Comments - Lincoln Likely to Ditch Future Halo Car

Published: Aug 18, 2012
Description: Lincoln is trying so hard these days to repair the damage that's accumulated over the past few decades. After years of being the number one brand for Florida retirees and limousine companies, For...
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Anthony Miller Aug 19, 2012
People would buy them if the weren't the same thing as tauruses and fusions. and if the got rid of the bird like front end. Cadillac just blows Lincoln away
Tyler Ray DeFord Aug 19, 2012
One word (sorta) v12. If they could build an awesome v12 halo car they would be right back on top.
Knox Ferraro Aug 19, 2012
An easy first step would be to come up with alphanumeric names that make sense. I know the names of most cars on the road, but all Lincolns seem to be a different variation of K, Z, and M. MKZ, MK, ZMK, etc. How the hell are people supposed to know!
Brandon Lidy Aug 18, 2012
They need to shut down Lincoln all together. They haven't progressed no where near as well as Ford has
Walter Alexander Thomas Aug 18, 2012
I can honestly see that Lincoln need to removed and hire all new staff to run the company.
Dylan Bruder Aug 18, 2012
Well guess its goodbye lincoln ford doesn't love you anymore
Tim Preisinger Aug 18, 2012
Don't care for the entire front end. Rest of the car is pretty nice though
Steven Whowhat Aug 18, 2012
they never get the front right. wtf is this?
Chris Gaines Aug 18, 2012
nooooooooooooooooooooooo way I'd ever drive that
Description: In other words, that means there won't be an Audi A8-like low-volume halo car. Such a model would cost millions to develop but Lincoln predicts they'd sell less than 10,000 units a year. The...
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Blake Shay Aug 19, 2012
No young person will buy a Lincoln. It's the way it sounds. "I drive a Lincoln." it's like a confession more than a brag
Corey Mullis Aug 19, 2012
i agree they need to make big luxury boats like they're supposed to, but a 1 series rival would be cool
Knox Ferraro Aug 19, 2012
Without looking it up, does anyone have any idea what an MKT looks like? Who's doing the marketing at Lincoln?!
Kevin Rehbock Aug 18, 2012
One more nail in the Lincoln coffin.
David Justice Aug 18, 2012
Lincoln is done. No way they become anything close to the Caddy rival their suppose to be. Ford should have kept Jag, Rover, and Volvo. Those companies are all making money now, and Ford kept Lincoln,always in the red?!
Dale Schroeder Aug 18, 2012
I certainly hope this doesn't mean that Lincoln is taking over Mercury's old role of selling rebadged, slightly nicer Fords.
Mark Moreno Aug 18, 2012
lincoln is making a big mistake
Description: Still, Lincoln knows the MKZ is important in order to help solidify their ground in the luxury car segment, so we can expect to see its continued development. Within the next year or two, Lincoln will...
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Prince Huang Aug 18, 2012
Lincoln still for old people forever
Walter Alexander Thomas Aug 18, 2012
The car names is great. It's like Audi with the (A) and then a number. I am a big ford fan and I have no problem with the mk name at all. I just hope the designs of the next products look appealing better than the front of the MKZ
Anton Zhukov Aug 18, 2012
How about making up names for the cars that don't sound the same? I'm a car guy and I can't remember which is which. How is a normal consumer supposed to?
Walter Alexander Thomas Aug 18, 2012
This is the worst pic of this car. Looks like a modern old persons church car.
F1 Fanatic Aug 19, 2012
I have seen it all come full circle...ehat er have here is a PacerGremlinLeafpieceofshit!!
Knox Ferraro Aug 19, 2012
The MK Nail in the Coffin, everyone.
Colby Church Aug 18, 2012
Yes it's ugly, but I can see it selling. There are a lot of non car people out there that buy all kinds of weird shit. *cough* scion IQ *cough* Toyota Prius *cough* Toyota Yaris. Wow, Toyota blows. Haha
Adithya Chandrasekhar Aug 18, 2012
Better than their normal cars
Lyle Bargamento Aug 21, 2012
It's not Cadillac it's 1960's continental lines and grill. Nice, but it needs 4 doors.
David Parenti Aug 19, 2012
This is the Lincoln mark 9 concept. It was revealed back in 2001. The Cadillac XLR was released in 2003. So if anything the CADILLAC was a ripoff of this.
Colby Church Aug 18, 2012
People, are you all retarded? This looks like a Ford fusion screwed a challenger. The front is hideous. Fusion headlights, and it's so flat and bland. No curves whatsoever. This car is fugly as hell.
John Jenkins Aug 18, 2012
I do see the basic design of the xlr
Collin Anderson Aug 18, 2012
This car looks like a Mercedes slk 230! Complete rip off
Brady Fereday Aug 18, 2012
If you can't see caddy in that your blind I can easily look at XLR and get back to me
Matt Sutton Aug 18, 2012
At first glance it reminded me of the latest t-bird. From a profile view. But i cant see caddy in there.
Jason W. Evers Aug 18, 2012
This looks nothing like a Caddy.
Kyle McCullough Aug 18, 2012
Well this is a blatant ripoff of the Cadillac XLR
Andrew McNeal Aug 18, 2012
This needs to be built. Not the hideous thing in the last pic
Jim Bagley Aug 18, 2012
If you build it... They will come!
Christian De Prisco Aug 18, 2012
Nice lines and design