Comments - 2014 Corvette Hits the Rendered Road

Published: Aug 19, 2012
Description: Chevrolet is planning on revealing its next generation C7 Corvette during the first quarter of 2013, however Jalopnik's speculative rendering appears to be right on track with the new design. Usi...
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Alex Arvanitis Nov 26, 2012
power shifting a stock z06 on crapyears on the 1-2 shift. More than a few people have wrecked a z06 at the track by losing control of the car when the crapyears break loose on a power shifting 1-2 gear shift.
Alex Arvanitis Nov 26, 2012
-nt05's -r888's -pilot sport cups Hell even rt615's are better, is even take bfgoodrich Gforce ta's over goodyears any day and those are a 10 year old design. Stock z06's light up crapyears at 50 in 2nd gear with a mild clutch drop. Don't even try
Alex Arvanitis Nov 26, 2012
Eagle f1's are known in performance circles as relative crap. Every vette forum says so as does every ford and dodge forum. Decent performance, ride and comfort. Futon tires, good at a few things not great at any one thing. Nitto nt05's ftmfw.
Alex Arvanitis Nov 26, 2012
Colby eagle f1's are too slippery, noisy, and generally erratic at high temps. You might be thinking of the optional Michelin pilot sport cups for z06's and zr1's. those are amazing tires but last 300-1200 miles with hard driving.
Colby Church Nov 24, 2012
I doubt you have Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar tires, which is what the Vette wears. They are awesome tires.
William Eason Sep 03, 2012
Where are the fog lights going to be? I like the front end ok the rear looks so much like a Camaro, so I hope the interior is hot, hope G.M. put better tires on the C-7. The Goodyear tires are not so good I've had a lot of bad issues on several of my sport cars with Goodyear tires.
Venx Subra Aug 19, 2012
Looks Awesome... But it somwwhat resembles The Ferrari FF.. A Trimmed down version of it.. But this babe looks cool
Description: The front fascia of the 2014 model were leaked through one of the American automaker's distributers and they have led to an interesting video of what they think the new supercar will look like.
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Denver Teems Aug 22, 2013
Why would the corvette want to be like a viper if its already faster than it?
Louis Marr Aug 23, 2012
why are they trying to make it so edgy. so much of this is completely unnecessary
Eric Alcina Aug 21, 2012
For me it looks like a viper, gtr, and a Camaro had a threesome and this pice of shit was born by a mistake
Serge Pankratov Aug 21, 2012
I hate Vipers and think they are a huge FAIL but i really wouldnt want the new Vette to look like this rendering.. I didnt see a Vette in this rendering at all.. My motto is "if u cant make it look better than it already is, THEN DONT TOUCH IT!"
Craig Lafey Aug 20, 2012
Go love your vipers on a different page this page is for vette guys. And that's why vettes have been killing vipers on the track, strip and in sales. The corvette is the original American sports car.
Abraham Mendoza Aug 20, 2012
I meant Malachi.
Abraham Mendoza Aug 20, 2012
Hey Mach, this isn't even the real car DUMBASS. And the Viper did want to be an American sports car after the Vette.
Alex Smith Aug 20, 2012
I think the girl will go for the guy who wasn't an idiot and didn't buy the car for 100k that's slower than the 70k corvette... Vipers are cool and all but corvettes are still better and cost way less. I've driven both, and I'd take a Z06 any day.
Robert Young Aug 20, 2012
Big "no" for me..
Malachi Stowe Aug 20, 2012
Umm hey Adam!! The Viper is the most respected car in the us high end! U go park a vette next to a viper and we will see who gets the girl every time, or more people want to have a viper! all these years dodge has been kicking GM's butt in design...
Malachi Stowe Aug 20, 2012
Wow real original design GM! Lets make it look like the viper and a Ferrari with side air quarter panels like a GT-R! The current one is way more original!! On a one to ten scale I would give the design team a 3. Ran out of ideas I guess!
Paul Gladman Aug 20, 2012
its alright i guess, looks like a watered down ferrari 458 in the front and a camaro in the rear. doesnt look much like a vette to me though....
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Aug 20, 2012
The black and orange looks really good :) wouldn't mind having one of these.
Christian De Prisco Aug 20, 2012
Can't spell for your life dude
Brandon Akins Aug 20, 2012
The Corvette has been a Viper one-a-bee since 1992! Every time the viper changes, the vett is right behind as a thief of some of the looks that the viper has. The vett is a great car, and does look great, but to me it's a copy cat. I mean this one hear looks very close in form to the 599 and once again they have stolen some 2013 viper looks. I love the vett, but they need a one of a kind not a lit...
