Description: In the southwestern Russian town of Samara, a 20-year old Russian went for a test drive in a white Ferrari California. The drive didn't end well, however, as according to the driver a pedestrian ...
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Carlton Salmon Aug 18, 2012
I wonder if the dealer representative in the passenger seat tells the same story of how the crash occurred?
Ben Mueller Aug 16, 2012
Yeah at first I thought why isn't this a DFA? But then I read it.
Walker Carroll Aug 16, 2012
I'm glad it wasn't his fault
Alex Renaud Aug 18, 2012
In Soviet Russia, the car test drives you.
Scott Gracey Aug 17, 2012
@mike well said brother, so true
Vardan Yepremian Aug 17, 2012
evil shenanigans
Mike Conrad Aug 17, 2012
I believe the guy's claim, we've all seen the videos where Russians jump in front of cars to try to get money for insurance fraud. It's the reason why most owners have dashcams.
Jack Howard Aug 17, 2012
I blame the economy.
Scott Gracey Aug 17, 2012
People who think that just because he's 20 means he can't afford it are just jealous, not that I'm Not tho lol
Ryan Douglas Hie Aug 16, 2012
I highly doubt anybody jumped in the road. The kid obviously put his foot into it and lost control of the car. "something ran out in front of me" has been the go to excuse since the first drunk caveman crashed his wheel.
Wyatt Gordon Aug 16, 2012
I blame the crackhead who jumped in the road. also, sorry, I just have to, but... That'll buff out
John P Jerse Aug 16, 2012
I know people that have 20 year old spawn that can easily buy that car. I am sure some proof of financial ability was flashed before that car ever left the dealership.
Kevin Carlin Aug 16, 2012
You are all missing the point. ITS RUSSIA! anything goes
John Serely Aug 16, 2012
Your right, conno
John Wyatt Rosenberg I Aug 16, 2012
You break it you buy it.
Andrew McNeal Aug 16, 2012
What dealer lets a kid just walk in and test drive a Ferrari? Heck, to drive most higher end cars you have to sign papers, act serious about buying, it's different than test driving a common car.
Serge Pankratov Aug 16, 2012
Yeah cops take forever to respond in Russia lol true story and its a 20 year old not 29
Corey Alan Kelley Aug 16, 2012
You know it could have been late in the day and after the wreck was all said and done and this picture was taken it may have been a couple hours after the accident
Dale Schroeder Aug 16, 2012
At least he didn't end up smacking into a building or going off the side of a bridge.
Ashen Fonseka Aug 16, 2012
Who the hell let's a 29 year old test drive a Ferrari I'm sure he doesn't have the money to buy it
Rishi Sawla Aug 16, 2012
The kids from Russia.what do you expect?
John P Jerse Aug 16, 2012
What kind of Ferrari dealer puts ads on the sides of its cars? Also, who buys a car at night?
Austin Bryant Aug 16, 2012
Hes not the dumbass, the dumbass is the person who junped into the road.
David Justice Aug 16, 2012
Description: Samara is Russia's sixth largest city and it's safe to say that high-end performance models aren't a regular sight on the roadways. According to Russian website Vninform, a new Ferrari ...
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Alex Medvedev Aug 16, 2012
It's the customs that force dealerships to bump up prices by double let so Ferrari is 200k$ to get it to Russia customs with charge you about 180k$ so all import cars in Europe are double in price for that reason
Andrew McNeal Aug 16, 2012
That's twice what they normally cost
Jose Miguel Fernandez Aug 16, 2012
Yes Dylan it's an upside down heart
Wyatt Gordon Aug 16, 2012
dude, the graffiti is boobs. nutsacks don't have little dots on them, or at least they should'nt
Das Stig Aug 16, 2012
@David, I saw that earlier and I'm like 95% sure that that is either a pair of boobs or a nut sack.
Brandon Lidy Aug 16, 2012
May have had a slight update ? Not really a fan of the California so I am u sure of that's true or not
John Serely Aug 16, 2012
@zachary that is just how it was designed, I've read that many california owners have had people come up to them and say, your brake lights are out, thinking they are at too, where they seem like they should be
Zachary Maurer Aug 16, 2012
Ok, idk if any of you play or played test drive unlimited 2, but if you have, can you answer y they put the break lights on the bottom instead of the top light area, or is that how the California is designed
Ramon M Hug Aug 16, 2012
Yeah, why has a russian dealrship swiss nrpaltes??
Dan Ruth Aug 16, 2012
The kid in yellow is on a bicycle.
David Parenti Aug 16, 2012
Does anyone else see the graffiti in the background?
Paul Trahan Aug 16, 2012
Pro Tip: If a kid walks into the dealership with a back pack on don't let him test drive the Ferrari.
Michael Davidson Aug 16, 2012
That must be the kid in yellow. Haha
Carter Sullivan Aug 16, 2012
Why does it have a cigarette ad in English in the side?
Mitch Pchelarov Aug 16, 2012
Switzerland registration?