Comments - Land Rover Debuts 2013 Range Rover

Published: Aug 15, 2012
Description: Only yesterday did a few leaked images of the all-new 2013 Range Rover make their way online. So today we weren't surprised to see that Land Rover has released full details and more (now official...
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Adam Mitchel Aug 15, 2012
Definitely The explorer
Adam Mitchel Aug 15, 2012
Yea I really don't see much resemblance of the flex,
Alex Godefroy Aug 15, 2012
If you see how it is like a new ford explorer
Daniel Bellafonte Aug 15, 2012
Personally I thought the Flex always looked more like the previous generation Range Rover. Where as there are so many more design cues of the Explorer here.
Jamal Kemaldean Aug 31, 2012
Omg! What a cheap shot....the nerve of ford bringing land rover way down to its level!! Wow! This is just another example of low spectrum vehicles using very high end vehicles to TRY to gain something. So disappointing!
Andrew Semak Aug 24, 2012
It looks like the old range rover only fatter
Evan Thicke Aug 18, 2012
hahahhaha it does look like the 2012 explorer
Xavier M. Garcia Aug 16, 2012
Looks like a FORD
Chad Schley Aug 16, 2012
Looks like they are trying too hard to be "modern". Or on the other hand, just way too lazy!
Javier Alonso Rivas Aug 16, 2012
wak i prefer the evoque
Harrison Trapnell Aug 15, 2012
I saw this car testing in camo in Old Hunstanton, UK! It was a sort of maroony brown/red colour! And the people testing it put their window down and told me to put the camera down :(
Scott Williams Aug 15, 2012
The stupid LED headlights look like a girls massive diamond earrings and the grill looks like braces. Essentially it's a teenager. I'm surprised they didn't put black paint spots everywhere for freckles.
Preston Harris Aug 15, 2012
The evoque the new mini coop... I mean defender can't wait for the LR5 Minivan
Patrick Schalk Aug 15, 2012
That's a nice Ford Explorer.
John Serely Aug 15, 2012
Hmmm... I like the current gen a lot better
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Aug 15, 2012
This looks like the Grand Theft Auto version of the current RR Supercharged
Andrew Hossann Aug 15, 2012
What are those stupid lines on the door
Walter Alexander Thomas Aug 15, 2012
I like the Explorer so I think this range rover looks great
Esam Mohammad Aug 15, 2012
Me No Like !! That's what happens when Tata takes over rangerover ..
Andre Vettorato Aug 15, 2012
Ford explorer!!!! They ruined it!
Luca Ionut Luca Aug 15, 2012
Yes , a more expensive Evoque! A David Beckam Evoque, tough....
Alex Santaspirt Aug 15, 2012
They tried to match it with the evoque
Luca Ionut Luca Aug 15, 2012
The British Ford Explorer?!?!?!
David Munasinghe Aug 15, 2012
OMG. What happened to the range rover.
Einar Halfdanarson Aug 15, 2012
They have pretty much ruined the Range Rover. This is way too soft with too much bling and ugly headlights. Jeremy Clarkson will not be pleased.
Description: However, Land Rover is proud of the diet plan they applied to their luxury SUV. Compared to a similarly equipped outgoing model, the US-spec 2013 V8 Range Rover is nearly 700 pounds lighter thanks to...
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Michael Davidson Aug 15, 2012
Well from what I'm hearing, it's going to be a lot better than the last model. But we'll just have to see what top gear says. Haha
Description: Fuel economy has also been improved but Land Rover hasn't released official numbers just yet. Because of its stated nature, off-road capabilities are once again impressive thanks to the automaker...
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Matt Greenlee Aug 16, 2012
@matthew, they only liked the evoque because it was a new model entirely to fill a difference niche and it did that well. the range rover was always supposed to be a rugged off-roader and its just not anymore. its too much of an accessory now. the current one will probably be the last good one.
KyleM Aug 15, 2012
Its actually stuck in the sand in that pic.
Harrison Trapnell Aug 15, 2012
If the headlights were different, and the front wasnt so 'curved' I would like it.
Josh Banning Aug 15, 2012
No way is a Land Cruiser more capable than a Range Rover
John Serely Aug 15, 2012
Looks a lot better in this pic
Matthew Basmadjian Aug 15, 2012
I like it! My only issue is the headlights though. Doesn't quite suit the range rover... I like that they kept the basicshape of the previous Range Rover. Can't wait to see what Top Gear has to say. They loved the evoque, so this should do well.
Bill Estep Jr Aug 15, 2012
U won't see people driving em like this ever but it wood be cool
Esam Mohammad Aug 15, 2012
This pic looks better
Claudio Komba Aug 15, 2012
Fabulous car. Great evolutionary design.
kolton Aug 15, 2012
Land Cruiser for me. This is nice but I prefer something reliable. And let's face it, more capable.
Julian Pilinci Aug 15, 2012
My favorite (luxury) SUV of all the time.
Description: Land Rover is also offering an optional two place rear seating package that provides even more space for rear occupants. Up front features a redesigned center stack that's more modern than befor...
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Description: Whether the new exterior lines of the 2013 Range Rover appeal to you or not, it can't be denied that Land Rover has done an impressive job of reducing overall weight and addressing issues such as...
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Javier Alonso Rivas Aug 16, 2012
just change the back lights pleeease! the front isnt that bad i can live with it
Ben Lambert Aug 16, 2012
I think it looks like a squared-off Explorer. I mean, the wheels in this picture are even similar. Come on, Land Rover! You're not owned by Ford anymore! Be a little more independent! Be your own company!
Nick Sti Aug 15, 2012
The back looks great
David Eslava Aug 15, 2012
It looks more elegant that the front... I'm starting to like this car..
Daniele Gozzi Aug 15, 2012
Preschoolers designed this Range Rover? Please it's a disaster almost as bad as the Bentley SUV shown in Geneva This useless fins in the door panel ?? The head and backlights from Ford Flex and the Focus likes What a disappointment
Carlton Salmon Aug 15, 2012
The front overhang looks huge for a SUV from this angle.
Josh Banning Aug 15, 2012
They're not making Range Rovers less for offroading, just making them a better car on the road aswell. It has the same off road capabilities as a Disco
Michael Nascimento Aug 15, 2012
I like it. It does look softer than the last one, but I think land rover are making their range rovers more luxurious, and less for off road. They have their LR4 and LR2 for that
Alex O'Brian Aug 15, 2012
Older ones looks solid and have a tough look like a range rover!. This one is too soft. Im sad
Mohamad Easa Aug 17, 2012
They make the transmission gear just like the jaguar Very nice though
Matt Piccolo Aug 15, 2012
Very nice, good job land rover
Carlton Salmon Aug 15, 2012
One thing they most definitely got right is the interior of this car. The current car was famed for having such a great interior design and this new model certainly carries on with that tradition.
Wyatt Gordon Aug 15, 2012
MMM...thats a nice place to sit
Luca Ionut Luca Aug 15, 2012
Evoquesq, PlayStationish ! It's missing the WOW factor...
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Aug 15, 2012
Wood covers doesnt fit!!
John Serely Aug 15, 2012
This looks really good, love the center console
Matthew Basmadjian Aug 15, 2012
Whoa! That's Bentley like! Although the exterior may be questionable, this changes everything!
Walter Alexander Thomas Aug 15, 2012
Very Jaguar like. I love it.
Jake Knickmeyer Aug 15, 2012
I love bad interiors.
Jack Howard Aug 15, 2012
I love nice interiors
Michael Nascimento Aug 15, 2012
That looks amazing!