Chris McCormick Aug 20, 2012
The headlights look like a Ferrari 458
Danny Burns Aug 20, 2012
The artist did an awesome job with that. I'll take a black one please.
Alex Smith Aug 19, 2012
You know what they say about Fords: Fixed Or Repaired Daily
Abraham Mendoza Aug 19, 2012
Wow Matt, not to mention that that has been in the works since 2007 and that Chevy is using a brand new engine and retooling their factory says that Chevy runs cheap right?
Ryan Sansossio Aug 19, 2012
No split window like in 63?
Matt Greenlee Aug 19, 2012
and you know what they say... Chevy Runs Cheap
Matt Greenlee Aug 19, 2012
when a 458 and 599 make babies you end up with this. yet somehow, i dont like it. its got two supermodel parents but the offspring isnt that attractive.
Alvaro Perez Aug 19, 2012
It looks all nice in the front and sides until you reach the back then you think to your self and say what the hell is this crap
Cory Allen Aug 19, 2012
Introducing the Chevy FR-S. j
Matt Sutton Aug 19, 2012
Being a vette fan, this makes me very sad. The rear looks horrible. I agree w others about the rear window. Needs to wrap around. The front is nice, on a ferrari. Luckily its only an interpretation by an artist.
Alex Smith Aug 19, 2012
@Matthew I agree. This has A LOT of Camaro-inspired elements. Nearly the whole back half, in fact.
Alex Smith Aug 19, 2012
I do not like how the rear window no longer wraps around. That was an exclusively Corvette design and it looked great.
Byakka Hirakawa Aug 19, 2012
Just dosnt say corvette to me
Matt Piccolo Aug 19, 2012
Please don't let the new vette look anything like this :( I was hopping for a change... But uh not like this
Dylan Bruder Aug 19, 2012
It's more the cheap animation and the wrong back end that looks bad IMO I think it looks good
Andrew Hossann Aug 19, 2012
Lights are cool except the taillights need to be round. Also the rear end could be a wee little bit longer and it needs a rear lip spoiler
Dale Fredriks Aug 19, 2012
It looks good, but way too similar to the new ferrari's (458, F12).
Stephen Tyler Learn Aug 19, 2012
I like the way this looks but it isn't a corvette. This could have been an awesome Pontiac or something but it just isn't a corvette
Brendan Bell Aug 19, 2012
Way too many exhaust pipes in a row
Bryan Morell Aug 19, 2012
looks very italian
Josh Negron Aug 19, 2012
Read the next page dude...
Weston Stanford Aug 19, 2012
Way to screw it up with the camaro lights...that's a major letdown come on Chevy...
Abraham Mendoza Aug 19, 2012
I watched the video and I loved how it looks. Yeah the side window need to be rounded off at the ends more, the rear window looks sort of outta place, and the lights look wrong, but I really like it. Wonder how the Z06/ZR1 will look like....
John M Weishahn Aug 19, 2012
Great job on the animation, but I do hope that the actual car looks better than this thing. Looks like Nissan GT-R and Porsche Panamera had a love child.
Sam Coppinger Aug 19, 2012
Looks ugly, the current gen is better than this. I was hoping for more influence from the 2009 Stingray concept
Dan Marino Aug 19, 2012
Yea me too. I like the drl's on this one and the carbon but I'm not diggin the style of this rendering that much
John Wyatt Rosenberg I Aug 19, 2012
Looks nice but I think I would rather have the 2013 models rather.
Description: Though they can't stress enough that this is the work of independent artists and isn't produced in conjunction with General Motors, it certainly is an intriguing proposition nonetheless. Thi...
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Parker Kipland Johnson Aug 19, 2012
You are so right about the FF. And i dont know about yall, but did you not like it at first and is it growing on you the more you look at it?
Scotty MacPherson Aug 19, 2012
Shoulda put Chrevrolet. Its gonna go like snot.
Dan Marino Aug 19, 2012
CarBuzz how dare you mess up on the word "Chevrolet"!!!! Hahhaa
Josh Grove Feb 05, 2013
This was actually pretty damn close.
Dale Schroeder Aug 21, 2012
It's a Jalopnik rendering so that pretty much guarantees this is wrong and the real thing will look nothing like it.
Stephen Wood Aug 21, 2012
Can u say, Ferrari?
Serge Pankratov Aug 21, 2012
I know this is not an "official" rendering, but i think if it will look anything like this its gonna be ugly..
