Description: Last May BMW revealed their absolutely beautiful Z4 Zagato Coupe Concept at the 2012 Consorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este. The stunning coupe was the result of a design partnership between the G...
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Anthony Bartolone Aug 16, 2012
Axis powers much? Just missing some Japanese reliability and it's a winning deal. The axis lost though so I don't know. Lmao.
Zachary Maurer Aug 16, 2012
Maybe it's shy....
John Serely Aug 16, 2012
@jose that is the point lol, it is a teaser image
Matt Oglesby Aug 16, 2012
Hat car buzz forgot to mention is that the convertible version of the car is being revealed at the show. The original car was already revealed earlier at another event, so this is like BMW releasing a teaser image
Jose Miguel Fernandez Aug 16, 2012
Why would carbuzz put this picture you can't see anything you can nearly even see the wheels
Description: The one-off coupe featured the signature Zagato double-bubble roof, a hand-crafted aluminum body and was painted in a black-based red finish. We were smitten with it immediately. Fortunately the two c...
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Theviper007 Aug 16, 2012
:D in going to beach i live there
ojdj Aug 17, 2012
@ tony bmw uses the same style cues its like a z4 ish i8 kinda back
David Pires-Ihsaan Aug 16, 2012
Love the shape just the bmw front rjins it for me.
Oscar Galvan Aug 16, 2012
Rear looks great
Matt Piccolo Aug 16, 2012
Wow that looks awesome!!
Mike Carbaugh Aug 16, 2012
Most car manufacturers do
Tony Flaherty Aug 16, 2012
Why are BMW making the front of their cars the same.
ojdj Aug 17, 2012
yah bmw uses the same stlye cues theres nothing wrong with that
ojdj Aug 17, 2012
@ conner mercedes needs to take notes bmw has a better interior and and better looking bmw ftw
Christopher Melendez Aug 16, 2012
dont know if hes ripped just reminds me of steroid aggresiveness
Jack Howard Aug 16, 2012
Are you assuming hes ripped?
Christopher Melendez Aug 16, 2012
@ ty let go of the steroids its making u a little aggresive
Corey Mullis Aug 16, 2012
my goodness that beautiful
David Pires-Ihsaan Aug 16, 2012
I think it looks heinous.. I dislike all the bmw models since the redesign. Maybe the 7-series, but the rest just make me ask why. Like the current redesign of the range rover.
Andrew Semak Aug 16, 2012
Great looking car. I want.
Theviper007 Aug 16, 2012
Mercedes take notes how to get it right
Blake Shay Aug 16, 2012
That looks awesome. And I can see the viper competitive in this. But it looks a little better
Cooper Branham Aug 16, 2012
@kyle The BMW motorcycles are beamers
Kyle McCullough Aug 16, 2012
Can someone explain why it's bimmer? I don't get that name
Cory Allen Aug 16, 2012
Looks neat, but I do see viper.
Zachary Maurer Aug 16, 2012
Ty....are you ok, I think you should just calm down now....
Nick Sti Aug 16, 2012
Adam, bimmer, not beamer
Devin Babyn Aug 16, 2012
I wonder if he even looked cause it definitely has a close resemblance to the viper
Lawl Lwler Aug 16, 2012
hahahaha chill pill is heavily recommended
Janak Solanki Aug 16, 2012
I didn't like it before, now it's growing on me. The rear is trimmed up really nicely.
Brandon Lidy Aug 16, 2012
Just need to throw in a v12
Paul Dickey Aug 16, 2012
Best part is the z grill
Ty Piper Aug 16, 2012
I'd assume it preforms about like a z4... considering its a z4
Ray Liu Aug 16, 2012
I start loving all Beemer's since the redesign
Jack Howard Aug 16, 2012
Im sorry, I hate Call of Duty.
Sam Hansen Aug 16, 2012
I like almost everything about it except for the giant kidney grilles
David Pires-Ihsaan Aug 16, 2012
Im sorry, I hate all bimmers since the redesign..
Andrew Semak Aug 16, 2012
It reminds me a bit of an Alfa Romeo 8c.
Matt Piccolo Aug 16, 2012
BMW really got this one right
Achmed Mabulela Aug 16, 2012
Jaw hanging right now...gorgeous!!
Matt Silva Aug 20, 2012
Why does zagato ruin the back end of car they design? This could have been so good
Douglas Dielle Aug 17, 2012
The ultimate dealbreaker! Reminds me of the Toyobaru.
Conor Pyle Aug 17, 2012
I dont see aston i see the ff
Jesse Williams Aug 16, 2012
The rear just doesn't do it for me. Looks to much like a hybrid. Other than that, it looks great.
David Pires-Ihsaan Aug 16, 2012
They are trying to copy the alfas with the same (somewhat) back. Looks great, just not on this car..
Blake Shay Aug 16, 2012
What the...? Hatch back?
Jordan Jackson Aug 16, 2012
I like it, but, it looks like it belongs on something electric
Matt Piccolo Aug 16, 2012
I like it, but it looks outta place
Lead Peddalin Aug 16, 2012
Lost me with the rear, but the rest is beautiful