Comments - McLaren's Radical 12C Can-Am Edition Concept

Published: Aug 15, 2012
Description: McLaren's racecar manufacturing arm McLaren GT has prepared a wild racing concept for debut at this week's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. The 12C Can-Am concept is a track-focused ra...
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Carlos Ernesto Garcia Aug 16, 2012
Adam im pretty sure mclaren said that tgey wernt going for top speed with the f1 replacement
Description: Weighing in at just under 2,650lbs, the racer features an ECU revamp along with a new cooling system which allows the its 3.8-liter biturbo V8 to crank out a solid 630 horsepower. Further race-spec up...
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Kevin Blockley Aug 16, 2012
Not sure on benze's set up but would imagine new benze CL63 is using similar set up to the Audi 2,7bi-turbo , using small equal sized turbos , those huge v8 and v12 not going to suffer much from turbo lag.benze also used the bolt on supercharger .
Den Zo Aug 16, 2012
Aha, but didn't they have a bi turbo performance engine as well? Or was that AMG's V12?
Kevin Blockley Aug 16, 2012
Yeah well you right yes and no, Audi have two types of v6s wide 90 and narrow vr6 . In their older 2,7biturbo 90degre used 2 small turbos ko3s or ko4 from 1,8t, but their biturbo diesel uses two different sized turbos in sequence mode @ different rmp
Den Zo Aug 16, 2012
@ Kevin, I know, that's why I said "usually". I know that AMG and Audi are fans of the Bi Turbo, but I do not know which kind of setup they use
Kevin Blockley Aug 16, 2012
Or could simply mean 2 turbos one for each bank v6 . Car companys like to be complicated. The supra used the twin turbo quote to different their set up , which operated in sequential mode as opposed to parallel mode. Bi is mostly used in vee set ups
Jack Howard Aug 16, 2012
Or he just knows his shit.
Den Zo Aug 15, 2012
where a twin turbo setup would kick in at 4-4500rpm's giving you no benefits of the turbo until you reach that rpm, it could also be quite violent if you run high boost. In a Bi Turbo you don't get that, there are setups that spool up at 14-1500 rpms
Den Zo Aug 15, 2012
Bi turbo is usually set up so that 1 small turbo spools up quick at low rpms and a second, larger turbo, takes over when there is enough exhaust flow for it to spool up.It gives a much smoother powerband over a twin turbo where both spools up at once
Den Zo Aug 15, 2012
@shift knob; you are onto something, but I do believe it's the other way around. Twin being 2x equal sized chargers.
Joe Fats Harper Aug 15, 2012
I've always heard them used interchangeably
Patrick Schalk Aug 15, 2012
Shift knob I think it's the other way around.
Isaias Almanza Aug 15, 2012
Semantics. They mean the same thing.
Shift Knob Aug 15, 2012
I believe bi-turbo means two parallel turbos the same size while twin-turbo means two serial turbos one larger than the other. Anyone else?
Michael Davidson Aug 15, 2012
Is there any difference between Biturbo and Twin Turbo?
Description: It's hard to argue with the British automaker's assertion that the 12C Can-Am Edition Racing Concept is the "ultimate track car," however it will have to make production and hit th...
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Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Aug 18, 2012
There's a reason McLaren is my favorite type of supercar. You're seeing it. (and also it's history, performance, and rivalry with Bugatti)
Devin Stair Aug 18, 2012
Don't know what you're on Erich that looks like a Mclaren
Ty Piper Aug 16, 2012
I think they stole the turbo system from a 4cyl thunderbird. and the suspension from a mustang 2 front end and a civic hatchback rear end with the exhaust system from an early 80s Toyota pick up.... most likely at least
Jt Collier Aug 15, 2012
I find this and the gt3 much better looking than the stock mp4 ( though I definitely have no problem with the base models styling)
Ben August Aug 15, 2012
Woohoo! That's bomb!
Andrew Hossann Aug 15, 2012
I agree with tanner and it has no gallardo at all
Tanner Middleton Aug 15, 2012
its like a mclaren f1 and a lotus evoura. but i think its so beautiful,
Jose Miguel Fernandez Aug 15, 2012
Yeah I think the wing is a little too big
Serge Pankratov Aug 15, 2012
Thats a good lookin booty right there!
Andrew Hossann Aug 15, 2012
I could get a tab on that wing but I like it
Ty Piper Aug 16, 2012
wow never noticed that! that's sick.
David Purcell Aug 16, 2012
Love how you can see the front tire with your door open
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Aug 29, 2012
Love the inside.. Like a simplified jet fighter.
Jake Smerky Myatt Aug 16, 2012
Why would you want a stereo? The noise that thing would make would be music to my ears
Luke Murray Aug 15, 2012
Think there trying to capture the f1 racing look all well but I still wouldn't of minded a bloody stereo!
Bill Estep Jr Aug 15, 2012
I wonder if one of those buttons controls the air conditioning lol
Darian Vorlick Aug 15, 2012
Buttanz! Need moar buttanz!
Jake Smerky Myatt Aug 15, 2012
For the price of one of these I would be asking where the blowjob button is
Jordan Jackson Aug 15, 2012
It looks like a video game controller, lol
Walker Carroll Aug 15, 2012
That's not the same steering wheel they use in their F1 cars, but that's ok ;)