Phillip Greene Aug 20, 2012
defiantly not awesome looks way to much like a Ferrari, should just stick to the transformers concept at least that was original and in no way resembled a foreign "super car", honestly i prefer to just widen the body on the c6 sharpen up some of the lines and give it a more cockpit like interior like the later c4s
Tanner Middleton Aug 20, 2012
callaway c7 w/ different headlights
Ivan Rudnitsky Aug 20, 2012
You can definitely see the Fiat influence. Corvette is really starting to look more and more like a cheap Ferrari
Tyler Stange Aug 20, 2012
WHys the front higher than the middle?
Tevin Xko Davis Aug 20, 2012
When the final look comes out I'm def getting one
Aaron Cartwright Aug 20, 2012
I can definitely see the gtr.
Blake Shay Aug 19, 2012
It looks like that shitty four door porsche
Abraham Mendoza Aug 19, 2012
You come all the way here to say that Cody?
darrellbell24 Aug 19, 2012
even the freakin door handles
darrellbell24 Aug 19, 2012
yeah, from the rear it looks like a gtr ...I could see that yeah
Paul Dickey Aug 19, 2012
Nope...still no gtr
Patrick Schalk Aug 19, 2012
Not diggin this at all. Doesn't flow together IMO
darrellbell24 Aug 19, 2012
it reminds me of a Fisker Karma. the lights and hood do
Andy Kleschick Aug 19, 2012
front grille looks ferrariesque.... however in a good way for the corvette, bc it works perfectly. Rest looks a bit camaro in the back and 100% vette
Cody Gillard Aug 19, 2012
all corvettes=crap except the 67
Aiden Bass Aug 19, 2012
Yeah I understand how he sees the GTR in it.. Look at the midsection and doors kinda
Benito A. Colon Aug 19, 2012
Ferrari F12 Berlinetta + Nisan GT-R + Corvette = C7 Corvette
Brandon Anthony Martinez Aug 19, 2012
Looks ok. Still prefer the Corvette StingRay Concept though
Trevor Butler Aug 19, 2012
458 Italia+ viper (new gen)= new vette
Matthew Park Aug 19, 2012
@the guy under me, it has the gtr side/ doors.
Paul Dickey Aug 19, 2012
Where are you people seeing gtr at?
Erin Sturgeon Aug 19, 2012
not sure I like it. I mean I know they probably want to update the look but to me it looks like a farrari to me.....
Matt Piccolo Aug 19, 2012
I'm seeing no gtr here?
Sean Wallace Aug 19, 2012
Gt-r + viper = 2014 corvette
Avery Williams Aug 19, 2012
Is the Corvette C7 at least going to have the rear split widows like they did on the classic ones? I thought they weren't but just wanna be sure. And will it also have a small block V8?
MissLaura Anne Aug 19, 2012
Very similar to a GTR!!
Joe Fats Harper Aug 19, 2012
Anyone see a little bit of GT-R in the side and back?
Devin Babyn Aug 19, 2012
Adam if a GT500 is a piece of shit then what's a ZL1? They put down basically the exact same times so it must be a piece of shit to according to you
Matt Piccolo Aug 19, 2012
Oh god I hope the real thing looks better!!! :/
Dylan Bruder Aug 19, 2012
They got the back wrong GM already confirmed no camaro style lights cheap animation but a decent job trying to give a look
Zaire Wilkins Aug 19, 2012
about time GM switched it up a little
Charles Gutile Aug 19, 2012
I wish they would make a new stingray style corvette.
Andrew Hossann Aug 19, 2012
From this angle starting from the windshield back, I think it looks exactly like a scion tc
Pablo Herasme Aug 19, 2012
Looks like what a european vette might look like.
Jackson Bond Aug 19, 2012
I was hoping they would go retro like the 05 mustang and maybe even bring back the flip ups, but not much luck
darrellbell24 Aug 19, 2012
this looks similar to the risked karma... well the front does at least
Ken Kirtland Aug 19, 2012
neat rendering but they did a horrible job on the windows. man that was bad. this car will look different and beautiful in real life.
Brian Johnston Aug 19, 2012
I think it looks good. The rear window looks more like it did in the early 60's from what I can tell. What corvette really needs is mid engine. They already have the awsome motors.
Andre Vettorato Aug 19, 2012
Ferrari looks.. We will see when it gets here
Abraham Mendoza Aug 19, 2012
I like the front, but the rendering goes south from there. Shame.
Harry Chagger Aug 19, 2012
looks like a ferrari gone a lil wrong
Johnny Hoover Aug 19, 2012
👎 I don't know why they would think that Chevy would use camero tail lights Sorry they would be round like they are on every single vett ever!!
Carlton Salmon Aug 19, 2012
Looks a little too plain and not as dramatic as previous 'vettes IMO.
Ashen Fonseka Aug 19, 2012
458 headlights looks ugly old ones better too European