Comments - Ron Howard's 'Rush' Coming September 2013

Published: Aug 15, 2012
Description: We've known for several months now that Academy Award-winning director Ron Howard was at work on a feature film about one of the best and most exciting eras in the history of Formula One. "R...
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David Pires-Ihsaan Aug 16, 2012
So there are others.. Ive heard of fans.. But I thought they were urban legends.
David Pires-Ihsaan Aug 15, 2012
I just want to see the new season of AD.
Darian Vorlick Aug 15, 2012
I just want to see another 6-wheeler Open-wheeled car on the track again.
Description: 1976 was also the year in which Lauda had his near-fatal crash at the Nurburgring which left him with permanently disfigured. Hunt, quite the opposite personality of Lauda, was a hard-partying ladies&...
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Walker Carroll Aug 15, 2012
That was a sad accident. His crash also caused the nurburgring to be banned to F1 and his left side of his face is now a huge scar
Pratik Parija Aug 18, 2012
Wow they did a good job. He is looking a lot like Hunt!
Carlton Salmon Aug 16, 2012
Never realised how much Hemsworth resembles Hunt - good casting!
Josh Banning Aug 15, 2012
Yes it's the same actor that played Thor
Tom Brewer Aug 15, 2012
Geez it's James Hunt. The rock star of the f1 world. "hunt the shunt" he drove hard and partied hard. The true playboy of F1!
Pratik Parija Aug 18, 2012
Beautiful Ferrari!
Tara Landry Boudreaux Aug 15, 2012
Back in the seventies they were not piercing belly button Mr. Ron
Jake Smerky Myatt Aug 15, 2012
Annoying how the one photo that would get the most comments is at the bottom and instead we see these :/