Comments - Project Comandante Murcielago by Inspired Autosport

Published: Aug 14, 2012
Description: Inspired Autosport has a knack for creating impactful aftermarket programs for supercars and their latest Lamborghini Murcielago project rings incredibly true to that statement. Dubbed the Project Com...
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Description: Inspired Autosport then added a set of deep concave PUR Design 1NE wheels, finished in a bespoke matte black as well. IA says that while spinning, the wheels create a "black hole" effect sur...
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Michael Riley Aug 14, 2012
so horrible looking. it's like the wrap is all patchy, looks terrible.
Colby Church Aug 14, 2012
Not a huge fan. I could've done much better with the theme they were trying to pull off. Glossy black wheels would better accentuate the style.
Timothy Hooker Aug 14, 2012
I love the rhinoliner look.
Chris Gaines Aug 14, 2012
@ Bill where'd you get that idea?
Ferrari Italia Aug 14, 2012
It looks horrible. It's like they painted it with primer and never put on real paint. (I know it's a wrap)
Spencer Warkentin Aug 14, 2012
Phantom Coupe has suicide doors
Michele Moro Aug 14, 2012
Yup i think only miura and gallardo dont have scissor doors
Conor Pyle Aug 14, 2012
Suicide doors can be on two door cars. My friends dad has an old mg that has them. And these are scissor door hah not suicide. Lambos In most cases have these. If not all the time
Buddy Robinson Aug 14, 2012
They need to clean that vinyl
Mitch Pchelarov Aug 14, 2012
Matte black paint looks kinda dirty
John P Jerse Aug 14, 2012
Anything short of a Hummer
John P Jerse Aug 14, 2012
The pair job that shows you if anyone touched your car. Nice hand print there. Not a big fan of that type of thing on anyth
Carlton Salmon Aug 15, 2012
Exactly how is this an improvement over a deep gloss black PAINT finish? IMO it just goes to show that a matt finish doesn't look as good as factory paint. Good luck trying to clean fingerprints off this.
Rocky Rocker Aug 14, 2012
Looks like a junk heap with that so called paint
Domi Bsaibes Aug 14, 2012
Yeah me too, this kind of paint job rarely works on other vehicules
John Serely Aug 14, 2012
Agreed, looks badass
Moe Sargi Aug 14, 2012
These guys did a horrible job at wrapping this car wtf
Rocky Rocker Aug 14, 2012
What's with all of these "Dull" looking paint schemes. Just buy a can of paint primers and go Hog Wild...
Redge Diakité Aug 14, 2012
Normal it's a Lamborghini ;)
Read Mills Aug 14, 2012
Seems to me like it wants to become a Reventon!
Rocky Rocker Aug 14, 2012
However, the paint Sucks
Carlton Salmon Aug 15, 2012
PUR make great looking wheels and these are no exception.
boldcars Aug 14, 2012
I want to see that black hole effect!!
Zack Hartman Aug 14, 2012
Perfect not overdone at all