Description: Charlotte, North Carolina-based tuning company Underground Racing's motto is to "build the fastest street legal cars in the world." Their twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo is legendary an...
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Forrest Wood Aug 18, 2012
They won't supercharge it because they don't last long
Justin Routh Aug 17, 2012
Twin charged would be soooooo cool
Jordan Jackson Aug 17, 2012
Yea the TT Gallardo is overdone now, let's get a supercharged or even a twin charged one for once, lol
Brian Johnston Aug 17, 2012
Haha they definitely have a lot of them. They are all insane though.
Chris Penza Aug 17, 2012
Is it me or do they have a new twin turbo gallardo every week?
Michael Montefusco Aug 17, 2012
Well Mark -- it's a little hard to take pictures of its twin turbochargers when there is a bumper covering them.
Mark Donnelly Aug 17, 2012
no rear bumper. put it on and it'll br stunning
Chris Penza Aug 17, 2012
I love the original superleggera
Description: It can crank out an impeccable 1,000-plus horsepower at the wheels on regular pump gas and 1,550hp on racing fuel. The Lamborghini V10 is mated to a carbon/carbon race clutch and features a Motec ...
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Dickson Lui Aug 19, 2012
Holy shit 1000 horses this thing is a beast'
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Aug 17, 2012
1000hp to the wheels is nuts. And 1550 hp to the wheels would destroy any supersports, agera R, or venom gt. This is ridiculous
Scott Gracey Aug 17, 2012
Its gorgeous but I do Feel it looks dated, the murciealago on the other hand I think Will Never look old lol
Timothy Hooker Aug 17, 2012
I love the clean lines myself. I say they still look fairly current
Matt Greenlee Aug 17, 2012
that will never look old. it will be an all-time great
Marcin Bednarski Aug 17, 2012
Beast real beast for bad boys.
Wyatt Gordon Aug 17, 2012
I love the first generation Gallardo! I'd still have it as a spider though, Like Clarkson used to have. First gen Gallardo spider is synonymous with sexy
John Serely Aug 17, 2012
I disagree, I think the first gen gallardo aged very well
Chris Penza Aug 17, 2012
I partially agree, but I still love the car
Lee Gardner Aug 17, 2012
Rear ended once 150 grand later you'd be fine
Jason Turner Aug 17, 2012
If I had this set up I'd keep the back bumper off so I could stare at that sexiness all day.
Jordan Nutt Aug 17, 2012
It says check out the race version in the photos but all they show here a typical lambo they have done. Nothing different looking about this one compare to others.
Scott Gracey Aug 17, 2012
Straight pipes would sound Awesome
Brock Zager Aug 17, 2012
have u seen them on a lambo
Bradley Masonn Aug 17, 2012
I've seen bigger turbos
Bill Estep Jr Aug 17, 2012
I wanna see a video of this thing race a buggati it'd be funny
Javier Fuentes Aug 17, 2012
I would drive around like this
Newarun Begum Aug 17, 2012
It makes it a bit ugly
Walker Carroll Aug 17, 2012
It looks like they accidentally got some engine with their turbos.
Jared Michael Scalla Aug 17, 2012
The bumper will fit. But they need to straight pipe that beast
John Phliponophosus Aug 17, 2012
Engine so big they can't fit it in with a bumper!!
Brian Kelly Aug 17, 2012
I really won't this car. Art in a can