Comments - RIP: Maybach is Officially Closed

Published: Aug 14, 2012
Description: As we first reported last November, Mercedes-Benz's uber luxury brand Maybach was given the axe due to poor sales and its inability to define itself. In accordance with the German automaker'...
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Robert Murray Byl Mar 05, 2013
Not gonna lie they are ugly outside but it's the in side that matters most One of the best inside Cabin then another car And it hauls it's faster then the rolls and Bentley To bad it's the out side that fooled the mills and billionairs
Ricky Choi Aug 15, 2012
Good. Im glad. I never liked them. Their so ugly anyways.
Ben 'Jammin Peters Aug 14, 2012
I'm sorry. $1M for a big cruiser?!?! Not so sad to see them go.
Jose Miguel Fernandez Aug 14, 2012
Yeah it lost in looks and and I. It's pricing, the performance pretty much equal that of its competitors and it's interior was great but so was their competitors, still always sad to see a company die
Jason Brown Aug 14, 2012
I thought they were already killed off. I know you couldn't order one for the past year or so...
Wmg Chinchilla Aug 14, 2012
Agreed, these cars are just so aesthetically uninspiring. They look like big Lincoln town cars
Avery Williams Aug 14, 2012
@Justin Lol!!! Yeah, hopefully Maybach music group doesn't die!
Garrett Hullender Aug 14, 2012
Yeah but it was always the trio... Maybach bentley and rolls
Matt Piccolo Aug 14, 2012
I must say first off, this is no surprise, and secondly, that in all honesty I won't miss them at all... Id take a Bentley over a one of these any day anyways
Johnny Perkaus Aug 14, 2012
Now he can't spend 400 thou on his mayback (uuuuhhh!)
Justin Meyers Aug 14, 2012
A sad day for Rick Ross.
Edmond Gebara Aug 14, 2012
Been in quite a few (thats Dubai for you), & I can honestly say that it exudes mediocre in every way compared to competition. Instantly aging exterior, up-sized s-class interior with ultra tacky use of wood. Nothing about this will be memorable
John Serely Aug 14, 2012
I think if Mercedes put some more money and effort into the exterior design, they could of sold better, because their interiors were very, very good, maybe if they were priced a little better.
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Aug 14, 2012
I don't like maybach, the cars are just a rebadged S Class, but it's allwais so sad when a brand close... Another one less, maybe tomorrow is RR, or Bentley, or Lambo, who knows????
David Pires-Ihsaan Aug 14, 2012
Lol.. The exterior design may have been a near replica of a s-class, but the interior is impeccable. Saying that bentley trumps this kn any way is wrong. The mulsanne/brooklands are amazing, but just cant keep up with this..
Zachary Maurer Aug 14, 2012
@bill seems like it, they were out sold and out classed by every other executive luxury brand out there
Esam Mohammad Aug 14, 2012
Too sad to see it go .. I hope someday in the future they revive it . it was always my favorite topping the Rolls and the Bentley ..
Jay Kolvenbag Aug 15, 2012
@john serely until you get transported in it
Preston Harris Aug 14, 2012
So does this mean Rick Ross is gone too?
John Serely Aug 14, 2012
I saw two of these at a dealership. A 62S and 57, and they were next to a phantom. The phantom was much, much more imposing and looked like it was worth the price they were asking. The maybachs looked nice, but not 400k nice
Description: Originally Maybach was founded in 1909 as a diesel and gasoline engine developer but their first car didn't appear until 1919. From 1921 until 1940 it built luxury cars as well as engines, but sw...
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Andrew Miller Aug 14, 2012
RIP overpriced S Class
Description: Both of those brands are owned by Mercedes' two main domestic rivals, Volkswagen and BMW, respectively. Despite significant marketing efforts, Maybach failed to catch on a global scale - even in ...
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Todd Randall Aug 14, 2012
The price was NOT a factor in the demise of Maybach. There were no audacious features or ingenious ideas incorporated into the product lineup. The disingenuous over arching character left the 57/62 at a drastic disadvantage to the Phantom and Arnage.
Michelle Hart Aug 16, 2012
Darrel you got your cars quick 2 weeks ago you posted you'd buy them by "writing a cheque" your full of it
Alex Vasquez Aug 16, 2012
I wanna know I wanna know I wanna know!!
Alex Vasquez Aug 16, 2012
Woah what movies?!!
Jay Kolvenbag Aug 15, 2012
Best way of going from A to B
John Serely Aug 15, 2012
Relax Darrel, haha
Devin Stair Aug 15, 2012
If you ask me maybach's where it's at
Devin Stair Aug 15, 2012
Also how would you know if a less than 130K rolls is crap? Did you own one? Do you own a higher end model? Or are you just trying to give off the impression you would NEVER pay less for a Rolls?
Devin Stair Aug 15, 2012
I'm pretty sure if you're spending at least 100 grand it won't be a piece of crap. I mean, unless you're driven around daily in a top of the line phantom, then yes, everything cheaper is crap. But I doubt that's the case.
Terrance Parker Aug 14, 2012
Who cares is anyone in the market for one in this forum?
John Serely Aug 14, 2012
@darrel relax, lol. I've seen some other ones go for under 120k, too. I saw one for sale for 110k, so you obviously don't know what your talking a out if you think there is no way to get one for under around 130k
John Serely Aug 14, 2012
...even a conti gt, I drive a first gen a couple weeks ago, and it blew my mind. I can't wait for the brooklands replacement!
John Serely Aug 14, 2012
@darrel well, in the USA, on, there is one phantom for 129k, and several for 140k which you might be able to negotiate down.and I agree, Brian, for a super-luxury car, I'd want a phantom coupe like you said, or a mulsanne or,
Zachary Maurer Aug 14, 2012
@brian, man those are the cars I want too!
Alex Vasquez Aug 14, 2012
There's like 6 in my town, ha well city
Majed Ameeri Aug 14, 2012
Saw one and it's huge
Nathaniel Martinez Aug 14, 2012
That's because a rolls royce is about showing off your money while a maybach is about uncompromising luxury. Of course it didnt sell, nothing changed.
Zachary Crowley Aug 14, 2012
Because the majority who own this car are being driven around in it and the interior in this is much better
Logan LeMonnier Aug 14, 2012
Agree with Matt. Why get this when you can get a rolls
Matt Sutton Aug 14, 2012
I have always found these cars hideous and never understood why one would pay so much for one. But then, i see this pic. If that aint pimpin' i dont know what is.
Zachary Maurer Aug 14, 2012
I'm thinking of transformers dark of the moon right now...
Esam Mohammad Aug 14, 2012
This is the most luxurious sedan on the planet :)
Chris O'Brien Aug 15, 2012
and a plebeian too.
Chris O'Brien Aug 15, 2012
you're a plebian.
Jason Villwock Aug 15, 2012
This is a true 4 door limo. You are driven in these, you do not bother with simple plebeian tasks such as driving.
Pedro Pons Oct 08, 2012
An x6 is bulky and fat
Andrew McNeal Aug 15, 2012
Wonder what it'd be like to ride in this