Tanner Foust Teaches the Art of Drift and Stunt Driving

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The second installment of "Life in the Foust Lane" has been released.
Tanner Foust is known first and foremost as a racing driver, participating in Formula D and rally-cross. Along with being a stunt driver in Hollywood and hosting "Top Gear USA", he now has his own web series. Here is episode two:

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Simply titled "Octane Academy," Foust meets up with Brian Deegan and Ken Block to coach a couple of youngsters who are attempting to drift a track. He then drives the new Ford Focus ST and teaches his contestant Frankie how to do a bit of stunt driving. Though he loses out at the end, he can consider himself lucky for the experience. The next episode of "Life in the Foust Lane" will drop on August 23rd, when Tanner heads to the Nurburgring in an SVT Raptor.