Comments - Iconic Roadsters: BMW Z3

Published: Aug 18, 2012
Description: The Mazda MX-5 is a hard act to follow, and the BMW Z3 didn't quite do it. There have also been better entry-level sports cars from German brands, including the Z3's successor, the Z4. So wh...
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Marcus Toth Mar 14, 2013
The automatic had 4, the manual had 5
Das Stig Aug 18, 2012
ya, the older autos only had 4 speeds. who in the hell would want that?
Harry Chagger Aug 18, 2012
very nice indeed but very poor gear ratios
Donte Perino Aug 18, 2012
I really like the Z3.
Description: The Z3 was designed by Joji Nagashima, a Japanese designer working for a German company to create the answer to an American-designed Japanese version of a British car. Still with me? The car used a sh...
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Walker Carroll Aug 18, 2012
I didn't know they built the z3 only 5 miles from my house! They also build the x5,3
Description: It debuted as a 1996 model, and the press hated it. The rounded nose drew scorn from the fashion-conscious, and the 1.9-liter 138-horsepower four-cylinder engine was deemed woefully inadequate for any...
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John Serely Aug 18, 2012
I think they look great considering how old they are
Description: Whatever it was, their manufacturing capacity proved completely unable to deal with the publicity of a relatively cheap BMW in a movie that was #1 at the box office. It might not have made fans of the...
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Description: In all fairness, the power and the interior weren't really what you'd expect in a BMW, but they were perfectly adequate for a classic-style roadster. And the plastic rear window... well, ok,...
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Dan Rather Aug 19, 2012
I believe there was a non m called the z3 coupe as well
David Justice Aug 19, 2012
M coupe was pretty sweet
Colin Dzendolet Aug 18, 2012
they did refer to it as the M Coupe when it was around
Dan Rather Aug 18, 2012
A car can be a shooting brake and a coupe. Shooting brake is just reference to the shape and coupe is because it has a hard top and two doors. The fact that it was called the z3 coupe is a pretty good indicator that it's a coupe.
Das Stig Aug 18, 2012
don't shooting brakes have back seats? the coupe doesn't.
Walker Carroll Aug 18, 2012
But the M is not a coupe, it is a shooting brake
Das Stig Aug 18, 2012
hehe, I drive a z3 m coupe!
Chris Gaines Aug 18, 2012
cleanest looking angle/combo/wheel combo. looks like it could be a 2012 model
Christian De Prisco Aug 18, 2012
Still a good looking car
Connor Short Aug 19, 2012
The one on the right has eyes like a demon
chikenbag Aug 18, 2012
actually, that's a really good looking z3..
Cory Allen Aug 18, 2012
Being a two seater, one has to ride in your lap! ;)
Alex Vasquez Aug 18, 2012
Wow Deutschland here I come!
Michael Davidson Aug 18, 2012
Man, I want to see a view of the rear end. Haha
Christian De Prisco Aug 18, 2012
Never mind the car
Description: A higher-performance M version of the car was made as well, which was available in both roadster and coupe body styles. This was certainly more powerful, getting the 240 horsepower 3.2-liter E52 strai...
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Alex Vasquez Aug 18, 2012
Well those customers suck
Description: Though it had started off strong, the Z3 ultimately struggled to keep sales up. It was a fine roadster, but it was having a harder and harder time justifying a price tag which was so far above that of...
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Description: People just have certain expectations of a BMW, and sticking to a classic roaster formula, no matter how well it's executed, just isn't what people want in a Bavarian drop-top. The MINI Road...
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