Comments - Daimler Celebrates 105 Years of Off-Road Action

Published: Aug 16, 2012
Description: Back in 1907, Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft produced their first commercially-available four-wheel drive vehicle. Better known as DMG, their premier model with the all-wheel drive configuration we have...
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Michael Davidson Aug 17, 2012
That's a big 4 cylinder.
Isaac Taylor Aug 17, 2012
I can just see the commercial now, "nothing can stand in its Wayy!!"
Jordan Jackson Aug 16, 2012
Oh yea! Offroading animal right there!!
Miguel Flores Aug 16, 2012
This is an off roader!?
Description: The original Dernburg Wagon has given way to the modern Mercedes-Benz M-Class and now the latest generation of the iconic G-Class. The top-of-the-line 2013 G-Wagen is the epitome of ruggedness combine...
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Description: But for more than a century, the German automaker has worked to refine their engineering abilities to produce wonderful off-road vehicles. Now they've released a terrific gallery showing off both...
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Bradley Masonn Aug 16, 2012
My dad has a lime green unimog 406, it's a beast
Josh Banning Aug 16, 2012
Awesome piece of engineering. I want one more than any supercar
Jay Kolvenbag Aug 16, 2012
Pulls three times it's own size
Badoor Nasser Mobarak Aug 16, 2012
The yellow one is everywhere in the middle east
David Eslava Aug 16, 2012
A car has never looked so uncomfortable...
Hiroshi Takagi Aug 19, 2012
Mercedes makes them
Michael Davidson Aug 17, 2012
Haha yeah, I was pretty confused when I saw that.
Asad Yusufzai Aug 16, 2012
Lol blooper real
Ethan Amo Aug 16, 2012
I was wondering the same
Chad Schley Aug 16, 2012
These are Mitsubishi Fuso's. Did I miss the reason they are in this article?
Jay Kolvenbag Aug 16, 2012
I just love that!
Isaac Taylor Aug 17, 2012
It's one takes a Mercedes Benz offroading...
Jordan Jackson Aug 16, 2012
I think this qualifies as a semi, lol
John Serely Aug 16, 2012
Easily my favorite SUV