Comments - Beautiful Blonde Tightrope Walks Two Volvo Trucks

Published: Aug 19, 2012
Description: Volvo Trucks wanted to make waves with the release of their new FH semi-truck, however what Hollywood stunt director Peter Pedrero (of James Bond, Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean films) had ...
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Description: The Volvo FH semi-truck is billed as "the perfect choice for transporting heavy goods over long distances." It is available with four 13-liter engines with outputs ranging from 420 to 540 ho...
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omarSV Aug 20, 2012
lol I cant believe the writing at the end completely ignores her achievement and comments on volvos 'precision' instead lol
Jörgen Nilsson Aug 19, 2012
One of the photos clearly states "FH16, 750" as in 16 litres, 750 hp.
Mathew Britt Aug 19, 2012
Wow! That is impressive and 10x more exciting than the guy who just tightroped across niagara falls!
Eric Dare Aug 19, 2012
That chick is badass
Jerrod Swenson Aug 19, 2012
Reminds me of the phrase "chain link fence".
Adithya Chandrasekhar Aug 19, 2012
The fronts remind me of a phrase: Bling bling