Comments - Unique of the Week: 1946 Ford Woodie Wagon

Published: Aug 18, 2012
Description: Let's think of it like this: someone back in the day had the idea to partially build a road car out of wood, also known as kindling. What is kindling for those who've never been camping or s...
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Mohammed Al Rasheed Aug 21, 2012
Is this car for sell
Grant Paquin Aug 18, 2012
Well, Morgan still uses wood...
Description: Fortunately that wasn't the case and Ford, along with other automakers, managed to build what has today become a true one of a kind classic. The idea for "woodies" originated in the ear...
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Description: So why all the hype with a material that can easily catch fire, attract termites and even rot? It was simply an exclusive fashion because the level of craftsmanship was quite high, especially amongst ...
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Description: Moving into the 1950s, however, the popularity of the woodie sparked (pun intended) amongst buyers, but the excitement didn't last long because - you guessed it - it was realized that driving aro...
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Description: Although the use of real wood was now obsolete, the style's popularity somehow lasted even into the early 1990s with the Dodge Caravan's body sides covered in wood vinyl siding. But it was t...
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Description: As you can see by these photos, the workmanship inside and out is quite something. It's only had three owners since 1955 and it's been kept in a temperature controlled garaged since the rest...
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Josiah De La Torre Aug 18, 2012
now that is a sexy car
Michael Montefusco Aug 18, 2012
I'm not a classic car guy, but this is better looking then 99% of the new,computer designed, autos on the road today. Gorgeous.
Joao Jp Anjo Aug 18, 2012
Does any one notice the Gallardo in the back
Ferrari Italia Aug 18, 2012
I'd love to spend some time in this garage!