Posted on: Aug 02, 2012
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Blonde Playboy Model Gets Down and Dirty with a Honda

Ukranian hottie prepares for road trip by getting her ride in tip-top shape.
Our favorite Ukrainian Playboy model Irina Olhovskaya has returned to the small screen after having lusted over a trio of Lamborghini Gallardos in English... or at least having tried her darnedest.

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This time she has reverted to type, falling back on her native tongue (and unfortunately not ours) in order to give us some tips about preparing for a road trip. Her ride of choice? A Honda HR-V, an oddly-shaped little crossover sold by the Japanese automaker until 2006 in foreign markets (which is to say outside North America). Where she plans to go and for how long remains a mystery, but we hope she comes back soon to lighten our day with another insightful critique. And more cleavage, of course.


by Adam Lynton
Blonde Playboy Model Gets Down and Dirty with a Honda