Description: It's only been a couple of days since Land Rover gave their all-new 2013 Range Rover its official debut and the mad genius over at has taken the ultra-light SUV and converted i...
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Bruno Rocha Aug 17, 2012
Hahahahahahahahahaha That's the worse thing I've ever seen hahahahahaha horrible!
Description: Back to the 2013 Range Rover Double Cab, as he calls it, would basically be an all-aluminum unibody truck with its standard V8. For that kind of build, most would probably opt for the much-rumored and...
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Jordan Jackson Aug 17, 2012
Wow, that's a mouth full, lol
Zach Miguel Aug 17, 2012
It would be worlds most expensive pick up.....
Anna Rrina Nov 11, 2012
ออกขาย หลียัง ชอบมาก
Stuart Bell Aug 27, 2012
Poor effort from the so called design room, see why they didn't get a proper job at LR, try again
Doug Stewart Aug 25, 2012
Look diff. Cool so good.
Cam Adams Aug 18, 2012
This is an embarassment to range rover
Dale Schroeder Aug 18, 2012
If it were made to look like a standard cab truck then it'd be fine, but as a four door... nnnnnnnnnno.
Christian De Prisco Aug 18, 2012
This is pure bullshit
Walter Alexander Thomas Aug 17, 2012
I love the new Rover but this render looks like what a new Explorer Sport track would look like. In my opinion.
Alvaro Perez Aug 17, 2012
Why the hell would any one do this To some car that already been ruined
John P Jerse Aug 17, 2012
This is what happens when you let your designers smoke crack
Mark Ifill-Haney Aug 17, 2012
For morons with money...
Ashen Fonseka Aug 17, 2012
No no no no no it looks soo fugly why range river why
Brendan Bell Aug 17, 2012
O my god no... Land rover- listen to me! You will never sell that thing!!!!!!
Shaylen Patel Aug 17, 2012
Worst photoshop ever.
Isaac Taylor Aug 17, 2012
Oh yeah this will sell GREAT!!...never -________-
Patrick Schalk Aug 17, 2012
Ugliest thing I've ever seen on Carbuzz
Timothy Hooker Aug 17, 2012
so I was enjoying my morning carbuzz poo read and this pops up...thanks alot u ruined my morning routine
Matt Greenlee Aug 17, 2012
this will do about as well as the lincoln blackwood..... if theyre lucky.
Bill Estep Jr Aug 17, 2012
I think they're trying to copy jeep
Zachary Maurer Aug 17, 2012
It's a little early for April fools carbuzz -__-
PM Miller Aug 17, 2012
Just looks wrong and out of proportion.
Tanner Middleton Aug 17, 2012
hahha i see what u mean about the skinnier. it looks like it should be a 3 wheeler lmao
Jordan Jackson Aug 17, 2012
O_o W.... T.... F
Josiah De La Torre Aug 17, 2012
it appears that all they did was cut off the back section. meh
Jared Michael Scalla Aug 17, 2012
Eww. Why is the bed skinnier?
roy.alleyne.7 Jun 24, 2013
I hope the judge sentenced everyone involved in this fiasco to life without parole
roy.alleyne.7 Jun 24, 2013
Terrance Parker Aug 17, 2012
I think I through up in my mouth