Comments - Rally Driver Handles Wet Roads like a Champ

Published: Aug 15, 2012
Description: Now this was close, perhaps too close for comfort for any racing driver. Whenever competing in a rally, drivers are keenly aware that pedestrians are watching close by from the sidelines. One wrong tu...
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Description: Racing on a slippery road surface with random patches of gravel is certainly not ideal, but this driver dealt with the lack of grip like a true pro when he nearly tipped over in a ditch after sliding ...
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No Pistons Aug 16, 2012
Why you never lift in dirt rally haha
Matt Greenlee Aug 16, 2012
that was very cool. i like how it didnt phase him at all he just kept on truckin'.
Tyler Ocho-Cinco Aug 15, 2012
I love how there was no "Holy crap I'm still alive" moment. He just kept on going.
Josh Andrews Aug 15, 2012
It survived because it wasnt a subaru
Kevin Blockley Aug 15, 2012
Wow!! Nice!!! Did he mean to go that way , lol . Skillz
Brendan Bell Aug 15, 2012
Wow tat took alot of skill
Nick Sti Aug 15, 2012
Boardslide 100pts
Description: It's an impressive thing to see since he could have easily ended up wrapped around a tree. Be sure to check out both of these videos, with the first one being taken from outside while the second ...
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Michael Davidson Sep 28, 2012
That's insane, and amazing reactions.
Aaron Barker Aug 15, 2012
Impressive....most impressive
Dillon Magee Aug 15, 2012
That was seriously impressive.
Serge Pankratov Aug 15, 2012
I woulda shit my pants!