Description: This week's edition of Drag Race Tuesdays pits the Ferrari California against a pair of tuned powerhouses on the drag strip. The Prancing Horse's rivals arrive in the form of an Audi R8 V10 ...
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Christian De Prisco Aug 14, 2012
Simple question:why not an audi v8?
Description: First up is the Audi R8 V10 with Stage 2 tuning. Cranking out 600hp from its 5.2-liter V10, the California definitely has its hands full. The second challenger, a 520hp Ford Mustang GT, provides ample...
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Lee Cascio Aug 18, 2012
Ford garbage gtfo.
David Parenti Aug 17, 2012
I never said THIS mustang was stock. The mustang in the video is a tuned 4.6L year 2005-2009. I said put the Ferrari up against a stock 2012 mustang @ 512hp 1/4 mile mid 12s
Timothy Hooker Aug 16, 2012
it clearly says the mustang is not stock...520 HP....never seen that one on my local lot
Michael Lopez Aug 16, 2012
Stock mustang gt? Not too sure about that one. But they put the stock Ferrari against a modded 800 hp r8 v10? Doesn't make to much sense
Ryan Patrick Clauson Aug 16, 2012
Even with elevation differences I'd think that the r8 would still have better numbers, and the only reason why the mustang loss is because it's less aerodynamic thus reducing its top end speed
David Parenti Aug 16, 2012
That's just a 4.6 mustang. Put a stock 2012 5.0 GT up against it. Mid 12's 1/4 mile, 412hp stock. $40,000 Mustang vs. $400,000 Ferrari. I'll take one Mustang please. Plus My dads stock normally aspirated 2012 Boss 302 will do an 11.7 on slicks.
Steve Waskiewicz Aug 16, 2012
Why are they advertising this as R8 vs Ferrari vs Ford when the R8 was a Stage 2 tune? Due to this, I have to give bigger props to the GT! Not only was it not tuned but it was composed throughout the race. Not bad for a 35K car!
Ricky Choi Aug 15, 2012
Mustang sounded wickkked!!
Jamie Mcpherson Aug 15, 2012
I expected more from the r8! Hats off to the stang!
Robert Shurtz Aug 15, 2012
Hats no fair that's like an 05 mustang and stock too
Ryan Spencer Aug 15, 2012
Hahaha, that mustang had all of that italian ass for most of the race.
Timothy Hooker Aug 14, 2012
sorry but that Ferrari looks terrible going down the soft. I'd take the Audi for sure.
Zach Sullivan Aug 14, 2012
its ok john take a deep breath haha
Byakka Hirakawa Aug 14, 2012
Yea r8 shouldve been pulling better numbers
Zach Sullivan Aug 14, 2012
I was kidding john calm down
Josh Negron Aug 14, 2012
But seriously--if a guy wants a ferrari, but doesn't want a California, he's going to have to have more dough... And most people can't even afford a new Cali! As stated below, there's a reason why it's "softer"--it's cheaper and it's a GT car.
Josh Negron Aug 14, 2012
Some car reviewers called it the "girl" Ferrari--too bad stats prove that more men buy it. I think it looks gorgeous--but to some, curvy and voluptuous means feminine. Ok--more reason for a dude to buy it. Lol!
John Serely Aug 14, 2012
@zach girl Ferrari? Not really. Actually not at all lol
Brady Fereday Aug 14, 2012
Colby you got to think of elevation too high areas can add about 1 second to the quarter mile time
Colby Church Aug 14, 2012
My stock 02 Corvette only has 350hp, and I run the 1/4 mile faster than that Ferrari. My last run was 12.9 seconds. It was running 13.4 with 420hp.
Anthony Richardson Aug 14, 2012
Does the Cali way alot less than that mustang?
Zach Sullivan Aug 14, 2012
haha the stang lost to the girl ferrari guess its not completely useless after all
Ryan Patrick Clauson Aug 14, 2012
I don't believe the numbers they say for anything, honestly, a 600hp 500+ftlbs of torque AWD R8 does a 12.8 second 1/4 mile. I call complete bull on that, it should be doing 10s
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Aug 14, 2012
Say what you want but the Stang cost less then half the money of the other two cars & with a little tuning it was able to beat it in the quarter mile
David Parenti Aug 14, 2012
The mustang had the Ferrari in the 1/4. The Ferrari has more top end. Cost comparison, the mustang fits the budget and kept up with the Ferrari. Which can you REALLY afford?
John Serely Aug 14, 2012
And the Cali beats both other cars, even though they were tuned! I really like the California, it certainly fills its purpose as a GT car. As much as I like the r8, I'd take the Ferrari without a doubt,
Yasser Abdelhalim Aug 14, 2012
Is it me or did the stang get a quarter of a second head start ?
Matt Piccolo Aug 14, 2012
ing, I'd take it over the California in a heart beat, let alone the mustang
Matt Piccolo Aug 14, 2012
That r8 looks amaz
John M Weishahn Aug 14, 2012
Good point, Read. It's their most pedestrian offering. Still have to root for the Mustang. It's also true that the Ferrari was bone stock while the others were tuned cars.
Pablo Herasme Aug 14, 2012
I actually thought the mustang had it
Read Mills Aug 14, 2012
Who's sole goal is to increase sales and compete with higher end Mercedes and BMW's for a spot in the garages of businessmen who may not be performance crazy.
Read Mills Aug 14, 2012
Ehh I'm not sure about that. I'm a 'stang owner and lover so naturally I was pulling for the 'stang. But anyone who knows Ferrari, knows that the California is not exactly Ferrari's flagship of performance. It's a super soft GT from Marenello
Jordan Jackson Aug 15, 2012
I love the GT500, and it would be a close race, but the aerodynamics and weight of the 458 gives it a slight advantage on this one, would still be a wicked race tho
Peter Mark Gacek Aug 15, 2012
458 would still win, maybe barely, but it would.
Patrick Schalk Aug 15, 2012
Not the new GT500 I don't think. Would be an interesting race for sure. Can't argue with 660hp.
John Jenkins Aug 14, 2012
would've rather seen gt500 vs 458
Jordan Jackson Aug 15, 2012
@Tom: this gen mustang uses a unibody frame, the 79' still used a body on frame, get your facts straight before posting...
Ty Piper Aug 15, 2012
I really love that mustangs still use a solid rear end.... its the most "muscley" muscle car because of that IMO, and if ya know how to drive a live rear axle its actually pretty fast
Devin Babyn Aug 14, 2012
Tom you must of heard that on a Chevy forum. It's a brand new platform that was made for the 5th gen Stang and has only been used for it
Zaire Wilkins Aug 14, 2012
well thats very lazy of them like aston and porsche is with their designs
Zaire Wilkins Aug 14, 2012
i never liked that generation mustang
Brady Fereday Aug 14, 2012
That guy in the background holding his hands on his head is all like please don't win mustang hahahahhahah xD
Dillon Dixon Aug 14, 2012
I love that mustang, it sounded so good when it took off
John Serely Aug 14, 2012
I love the California