03, 2012
Yeah 700hp is nuts. The V8 version kills all (they proved it on top gear). So I am guessing they decided to make this so rich people could have a new way to burn through tires. Pointless
Colin Dzendolet Aug 02, 2012
the stig would have trouble with this one
Ben August Aug 02, 2012
Not sure I could handle this car effectively.
Eric Cieri Aug 02, 2012
I wanna see it in action
Christian De Prisco Aug 02, 2012
0 to 6.....done!!! Wtf
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Aug 02, 2012
Perfect hoonmobile
Phillip Fitchew Aug 02, 2012
Will. Please read the article.
Austin Tingley Aug 02, 2012
Its per a liter, not a cylinder
Will Revene Aug 02, 2012
It said it was a 4 cyl right? Im talking about the "ford ecotec four" so if it has 700 hp then how do your "quick calculations" come out to 350 hp per cylinder?
Julian Rasolko Aug 02, 2012
0-60 IN 1.5 SECONDS??????
Elwood Friedchicken Stcharles Aug 02, 2012
Isn't it a 1000hp per tonne power to weight ratio
Walker Carroll Aug 02, 2012
1 mile or 1/2 second. Whichever comes first lol
Brad Wood Aug 02, 2012
Warranty terms; 1 mile or 1 minute, whichever comes first. LOL
Nick Schnee Aug 02, 2012
WTF. 350 bhp/l?!?
Francesco Giacomelli Oct 09, 2013
Why i hate the front ? Could be wayyyy better
DeUahn Wells Aug 02, 2012
I think those wheels look good on it
Elwood Friedchicken Stcharles Aug 02, 2012
Lol at the florida license plate
Jordan Jackson Aug 02, 2012
Would take one in a heartbeat, this thing is awesome
Kyle Smith Aug 03, 2012
No 4 pot can rev that high, especially when turbo'd. Look to bike engines of you want 10000 rpm+ revs
Colin Dzendolet Aug 02, 2012
9k tach on a 700hp 4pot? it should show 11k+ or the boost on this thing is astronomical
Colin Dzendolet Aug 02, 2012
yes you can, it scares the stuffy Brit into submission
Daniel Eads Aug 02, 2012
No you can't really compare them since one weighs two tons more.
Alex Vasquez Aug 02, 2012
Cool it has shifting LEDs like a formula car
Alex Vasquez Aug 02, 2012
Yes you can compare! All the damned buttons!
DeUahn Wells Aug 02, 2012
I'd rather be in that havin a blast than a stuffy ass rolls to be honest.
Sankar Shanmugam Aug 02, 2012
Lol what are u talking about? U can't compare those
Lee Gardner Aug 02, 2012
Wow that interior makes a rolls go hide and look for its mom
Brenton Cozby Aug 02, 2012
it probably sounds like satan